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  1. Both Paul and Herc have beaten me to it. My cable is fitted as they describe above the battery adjacent to the wiring loom. The release handle hidden away in the side cubby hole behind the driver in a RHD car. It is mounted horizontally. I would think the hole should be there to see in your trim panel and rear bulkhead as the cable attachment clamps the two together after inserting it from inside the car.
  2. The pull handle is in the back of the rear right hand side pocket on my right hand drive car. The illustration I referred you to seems to fit on the left for LHD. The multiplier may have been assembled incorrectly by a previous owner, is it possible?
  3. I think you need to have a look at the parts diagram which is available online at R D enterprises Ltd. It is an unusual set up. I am unsure if LHD and RHD are the same.
  4. Just a couple of thoughts,. Is your ignition warning light working OK? This completes the charging circuit, something often overlooked when a voltmeter is fitted. Another thing that Soldave found was that a LED 501 replacement bulb interfered with the charging. Of course you may have been supplied with a faulty alternator, it happens.
  5. We may say that some jobs that should be routine but are not so on a Lotus should try and fix a damn Boshe lawn mower! What was I thought to be a simple job of changing the belt on the said lawn mower, and that is an art in it's self, only to find that it would not run at all! It transpired that the shock of the belt breaking must have dislodged a tiny spade connector in the most inaccesable place possible. Who designs these things? What made my day was that after hours of fixing the lawn mower it is now running perfectly. The down side is that I now have no excuse for not cutting the lawns.
  6. No spark, no drain. I think your voltage reading should be higher I would expect a reading of 13.5v when a battery is low. So that would indicate the alternator has a poor ouput. I am sure that a multimeter can be used to check output when the engine is running. I used to have a niffty Snap On gadget that clipped onto the wire that showed the output until someone found it before it was lost. There is probably a cheaper version available on eBay, very handy for a quick check. Incidently on my BMW if the battery drops below 12v, say 11.5v, the engine will not turn over so it does not take much for a car not to start.
  7. If my memory serves me correctly you will have the huge foreign alternator as fitted to aircon models. A Lucas would be a lot easier to replace with one from the SD1 Rover, and a few other cars, which are high output (65amp I think). Most average Lucas are 35-43 amp. They are handed but are easily changed with repair service kits very cheaply available. I recall you were having sudden power loss in the battery which is a common fault if the alternator has a short. But of course it could be a short elsewhere draining the battery. I assume you have noted if you have a sustantial spark when connecting the battery terminals? This is a clear indication of a short. Best of luck
  8. It makes me wonder if the first motors were for a different application. For both to have the same 360 deg action makes this a distinct possibility. Now with your inventive mind in gear what good use could they be put to???
  9. There are a pair of electric door mirrors on eBay currently (6/5/15). I recall a start price of £45 each
  10. I do like this clip showing the basic operation of the Mazda lifting motor. Good find. I do hope this helps Luke resolve his problems.
  11. I did apply for a Heritage certificate earlier this year form Andy Graham at Lotus. There was a small discrepancy with the engine number I have and the chassis plate. The conclusion from him is that more than likely the engine had been changed alomg with a replacement chassis plate maybe under warranty post January 1976. (Car was built April 1974) All the numbers now match the DVLA reg doc and car but do not match the Heritage certificate.
  12. I glad to hear that your plans have changed. I must admit it was a surprise at the time that you were giving up on the Elite. So onward and upward.
  13. I think you seem to have tried everything with these motors. My electric knowledge is miminal but could the problem be the use of the piggyback treminals. I seem to recall in the original listings in this thread that you were not too conversant with them. Somewhere else in the thread there is the statement that the original solenoid wire powers the relay and using the piggybacks powers the other functions. Please don't flame me but I have the feeling this could be where the fault lies. No help really but all the best.
