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  1. Thanks for that, Daniel. Gives me something to go at, depending on Mike's success.
  2. Thanks man. Keep me informed. Would like to get a replacement for show season :-)
  3. Gotcha - non-braided. Love this forum - a whole bunch of information and learning for me How far back do the rubber piping near the carbs and forward from the pump go? Am asking all these questions mainly due to me being stuck away from the car (so not entirely due to my laziness!),and so I can work out how much line I'd need to buy.
  4. Awesome - thanks for that. I've heard the fuel line from tank takes a fun route through the chassis - is that right? If it's just under the chassis I might try and replace it all with braided line or something a bit tougher than the plastic. Would make it much less brittle and could help with the small air bubbles I sometimes see going up the line into the carbs.
  5. Am looking to possibly replace some/all of the fuel hose on my Eclat, starting with the pipe that runs between the carbs. That plastic pipe looks like the kind of thing that could become brittle and crack when you least want it to happen! Does anyone who has done this know the diameter of the hose I'd be needing? I've seen 3/8" and 1/2" inside diameter fuel line mentioned but if anyone could advise before I purchase it'd be much appreciated
  6. Giving my car a bit of a clean today and had a look in the engine bay. Now there's a hell of a lot to do on the car but little things like this bug me and get my OCD going. What is this sticker (circled in red) near the VIN stamp? Am hoping I might be able to get a replacement but need to find out what I'm looking for first.
  7. Sorry if I'm not following, but was that directed at me? If so, why the hate?
  8. Nice pics, Dunc. Which Landrover studs fit the Lotus suspension?
  9. Well, it's the start of show season next week with a Classic and American Car Show here in West Yorkshire. Am a way of being a contender for a prize, but for me it's all about taking part and showing what you've got to like-minded people. Got a few things to do this week if I have time: Respray wheel centre caps Get one replacement centre cap badge Respray valve covers (either flat black or wrinkle paint black) And then I've got to decide whether to go completely stock & authentic by going for the airbox on there, or a little non-standard but with extra bling of having the air trumpets. Suppose it'll only be a factor if I lift the bonnet anyway! Finally, my Carbtune came in yesterday so was tinkering with the carbs today, as per Found one barrel was pulling much more vacuum than the others. Once I'd got them balanced it was idling a fair bit stronger and higher so I think I've done some good. Just did it with the Carbtune though, determining mixture by vacuum. Might do it again with the Colortune to be sure I'm getting the right spark inside the cylinder.
  10. My Carbtune came yesterday so this morning I finally got to balancing the carbs (using ) Cylinder 2 (which you might remember was initially only sparking and not igniting when I used the Colortune) was pulling much more vacuum than any of the others. Once I got them both carbs pulling the same vacuum the idle increased and engine sounded much stronger. The guide I used was just using the Carbtune (adjusting mixture screws until I was pulling the most vacuum), but I might use the Colortune to set the initial mixture, and then balance with the Carbtune.
  11. Not liking the wheels of that one but would be interested to know the spec.
  12. Another thought I had throughout the day: what mission have you got this 215 mated to?
  13. Thanks for those thoughts, Richard. How much did the conversion end up costing you, all in all?
  14. Nice looking car, all in all. I would like to get mine back to its original gold at some point. Respray is far too expensive for me right now though.
  15. Good point, well made. Wheels were the only thing I couldn't get around to polishing leading up to that, due to a bunch of things coming up and taking up my non-working time. Next time I'll have them nice and sparkly.
  16. A few pics from last week's photoshoot with good friend Chris Willson ( Very pleased with how they've come out. Can't wait until I get into the new house in a month or so. Once I'm in I can get stuck into the car and some jobs I want to get done.
  17. Thanks for the update. Have you needed to use anything from the old assembly or is it completely plug & play? Even if the stick needs a bend in it (either use of a hammer or cut & weld), it sounds like an interesting upgrade
  18. Think I've got a replacement NGK plug (instead of the Champion plug in there currently). Will fit it and see if there is any difference.
  19. Have posted this in my project thread but wanted to get a bit of a wider view on this. Noticed around spark plug number one one there was a little oil pooled around it. It wasn't much so I'm not worried about that per se. But then I noticed when I started the car straight away I could see it bubbling. I've pulled the plug, tried to clean the threads and replaced, but a couple of weeks later it's back and bubbling again. Just wondering if I should be worried about it or whether it's just one of those little annoyances that I should just live with. Any thoughts on causes and remedies would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Does anyone know off-hand if the rails are built into the seats, or whether they can be moved from one seat to another?
  21. Got a couple of little finishing touches for the Lotus today, even though it's not really "finished" yet. First up is a very cool and authentic-looking road tax sticker, courtesy of Creative Tax Discs​ in Barnsley. Correct colour and details, right down to the original date it was registered down in Norwich by Team Lotus. The other one is a replacement rear "Eclat" sticker as the one I've got was starting to peel off. Only a tiny thing but was really bugging me. Need to give the car a hell of a wax over the next couple of days, as well as cleaning the wheels up. I've got a date on Saturday with one of my best buddies from Japan who's also a pro photographer and need everything nice and shiny.
  22. Lol. Do it! The Japanese tuner in me wants to do a RB26DETT or 4G63 swap in mine
  23. Finally got around to taking the driver's seat out of the car today, and as always, the job is turning out to be more long-winded than I thought. Seat came out easily enough, but then I've seen that one area of the rubber base is ripped, and other areas are looking a bit threadbare. I've ghetto-rigged a fix until I can get hold of a seat in good condition, by putting some more foam in that centre part. Doesn't look perfect by any stretch but feels a whole lot better and will fit to my butt over time.
  24. Thanks for that. What did you do about the hose/pipe that usually goes from the rocker cover back to the airbox (the thin one)?
  25. Well, I'm entered in the Hebden Bridge Vintage Weekend this coming summer up in Yorkshire. Will have a lot of very nice cars and competition in there, but it's all about taking part and showing off the car and it's history. Any more Lotuses in the North East or North West want to join me for this one?
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