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  1. OK Bibs, I will hold onto it until you hear back from Lotus
  2. Having a bit of a garage clear out and I came across this Lotus EMM Engine Management & Fuel Injection Manual for the V8 @Bibs can this uploaded for forum members to use ? If not its free for any paid up TLF member. Otherwise I will put it on the classifieds for £25.00 (so a good incentive to join TLF as a paid up member ) Dragan
  3. Thanks @Bibs for all your efforts, and I totally agree with @Sparky My Gold membership costs have been paid back many, many times over with all the support and knowledge provided on this forum in helping to keep my cars on the road.
  4. @skiing I like the sound of your idea. how does it look ? Someone did suggest going to a breakers yard and getting a ridged roof liner off an another car and cutting it down and doing the same as you, and just wedge it in place.
  5. Thanks everyone for the advice. I am surprised that the Head liner was glued directly onto the fibre glass of the roof. I will look into the foam option or use a board and cover that and place that back. Any idea on how to remove the pillar posts and rails, do I just pull them away, will I need new replacement clips ?
  6. Hi All The headlining on my S3 is very good condition, i.e. no rips, or staining but it sagging somewhat. Any tips on removing it. What comes off first, sticking it down, what's the best glue to use etc Thanks in advance
  7. At the auction price the S4 its worth a punt.....but not at that dealer mark up price, too much against it. Just wondered why these eBay listing aren't pulling through in general.
  8. I have noticed a few Esprits listed on eBay over the last couple of months, haven't been pulling through into this section. Not too sure why @Bibs . A couple of nice S3, a copper N/A which I believe was a ex-TLF members car , a white S3 HC and a Turbo S ... Currently we have an accident damaged S3 - Not too sure how you get that sort of damage to the front ? and a rather odd looking colour coded S4 ! https://www.eb
  9. Hi @thebartman "Car has done approx 700 miles since top-end rebuild, had it's 500 mile check " I assume this is all recent work time wise ? If so push it back to the Lotus service centre and see what they say D
  10. Hi John Yep its "Pacific Blue", as per my 1995 S4 Romano Artioli owned Bugatti at the time and brought into Lotus in 1993 odd, hence the link maybe by a previous owner trying to upmarket the car, when they were selling it ? Looking to forward to following the rebuild :)
  11. @Sparky " nothing really" that's an understatement...What a buzz you must have had, wow ! I hope put your name on a post it note and shoved it under the drivers seat for future generations to find
  12. Hi @benja-p There is new one on eBay from Bell & Covill, but out of a V8
  13. Thanks Jim There seems to be some "pink" residue around the one of the hoses, so the blue stuff will be going in. Just noticed a few drops coming from the bottom of the car while I was under it. I think a hose at the front, bottom end of the engine must have a leak. Looks like its PITA to try and remove the cover and investigate, as I only have a jack and axle stands
  14. Thanks John Not worried waterless stuff, looking for some Esprit tips. Someone mentioned to jack the back of the car up and slowly fill it up to avoid air locks. What do owners use, the blue or pink colour coolant etc..
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