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  1. Great thread and great venture. Really interesting flicking through the last 8 pages!
  2. What a fantastic place! Not just the collection, but the way in which it's being displayed, I love the airfix kit style displays, and the body / chassis / complete car display especially. The lighting looks fantastic too. Great to see some Lotus love from over in the USA too.
  3. Yep, we had our VX for 5 years and the front passenger ABS sensor was unplugged and wrapped up in electrical tape if the car wasn't in for an MOT The difference in feel really is something though. The non-servo assisted brakes on the S1 Elise are more of an event, more leg work required, but more feel, and more rewarding. Having the VX and S1 in the garage for the whole time we had the VX meant I was regularly in and out of both, so perhaps I'm making something out of nothing. Still, a few years on and I don't regret keeping the Elise! The Maserati is a lovely thing, and I do feel lucky to have it. Mine is a later no boomerangs car, but what you loose in funky lights, you gain in 4.2 litres of Ferrari-build NA V8 (rather than the Maserati 3.2 twin-turbo V8 in the older boomerang cars). My 944 S4 was a project car. Good underneath, messy on the top with bits of rust here and there. I bought it as I wanted something fun to get my wife and little girl in for family run outs. Turns out a 2+2 Porsche and modern kids seats doesn't work all that well, so the Maserati was bought to replace it, except it took me over a year to sell it on (which I did last summer - update on forum profile required!) Oddly enough, I see the Maserati as a bit of a stepping stone to an Evora, but such is the pricing and (lack of) depreciation with Lotus, so the envy is mutual
  4. Until you stick your foot on the brake pedal and experience the overly assisted no-feel brakes (by comparison) and pray the ABS has been disabled, or doesn't just randomly kick in? The VX220 is a wonderful car, and certainly deserves to start appreciating, and (for me) looks better than an S2 Elise, but it's not as good as an S1 Elise, never mind the Exige (which I've never experienced) Back to Exige values... this sort of thing happens throughout the car world, though I guess it is rare. Pretty sure you could take an S1 Elise and build an Elige for a fraction of the Exige cost, more so if you just want to emulate the driving experience and not the appearance. I'm thinking RS Fords, Escort Mexico all mental money whilst regular ones stayed lower in value. My Maserati is the same. It's a face-lift Coupe (4200) - 99% of the driving experience of a Maserati Gransport, it's missing 10hp (so they claim), a valved exhaust, side skirts, 1 inch bigger wheels (which many claim ruin the ride), and has an older interior. The Gransport is 30-50%+ more expensive currently.
  5. This sounds very like what happened to mine a couple of years back, and it was the slave cylinder. As above, get someone to operate the clutch and you should see if it's operating properly / leaking. The seals go. You can get rebuilt kits for £7 or 8, but not worth the hassle imo since the whole item is around £30 new anyway. Part wise, it's the same as an MGF - part number is UUB100040 /UUB100041. Easy to fit, but can be a bit fiddly to bleed. I ended up making a pressure bleed system with a garden spray bottle to I could simultaneously pressurise and open the bleed valve - whilst leaning over into the engine compartment
  6. Good job there are manifestos and policies that you can vote for then
  7. I don't think you did at all, I think we are looking at the same point of view in another way - we both seem to be pointing out that the laws don't need changing - they are by design, in place to protect people, and allow justice. A Prime Minister who openly admits that she would break laws of this magnitude is a terrifying thing. It is my opinion that as soon as we start taking away human rights, we've lost the war on terror.
  8. Human rights exist to protect people. The laws state things like 'fair' and 'right to' followed by things like 'freedom of speech' and 'not to be tortured' and 'a fair trial' and indeed, 'life' They also have already written in statements to allow Government to work around them if they genuinely have an ounce of evidence, saying things like 'in the interest of national security' and 'proportional response.' They are geared up to protect people, but also allow justice to happen. There is no need to go breaking them. I'm not getting get carried away, I'm concerned that, as a country we are happy to even consider voting for those who feels it's ok for the Government to cross that line. These acts of terror didn't happen because Human rights were left in place. Violating human rights laws is not an alternative to 20,000 police as it seems is being proposed.
  9. She is busy figuring out exactly which human rights law to repeal, and topping the wheat field all at the same time.
  10. Turns out I was wrong, I'm out. My dad mixed up Saturday and Sunday so it turns out I'm busy Sunday Maybe next time.. I've restored the list:
  11. That video makes the Cayman look very, very dull to me. The Alfa is stunning, more so with the spider lights, though I could even forgive the originals. The Exige still looks good too. Also, since you've posted an Everyday driver video, I should add that I've enjoyed listening to their podcast recently. It's better than their videos, and if you have a spare hour, and don't mind Americans droning on about cars, I recommend it. Chris
  12. Watched Trainspotting 2 last night. Excellent film, I loved it - but seeing (and perhaps knowing) the original well is recommended, possibly even a must. I guess if I were to be critical, it's not as good as the original, but those are big boots to fill. The original was like a life changing experience, and possibly the best bit of anti-drugs paraphernalia ever made, combined with a great story, amazing acting, and a phenomenal sound track, and near perfect setting.. The sequel tries to emulate this, and succeeds to a point. It gets the music right, and the humour, and the character progressions too. It has a certain air of 'homage to the original' about it though.
  13. Being as disorganised as I am... I can finally make a breakfast (oops!)
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