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  1. Even though the black and gold evija looks amazing it sounds like an old washing machine on fast spin. Plus having only one gear? Looks crap to drive, I'm pulling my order 😂
  2. What sort of mileage is it on trcm? Any pics? Regards Carl
  3. Your car looks awesome John, so jealous lol, did some great trips in my 2010 evora few years back with the wife, they are all round amazing cars. Looking to get another at the mo, hopefully an s sports racer. Enjoy Carl
  4. Hi everyone, If anyone wants to sell me there manual s SR let me know as got cash burning a hole in my pocket for the right car 😀 Carl
  5. Thanks guys, will miss the evora as I couldn't fault it in the 4 yrs I had it but the elise is crackers, I'm sure it must hav more than 220 bhp, grinning everytime I drive it 😃
  6. Well I only went and bought it, skint now but you only live once and it's a hell of a lot of fun 😆 Oh and you were right, toxic green is great in the flesh
  7. The dealer selling the car seemed to think it didn't have central locking and you had to lock the doors individually, which may get annoying but like you said Scott the fact its got the carbon seats and full 2ublur exhaust is what perked my interest.
  8. I use to have a s2 performance pack exige and kinda miss it so wanna go back to something similar but having had an evora for 4 yrs I think I may need some sound deadening lol
  9. Hi guys, Been thinking of changing my evora n/a for an elise cup and I've seen this one on pistonheads it seems like a good spec, anyone know it? I've noticed it doesn't have sound insulation or central locking, is it easy to retro fitted these? Also I cant decide if I like toxic green ? it looks different on every pic I've seen, would it be difficult to sell in this colour in the future? What does everyone think? Regards Carl
  10. Finally bought the mag after 2 days of trying, every time I tried to checkout the system added an extra magazine into my basket lol fingers crossed I think it went through ok today, thanks for getting these in Bibs.
  11. Jeez only just noticed this, am I to late to be number 79 ?
  12. Finding the Lotus diaries and b is for build Evora on youtube more entertaining.
  13. Watched Top gear and extra gear on iplayer today, not enough interesting car stuff and to much talking and Evan's shouting, hit the fast forward button through most of it, trying to like it but can't stand Evan's and Eddie Jordan.
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