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  1. Thanks. I'll do that. What would that mean if it's too hot to the touch, as in what would be causing it to be too hot?
  2. Yeah, I kind of thought that's what might be causing the backfire when it came back to life again. Thanks for the thoughts on what to check. Hopefully I'll find something that's a bit loose. I'd hate it to be a problem I can't source.
  3. Top stuff. Thanks for those Had my first worry driving the car today though. To save writing the same as elsewhere, I've made a new thread about the problem:
  4. Had to come at some point, and so I had my first scare in Lotus ownership today. Sorry for the long story here but I like to try and give as much detail as I can. So I was driving along the motorway at 60mph and driving for about 30 minutes with no problem. I start to feel a slight hesitation in the engine and glance down at the tach to see it wavering just a tiny bit. Thought it was nothing so pressed on. About 20 seconds later the car is losing power before spluttering back, tach now dropping to 0 for a split second, then up to 6,000rpm, then back to 1,000 then 0 etc. Car is losing power and speed so I shift down into 4th. As I took my foot off the accelerator the revs drop off completely and the car dies. Dropped the clutch into 4th gear and it fires back up into life with a backfire, but is still losing power. I come off at the next junction and pull over (each time I shift down or have to bring the car back to life by dumping the clutch it backfires). Barely got into a layby in 1st gear (the only one giving me power by then) and stopped. Car then proceeds to idle fine as if there was no problem. I gave it some revs and it's clean as a whistle. Turned off the engine and first thing I checked (although in hindsight not so related) were spark plugs. Checked they were all in nice and snug and they were, and I checked the leads into the distributor cap as best I could with the air box still there. Left it 10 minutes and started the engine again. Seemed fine so slowly pulled out of the layby and onto the street. Drove down the street for half a mile and back and it's fine so I pull back onto the motorway. Halfway down the sliproad it starts going crazy again. Pulled into the hard shoulder and kept the engine running wondering what the hell to do. Left it running for 5 minutes and decided to give it one more try. Proceeded to drive to my friends (15 miles away) and then a couple of hours later drove the 35 miles home very steadily (50mph). But what could have caused that? I'm guessing something to do with the ignition (distributor, coil etc) but am not so familiar with these systems and not sure where to start. What parts should I be looking at and what could have gone wrong but then fixed itself and allowed me to drive on? A little worried to drive far right now in case this happens again so would appreciate any thoughts.
  5. Right, will get hold of a grease gun then. This one looks like it'll do the job ( I'll grease them next time I'm under the car, and see how much they take before it starts to leak out.
  6. Would love to continue puns about how often I should lube up, but will hold off in the hope that someone can let me know!
  7. Tools are slowly starting to come in, so I might be able to do a bit of work on the car this weekend. Always glad when I find the source of a problem, and even more so when it's a simple fix. When I was driving down after I'd bought it in the torrential rain, I noticed a couple of times the voltmeter would drop to 11 and just stay there for a minute or so, before coming back up to normal. I put it down to so much water stopping a contact near the alternator, but found out yesterday it was because the v-belt was hella loose. Simple fix Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to do front brakes. Want to get the front wheels off (really want my torque wrench before I do that - I've broken bolts before by overtightening and really don't want to break wheel studs!) and take a look at the pads. Managed to take a couple of pics through the wheels tonight. Not good quality but the discs look like they need replacing. I've got a couple of new rotors; one has some surface rust on after being stored outside its protective bag but I'm hoping a wire brush and some parts cleaner will bring it up. Anyway, take a look at these stalker-esque pics of the current state of the discs.
  8. Thanks for that Dan. Will keep it in mind. Do you remember how often you'd have to lube it up?
  9. Have heard that these need to be looked after and need greasing quite often. My question is this: how often is quite often? I am familiar with my engine oil & gearbox oil change frequencies, but not about greasing trunions and other parts of the suspension that might need it. How often do you pump grease in, so to speak?
  10. Will have a look when I get in. All I could find on a quick what search was that leather interior for £150 at auction (ending soon).
  11. Those would be the two big questions I suppose. Does it fit and well it with with a 5-speed? Anyone fancy being a guinea pig? To be fair Otley is pretty close to me to pick one up but if it doesn't fit right out of the box I don't really have the tools yet to... "manipulate" it.
  12. Thanks for the thoughts and do let us know if the quick shifter fits.
  13. I'm guessing the nylon collar is a part of the gear lever assembly, and can't be replaced on its own? Ah well, will try and take it apart this weekend and see what I can find. Must remember to put it in 3rd or 4th. Must remember to put it in 3rd or 4th...
  14. Well that's that cleared up I think Still might have a look at it at some point and see what state the saddle underneath it all is in.
  15. Thanks for the link. Wow... that does look quite different.
  16. I didn't sort it yet but very interesting what you're saying on this. John - can you comment?
  17. Don't blame you. If I had more than half a brain I'd have jumped on it myself. Think it was actually on Ebay last week too. Only thing it needed was a bit of stitching on the passenger seat from what I could see. The rest could be brought back to life with some leather restorer
  18. Am thinking for now of getting basically a square piece of foam (just cutting it a little) and then placing it below the foam that's already there, to bolster it and push it up a little. Won't be perfect but might be good for a little while
  19. That leather one? I saw that today as it popped up and would have considered it had my funds been a little higher. Looks like it'll come up real nice
  20. Thanks for those pics - much appreciated and makes it a lot clearer. My only concern would be the filters as they are not having a good source of cooler air.
  21. Thanks for that. I think if I go along those lines I'll just go for the filters and maybe not the velocity attacks in there too.
  22. Thanks guys. I couldn't believe how much grime and blackness came off the wheels using Silvo. I thought the wheels were pretty clean but this has really done them up nicely
  23. Cool. So just to check my comprehension, you're still running the velocity stacks/air trumpets, but just running them inside the K&Ns? As you can probably tell, I'm considering the same route but like to read up before I invest.
  24. Getting ready for next weekend's job, which I hope to be replacing front pads and discs. I've been looking at the service manual though and, am I right in thinking that the disc is actually on the inside of the hub? If so, I'm guessing this means you need to get the hub off (which will make it a 2-man job if the brakes need to be held on for it)
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