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  1. The colour is really unique; not seen it on an Eclat before. Makes me wonder how a darker gunmetal might look (similar to an R32 GT-R).
  2. I've got some Nankang NS-2 Ditchfinders on my Eclat, so may be interested in something a little better
  3. I'll have a check with my handbrake when I'm in the car in the next couple of days. When it's at four clicks are the wheels locking so you can't rotate them? That handbrake tensioner system is a massive pain! EDIT: Just checked and at 4 clicks my handbrake is just starting to tighten. If I really crank it I can get to 7 clicks. Saying that, mine does need tightening. It's just I'm not looking forward to doing it. Maybe this weekend's job
  4. Had similar issues to you. I got a new saddle (similar to and I also picked up a short shifter which really helped with things too.
  5. Really good write-up and pictures. Looking forward to seeing the after pics
  6. Yeah I thought the discs were only the same for the four speed Eclat Sprints, with other models using a slightly bigger disc (I've got both sets in the garage I think).
  7. Not posted any updates here for quite a while, and not been active on the forums either for a few months. Life and a few other things took over, but I have kept driving the Eclat when I've had the chance. Took it out for a trip today too, to a nice new place in West Yorkshire called The Motorist. Cafe, car garage and with plans to be everything for automobile lovers. The guy's very nice and has big plans. Hopefully they'll all work out for him. The Eclat is running quite well since it's attempt to catch fire on the Evija launch visit. Only thing today was the indicators stopped working part way through the drive but pulling over and fiddling with the fuses sorted it - it's just a bad connection. Have cleared the terminals but the fuse box has seen better days. Thinking of getting one of these to replace it with: The only other winter jobs I have planned are maybe to fit a new aerial and to finally work out how to remove the rear speakers from the fittings, and replace them with some cheap upgrades. Other than that it'll have a quiet winter and be raring to go come sunny weather in Spring
  8. Not this one?
  9. Brilliant! Very well done to you, your son, and your car!
  10. Great write-up and photos. Dead pleased you managed to make it with your son and that you both had a good time. I will try to do something like that with my Eclat in the future
  11. Do you have a link to the whole of that spreadsheet?
  12. Amazing what a bit of lube on your ball joint can do! A healthy squirt on both sides and the noise seems to have gone away for now. Nice cheap repair!
  13. Thanks. I'll try some silicone spray on it and see if it quietens down. Xander is on the large size, but British Shorthairs can get sizeable. His dad was almost 8kg and his mum about 6.5kg. He's about 6kg right now so is a bit of a chonk!
  14. Double birthdays this past week, as my Eclat turned 40 years old and on the same day my cat, Xander, turned one year old. Complete coincidence but love it! Took a couple of shots and even let him have a quick wander on the bonnet (after giving him strict orders to keep claws in!). Nice little drive today too with no issues, but wanted you to take a quick look at this video. Does this sound like front suspension or bushings to you? I've replaced some of the lower bushings when I replaced trunnions and anti-roll bar but it could be something I missed. I do know the bushings on the top of the dampers have seen better days though. When I push down on the rear (new dampers and springs two years ago) there's virtually no noise. Oh, and just as an explanation, this video was taken midway through my audition for Blue Man Group
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