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    Chillidoggy's S4 Brake Conversion...WOW !
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  1. @Sparky I think Watford Studios need to produce their "Tarantino" style video.....complete with strong language and graphic blood splatted scenes
  2. Found this beautifully edited Lotus Esprit engine out restoration video on you tube......enjoy
  3. LOL....its looked after by @Sparky so we have every faith in the car, mechanically. Although we still have a fire extinguisher in the front and RAC membership in the back pocket. The last time Tony went he did take your old blue S4, but he felt it was a bit too civilised for him !
  4. @Trevsked @Bazza 907 That will be Tony taking our jointly owned "Tweety Pie" S2 to the Golf club in Surrey... a 100 mile round trip. As long as there isn't any standing water on mass, then the cars get used 😀 Its his turn to clean it though !
  5. Hi @Bibs "Tweety Pie " i.e. our yellow S2 may be available depending on location, timing etc
  6. Wow.....just sold on Bring a trailer in the USA,surely a new record for an Esprit
  7. Lovely looking "T reg" light blue S2 ❤️ heading south through Epping Forest on Sunday PM
  8. @POD2100 thanks Mark, the gauge shows some pressure on idle i.e. not all the way down to zero. I will check out the "DECEL" relay. I had a look in the manual, is that the one in the boot on the RH side ?. I assume SJ sportscars will have them on their website. Also notice a connection the throttle jack had been removed by the previous owner, reconnection it and when I blipped the throttle it idled at 2,000 rpm. So I disconnect it again. Not too sure if that is linked to my issue, or something else for me to look into
  9. Thank Guys When we checked a while back the pressure was there. I have always used K&N oil filters and Millers 20w/50 oil. I know the Esprit can be a mind field in regards of different oil pressure gauges and senders units etc used throughout the range over the years and I just wondered if there was something unique to the HC Turbo motor, hence coming across the term tell tale relay I will give PNM or SJ a call tomorrow to make sure I get the right sender unit.
  10. Hi All I have a wedge HC turbo and the red warning light on the dash flickers when the oil ( 20W/50) is nice and warmed up on idle. But when I pull away from idle it goes out (once the revs go over 1,500rpm odd) The term "tell tale" red relay pops on the forum search. Can anyone explain this and if if can be fixed ? Thanks
  11. As mentioned by Steve check the Otto switch, in the front driver's side wheel arch. No need to jack the car up just turn the wheel to one side and you can see it. Just by pass it with a bit of wire and the fans should kick in with the ignition on. I had the same issue a few weekends back. Once I got the fans to kick in with the bypass, it was a matter of bit of detective work. My issue was a loose fuse housing in the glove box
  12. Good to hear the car passed its MOT @Sparky and yes @Chillidoggy brake conversion, is the best bang for your buck that any S4/S4s/early GT3 owner can get.....It totally transforms the car into something even better than when it left the factory 👍
  13. Beautiful HC, just popped up on Autotrader. Strong money, but in top condition with some big bucks being recently spent on the car.....
  14. Not sure if this has been posted here before, but an interesting insight into the early days of the Esprit design
  15. The S2 drove like a dream from @Sparky, until in the fast lane of the M25 just pass J24 it started to splatter. I thought hold on the fuel is running out, but the gauge was registering some in there. Then it got worse, and one brown trouser moment later I managed to get to over onto the slip road of the J25. Due to where the car was positioned the RAC insisted that the car was picked up. Needless to say there was lots of man hugs all round when Sparky clicked the lead back into place. The joys of classic car motoring and owning a Lotus Esprit ....I honestly love every single minute of it roll on the next adventure
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