  14. In Spain there are many two lane roundabouts but the Spanish driver ignores the inner lane. Totally! Their way is to drive around the roundabout in the outside lane even if they are exiting on the third exit or more.I find this downright dangerous. This is despite recent legislation that roundabouts should be used as we do in UK and the EU. Their mind set will not accept this. However, at about the same time legislation was introduced that pedestrians have the priority at pedestrian crossings in Spain. They soon picked up on that one. Walking out onto a crossing oblivious of traffic looking the opposite way, mobile glued to their ear. It is strange that they cannot get roundabout procedure correct.
  15. Wire it all up with red wire, (waste not want not), It will certainly be a nightmare if it goes t*** up in the future though. How did the angle iron bracketry work? was it successful? A friend of mine mounted his motors without any brackets onto the wooden rad suport. He says he is going to list his method here eventually.
  16. I just pressed on the Union Flag button for the translation. Some of the translation is a bit strange though. Well done on flying the flag.
  17. I don't think you can dispose of both air tanks. I do believe one air tank has to be retained to ensure the heater works properly. I haven't progressed that far as yet. There was a slight error in my last email when I stated page 21 for the wiring details, it should have been email 21. I am sure you realised that. If it helps I have all the original boot trim parts including the battery cover if you need any help with replacement. They are all in terrible condition but are good enough to use as a pattern. I don't wish to part with them but I could do a paper pattern if you are short of anything.
  18. It would be a good idea to save and copy the photos on this thread. A print out in A4 size shows quite a few bits of the wiring in the background. Also page 21 has a full breakdown of the wiring in detail. Black Eclat did a wonderful breakdown. In addition the green wire is for raising the pods without turning the lights on for wash days. This would need a simple on off switch with a 12v non ignition live feed if used. Piggy back terminals are sold in places like Maplins although soldering is more permanent. Alternatively a quick fix would be those nasty blue blocks, very untidy though. Can not post any pictures but they are all on here anyway.
  19. As I understand things there is no reason to use extra switches, the original feed is sufficient with the addition of two 5 pin relays. Wiring colours and connection details are to be found on a very detailed listing made by Black Eclat a few months ago including working drawings of the mounting brackets However, I have recently seen a working version that uses no brackets and so neat too. BTW the green wire if connected would need a simple on off switch. It raises the headlamps without switching them on for washing purposes. As for compatability there should be no problem as the TR7 sourced motors were replaced by a Japanese unit on later Lotus models.
  20. Coolhand does it again, This vid is so COOL (I believe this is the correct expression) after all the months of hard work I am sure you are pleased with the results. I am too old school for "slamming" and air suspension (I can not see the point) but it sure looks good and those wheels!!!
  21. Hi Dan, Could find a stock picture of the front pipe? It just so happens that I have a front pipe, acquired in a job lot of parts I bought a few months ago, It does not seem to resemble mine which is a much older car. It may be the one you are wanting. PM me.
  22. Good input thanks. I am convinced black is the option after the various replies to my thread. Flow from ivory to black is still a possibility as I have some damage to the dash vinyl where some DPO has been a bit heavy handed removing the gearstick. After repair I think the recess around the switch panel should look well in ivory if I can mask it up well enough. We shall see.
  23. It was a great shame the quality was so inferior as it can be the case with repro items of spurrious origin. I had expected better than the rubbish sent. Oh well, Raydot chrome ones must be out there somewhere ( I have one I wish I had two) black ones will have to do for now. Look forward to the video.
  24. I never did ascertain if the original holes were covered as both both mirrors arrived damaged through poor packaging. Even if they had not arrived in this way I would never have attempted fitting them as the quality was disgraceful. The mirror head backings were Stainless Steel so thin and flimsey that they bent easily. The mounting stems were rough cast pot metal with a dull finish. A total waste of time. To add insult to injury the seller wanted me to return the mirrors for refund at my expense to Portugal (not eBay policy since September 2014 for defective goods). My advice is to stay away from this seller and this product. Not received any refund as yet.
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