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  1. @jonroberts love seeing the car, the kids go crazy when ever they spot it. Hopefully our paths will cross one day when you are driving through Epping, and you will see us in a Yellow S2, or an Ice blue 1987 HC.
  2. Stunning colour and its certainly stands out and if its the only UK one, then I seem to remember seeing that car, when it was fairly new being driven around Central London Hyde Park way by Romano Artioli.
  3. Spotted a gorgeous restored Orange Esprit S1 going through Epping on Saturday morning, hope you didn't get too caught out in the rain Seen it a few times driving through Epping......but never when I am in my Esprit
  4. Chatted to Vredestein's customer UK support this afternoon. As I was after replacing my original NCTs on my 87 HC Turbo, and they replied back "Unfortunately we have stopped producing the size you require. The size is getting replaced with 225/60 ZR 15 96W Sprint+ This is our Classic range" But they could not give confirm a date for the launch of the required size in the "sprint" range @ChrisJ if you have any luck on side, on the rears please do let us know.
  5. Hi Ian @Chillidoggy I am looking to repaint the red bits on my engine, what brand/colour code of paint are you going to use ? Dragan
  6. Had a few MOT places in the past ring me up half way through the test when I left the car with them asking where the bonnet release was, and couple have been thrown by the handbrake !! Does make you think
  7. Came up at the Brightwells auctions, registered as 1972 Lotus Elan +2s. bar the engine and a few little interiors bits, its looks like the real thing. For the price sold at the "auction" its seems good value for the money. But the dealer mark up takes it into a middle ground grey area
  8. Saw this posted on the Pistonheads forum. I have nothing to do with the company in question, but it looks interesting for anyone local and would love to see the results
  9. Seems to have been sold , I wonder did anyone here on the forum buy it ?
  10. Hi Path The GT3 is a great car, but the supply is limited. Like Barry said if you broaden your search to S4/S then you will have more choices available Love the look, especially the interior of this one on pistonheads and the price isn't too bad if you consider its had @Chillidoggy brake conversion done, which is the achilles heel of the S4 models and possibly the early GT3s plus its one of the limited editions. I was looking at it, but with a S2, ,S3 HC turbo and a S4 at home already, the wife would have filed for divorce on the grounds of 3rd party ! Drage
  11. @Chris Onelevenr I am glad you bit the bullet and got @Chillidoggy conversion done. @Sparky was the man for the job.......enjoy. I feel its the best bang for your buck that you can spend on the Esprit and completely changes the car. Its still puts a big smile on my face every time I take my S4 out for a spin. p.s love the colour of your GT3
  12. "Keep the faith" .... you have a great eye for detail, some of the slammed Espirts look OK, but are just missing something, which yours has. I cant put my finger on it. But yours just works.....If I ever win the lotto I would do something similar. As for the steering, the electric option may be one to think about for the future as that works only at low speed and i believe then switches off once you move off. My car is fine at speed, yours will be even better because of the smaller steering wheel. But for me getting my S2 in and out of my tight garage is a pain, as is parking it when I am in central London. But the S4 is a breeze in that respects.
  13. it, when I read the original post I wasn't too sure about replacing the Speedline wheels, but seeing the photos of new wolfraces.... it works. As an owner both of a S2 and S4 Esprit, I must admit it has always crossed my mind how much nicer the S2 would be to drive (or least easier to park) if it had the power steering of the S4. Toying with the idea of fitting an electric assisted system to mine. Would love to see it in the flesh when its finished. At one of the Essex/Herts meets.
  14. One missed out by the ebay auto system Liking the wheels
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