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  2. Many thanks and hi in return. I have seen a couple of Europa cutaways, nice drawings. Regards Roy
  3. Hi there, I joined about a year ago but have not posted much since cutaway illustration of 1986 Lotus Renault (A Senna) car. Technical illustrator for nearly 30 years now, and just getting to illustrate motorsport. Variety of historic race cars and some smaller budget oval racing cars. All can be found on website which is on rprofile details. Nice to meet you all and will try and post more often. Not many Lotus car illustrations in the diary but happy to show you any car if interested. Have just posted in F1 latest car 1989 Lotus Judd 101 (Camel) cutaway car. Enjoy and
  4. Hi Michael. Many thanks for comments. I have been a technical illustrator for nearly 30 years, and only the past 3 years have managed to get to illustrate my passion of motorsport with a gentleman's collection of historic race cars from F1 to Indy, DTM to IMSA, F5000 to NASCAR. So plenty of work to follow on. This car is a portfolio piece as illustrating a JADE open sports car prototype hed had just bought this F1 Lotus, so I photographed it while there. Rain stopped me getting all the photos I wanted so rear wing did not come off to show gearbox etc around the back. Loads more r
  5. Finally found the time to finish this illustration, hope you like.
  6. Illustration took a conservative guess at around 100 hours, hopefully I have not missed any major parts but am sure if I have someone will point it out. More work can be seen here
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