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  1. Thanks. I'll probably have to get both. This isn't old Kamasa, but might be a good place to start:
  2. Herc. Thanks. Will probably see if I can inspect the lever. That level of play when in gear might just be a normal thing though
  3. Might try 10W40 synthetic or semi, and see how the car likes it when it comes to the next oil change. We'll see...
  4. Oh, I'll definitely be looking at Ebay for some things . Just wondering whether I needed sockets/wrenches in mm, inches, or AF/UNF.
  5. Yes, it's something on my to-do list. I will get around to it but having to prioritise right now as the car has taken a good chunk of change to get.
  6. Potentially good call. Will check that out before I go foam buying. This is how it's looking right now:
  7. So I'm going to need something from the likes of here, rather than a standard set of metric or imperial from a usual dealer?
  8. This is going to sound strange, but the best description I could find of the material over the dash and everywhere is "furry".
  9. Sorry, I really should have explained more. That is movement when the car is actually in 1st gear, so it's not movement across the gate. Was just wondering how much play is classed as "normal" with these things.
  10. Going to head out and get a much-needed socket and wrench set tomorrow, but was wondering whether I'd be best off with metric or imperial for a '79 Eclat. What are the bolt sizes in these things generally?
  11. Thanks for the Autoglym thoughts, and also for the Scotch Guard. Have done the sofa with that recently so might spray some on the interior too once it's cleaned up.
  12. Just wanted to check something with you guys and girls out there. When the car is in gear I'm getting about an inch or so of play in the gear stick. See the video below: Is this a normal thing, or is there something that might be worn and need replacing?
  13. The little light next to the interior light that's supposed to shine down onto the centre console switch panel... is that something that commonly dies a death for whatever reason? Going to try and replace the bulb tomorrow when I can get it out (need to get me a new socket set), but is this light something that usually doesn't work? Sounds a strange question but I know with some cars things can just die commonly and not work. Cheers in advance for any thoughts
  14. Not quite first foray Second card here in the UK was a 1979 MG Midget. But apart from that, yes I am very new and most definitely a Lotus virgin!
  15. Wondering if anyone has any preferred methods or products for cleaning, protecting and generally keeping in tip top shape the cloth interior & seats of an Eclat. Just worried they might need some special treatment and not the usual car interior cleaning products. Errr, yes. That's it really!
  16. In my Eclat the driver's side seat is looking just a little tired in the posterior area Looks like the form has collapsed a little and needs replacing. Now I think it's removable and replaceable, but is there any specific foam that I should be looking to get and cut to shape, or will just any old dense foam from a furniture place do? Sorry for the influx of noob questions but, with these cars, I'm a noob!
  17. Apologies for the hella thread resurrection, but do you know what size these bulbs are? Feeling like a set of LED ones might be useful for mine.
  18. Mine seems frozen solid too. What causes these to get stuck in place? Is it corrosion somewhere?
  19. I've been advised to use semi-synthetic 5W30, and it's what the rebuilt engine has bee run on since being built. Seems to be so many opinions out there.
  20. Don't worry - it will be very well looked after
  21. Yeah, I'm all for regular changes. My old Mitsubishi Evo (pretty highly tuned) had engine oil changed every 3,000km and mission & diff changed every 6,000km without fail.
  22. So what would you recommend when not after a rebuild? Not sure if it is actually. The Gulf recommendation was based on a list from Opie oils.
  23. Slight thread resurrection, but would the Gulf Racing 10w60 Fully Synthetic oil ( work too?
  24. Unfortunately only 2 wheels according to the description: 1 front and 1 rear
  25. Humour me... how much would it cost for a set of S2 Speedlines? I'm going to guess at 100-150 a corner or something like that.
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