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    Lotus Esprit S4 and S2 now, but have had the joy of Elise 160, Elan S2, Excel....
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  1. Hornsey Boy

    Sudden loss of oil S2 - Advice needed

    Thanks for all reassurances everyone, kind of agree with @Barrykearley thinking. I might do an oil filter change today too as I have a spare K+N 2004 lying around from the S4. I assume this filter is OK for the 907 engine too
  2. Hornsey Boy

    Sudden loss of oil S2 - Advice needed

    Hi Stig The pressure seems better than before, I filled it with 20W/50 oil. I think the previous owner used a lighter oil What compression should I be getting, the engine had a rebuild back in 2017 before I got the car and has covered minimal mileage I have my fingers crossed and every lucky charm to hand too
  3. Hi All Looking for some advice and reassurance I was driving my S2 Esprit when I suddenly noticed a lack of oil pressure and smoke in my rear view mirror. I pulled over in a panic to find a huge pool of oil on the floor. Checked the oil level on the dip stick and it was showing nothing ! I had a look in the engine bay and saw that the connection from the oil pressure sender to the gauge had come away. I managed to reconnect it, put some oil back in, and it held. The question is, how much damage may I have done to the engine whilst driving it with oil peeing out from the sender ?. (I covered about 3.5 miles in all) Also what is the best way forward - 1. Do I just fill it back up with oil and drive as normal ? 2. Drain the fresh oil and do another oil and filter change ? Any advice or reassurance would be very much appreciated Dragan
  4. Hi Ian My S4 windscreen developed a crack in the bottom right hand corner a few months back. It passed the MOT as is but it's only a matter of time before the crack will spread. At first I thought this is an easy task to get this replaced via my insurance policy ( windscreen cover was capped at £650 with a £75 excess, which you think would be enough to cover it) when I was put through the underwriters officially appointed suppliers "Autoglass" they quoted me £1,350 to supply and fit a new windscreen ! I was shocked to say the least. Luckily my insurance company Routen Chaplin were great and managed to get the underwriters to allow me to find my own supplier without the additional excess hike of not going through their agents. The other quotes I got back varied from £675 to £800 one for me to do in the spring. As Chris mentioned SJ Sportscars but they weren't helpful in helping out with any fitters names. I think Lotus Bits has them too. Getting it fitted could be another hurdle, a couple of windscreen people I tried flatly said they wouldn't do it.
  5. Hornsey Boy

    elite to auction

    Hi all I was at the auction, there was a lot of interest both in the room and online for the car.In the end it made £10,200 in the room with commission etc so it works out to £11,500 odd to the new owner. A nice car but it has been standing a while, no history other than the current V5 and a handbook and one recent invoice for some brake work. The car obviously has been well cared for with some rather "interesting" owner upgrades, so its not 100% original. Personally I felt the car needed a good service / cambelt change and the perished tyres replaced and a bit of time removing all those add on Lotus stickers that were all over the car. Removing the red racing stripes etc and taking the bumpers and mirrors back to original would really make the car. Compared to the other cars there, the Elite really stood out, and I would love to own day, just need to find one in gold
  6. Hornsey Boy

    I have admitted defeat🏳️

    Hi Hugh I've have had Ian's @Chillidoggy brake conversion kit fitted by @Sparky on my S4, and it has totally transformed the car and just puts a big smile on my face every time I drive the the car. It sounds like you are close to me, I am in Epping PM me and I will be glad to show you the car and take you for a drive
  7. Just echoing everyone's positive view on this wonderful event. I've been to the factory nearly a dozen times over the years and this event was the best. The buzz on the way up and in the crowd was simply amazing. It reminded me of the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the very early years. The future in Geely's hands is looking great and the banner over head on the way out summed this well "see you next year" to see Nigel Mansell next year in one of the old F1 cars So thanks to @Bibs for all your efforts on organising this, and I think the best way for us to show our appreciation is by at least becoming full forum members. Without Bibs and this forum the event wouldn't have happened.
  8. Hornsey Boy

    Black Lotus Esprit S2 on Ebay

    Seems to have not been picked up the system. but maybe be of interest to someone There is currently a black Lotus Esprit S2 (RHD) on ebay that hopefully can be restored to it's former glory
  9. Hornsey Boy

    S3 for auction with no reserve

    Yep, a couple of factors point to a possible cheap car, a certain football match is on at the same time, so all the attention will be elsewhere Plus the car looks like it has had an insurance claim against it at sometime in its life, as loosely mention in the description "Please note that this car has been registered with Autolign as Condition Inspected and is supplied with a V5C registration document."
  10. Hornsey Boy

    Sport 300 restoration

    Hi Jo @Final Edition Just seen the thread on your lovely new purchase, congratulations on finding such a rare car Did you find a " ABS/relay cover" in the end ? I have a spare cover, (it had a slight crack in it, which I've super glued) if you want it, just PM me Rgds Dragan
  11. Hornsey Boy

    Esprit S2 Speedo ( cable)

    Thanks Peter @peteyg/Gis @Gisfor the tips I will start with the easy investigations first and fingers crossed, it just a loose connection on the back of the dial Dragan
  12. Been tied up with work lately, but I managed to go for a quick blast and the conversion still brings a huge grin on my face.😀 @Sparky and @Chillidoggy fyi the pressure is spot on and reservoir cap is still holding up well too
  13. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. The speedo on the S2 Esprit has given up, My mate was driving the car this weekend and he thinks its the cable, as it briefly kicked in for a few seconds and then nowt. What is the easiest way to check, I assume start in the engine bay first and hope the dash doesn't need to be touched ! D
  14. Hornsey Boy

    Finally found an Esprit 👍🏻

    What a Beaut, love the colour....enjoy I seem to remember the car/colour, was is a motor show car ?
  15. Collected my S4 from Sparky this evening on the way back from the family hols in Devon and WOW the transformation is a great success The conversion is amazing and totally changes the way I can drive the car now. I've Covered over 70 odd miles this evening in the S4 on the A/B roads back from Watford to Essex. Which is a testament in its self as to how much fun I was having (considering I had just covered 200 plus miles coming back from Devon) I have 100% confidence now in the car's braking, great pedal feed back. Also I can now brake much harder and deeper than I ever had the nerve to do with the old Delco system fitted. Which quite frankly scared me and was starting to stop me enjoying the car. So a big thank you to Ian @Chillidoggy for developing a great alternative system and frankly a better one that had left Hethel in its day, and to Gary @Sparky for his great skill and expertise in fitting and fine tuning the conversion.