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  1. Not seen any specifically for our cars. The only lowered one was the Red Panther and that was on air bags. There must be some adjustable coilovers out there though that would suit.
  2. Was worth looking back after I parked today
  3. I did. I found these two, but wasn't sure it was these fibre washers. Looks like I'm wrong though! I think one of each of these and a new filter may help
  4. Pulled up after a drive in the warmth today and could smell a little petrol I thought. Opened the bonnet and surely enough the back of the rear Dellorto carb was leaking and making things rather wet. Not good on a hot day! Fortunately there were no Towering Inferno-type scenarios, but I want to get i sorted before I'm out in it again for obvious reasons. I've circled the seal which seemed to be the culprit, but what is that called in parts manuals? I've looked on Rdent and SJS but can't ID it and am not sure the correct name for it. I could possibly unscrew the seal, re-tighten and it be OK for a while but I'd rather sort it with a new seal. Many thanks in advance for any guidance as to what this seal is called so I can get a replacement ordered.
  5. Very cool. I wonder if that would suit the Elite/Eclat or if it would look out of place.
  6. That looks great although I'd be terrified at the thought of me grinding away at tyres!
  7. I'm using Nankang NS-2 tyres on my Eclat. They probably wouldn't stand up to too many hotlaps around the Nurburgring, but neither would the car! I've had no issues with normal driving on them in the dry.
  8. Yeah, go for it when you get a minute please.
  9. How low do you go? Yes, of course I'm talking about your Lotus body off the ground. Was doing some measuring today and measuring the centre of the wheel to the bottom of the black rubber trim as it passes over the top of the wheel arch I get 35.5cm and the front and 37.5cm at the rear. If anyone has a minute and a tape measure, let me know how yours compares
  10. Good luck with the interviews!
  11. Right, brake lines fitted with new unions and they seem to be holding pressure, which is quite surprising given my usual mechanical lack of skillz!. Bled a fair few bubbles out of the front although not too much from the read. Brakes feel alright but still a little spongy if I had to guess, even using a pressure bleeder. Think I'm gonna cut my losses and just find a garage close by when things reopen, give them my brake fluid and ask them to do a bleed. Then I know it's done properly. It's possible I've still got some air in the master cylinder (probably did a poor job of bleeding it) I know, I shouldn't be allowed near a car if I can't bleed the brakes right, but I'd rather be safe than sorry here. On the positive side, I don't think the brakes are leaking any more.
  12. It's all good. Every day is a school day! tried to get the front pipe out of the 3-way fitting and the spanner was just slipping on the nut so am going to do that one in sit. The rear pipe actually goes down near the chassis in the engine bay and connects to another brake pipe so have removed that one and will change the fitting off the car. Got fittings on order so hopefully next week I'll be able to get it together again and see were we stand
  13. Yay - new Land Rover master cylinder arrived! Boooo - current brake pipes don't fit! From what I've read, it seems like my Eclat ones are both M10x1, whereas the Land Rover ones are 3/8 and 7/16 (source: I need to decide whether I'm going to try and just cut the flare off the original fittings and re-flare (could even do that whilst on the car), or make brand new brake lines from scratch. I think my lines are good so might just try the former for now.
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