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    Lotus Esprit S2, Turbo S3 HC, Esprit S4
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    Chillidoggy's S4 Brake Conversion...WOW !
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  1. Thanks @chipp a local recommendation is always the best and it looks great too. I will give them a call to see if the main menu is available for lunch (x6)
  2. Booked a combined factory and Heritage tour for 10th May in the afternoon and I was wondering if anyone @Bibs can recommend a nice car friendly pub in the area (or on the way to the factory from Essex) to get a bite to eat beforehand.
  3. Hi @peteyg I have these fitted to the S2, performance wise they are very good, but like you said choice is getting limited and these do look modern rather than period. The issue is getting matching rears and fronts, what do you have on the rears size/make wise ?
  4. That @sparky scrubs up well.....So use to seeing him in shorts and covered in oil "Happy Birthday"
  5. Hi Jim Thanks for the insight. I will swap over to Esso super unleaded for the Carb cars
  6. Our S2 is very original, even down to the sicker on the fuel cap - "Do not use fuel containing ethanol " We only use super unleaded usually use Tesco momentum 99 (or Shell Vmax) in all the Esprits, but will keep an eye on the information on the pump handle for sure.
  7. Hi @Brian Harvey I had the Falkens Ziex ZE310 Ecorun 195/60R15 88V and 225/60R15 96W to fitted my Wedge HC last year and I am well happy with them, and the profile and look suits the car. Plus only they were only £300 odd at the time, all in fitted and balanced etc from Pro-tyre (who own/import Falken tyres)
  8. Hi @markw996 how are finding the Goodyear tyres as I need some fresh rubber on my S4 and these Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 on my shortlist
  9. Saw this on eBay, interesting project for someone.
  10. Sparky's talents never cease to amaze, painting cam covers, while doing a jig to some 80's throw back music. The passers by were very impressed
  11. @Sparky I see what you meant now about the handbrake cable...lesson learnt Obi wan Given the choice between a high mileage regularly used Lotus, and one that's been in a "private collection" .....the first option all the way. Sparky is on the case now and will make sure the car is right. Rather worrying about being one tooth out. The car had a cambelt change just before I got the car by the previous owners mechanic, that looked after his collection of classic cars !
  12. @Bazza 907 is the owner on the Forum ? Apparently only 6 Glacier blue HC's were made, here is my rather less glamourous surroundings
  13. I did have a chuckle when google ads threw up this on your feed......its must have picked on the "pain and pleasure" thread
  14. OK Bibs, I will hold onto it until you hear back from Lotus
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