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  2. Thx for all the advice :-) Sorry for my terminology. For "4th generation (1987-1993) and "5th generation (1993-1996)" I merely was referring to the wiki page and their classification. But as this is my first Lotus, want to go with something less complicated (read less things to go wrong), so a non-turbo is what I am currently looking for - and looking for Esprits made in years 1987-1996. I saw this beautiful 1990 non-turbo on eBay for £7.5k which seems very reasonable although the milage is not mentioned...
  3. Looking for an Esprit :-)

  4. Thx for the advice :-) Found these two on eBay - one being sold by the South West Lotus Centre: and Also, seen the one on Autotrader for 5k, but that would be too much work for me... There are another couple for £8-9k that looks nice... Any thoughts?
  5. Thx. Look like a great site. Regarding reliability, I am used to a bit of English build quality with my 1995 300TDI Discovery - love the car. Also have a Merc 190 2.5D from 1990 - thought an Esprit around 1990 would fit just nicely in here :-) Just have to hide the new Audi somewhere LOL
  6. Hi everyone, I am an enthusiastic Lotus admirer, more specifically Esprit admirer (yes, ever since Roger Moore drove the Lotus Esprit in The Spy Who Loved Me :-) I have often looked to buy one, but have never really been in a serious position to do something about it - but I am now :-) I am looking for a weekend driver. I can do a bit of repairs myself, but a cam belt change or anything major I would not do myself... I have been looking around and there seem to be most 4th generation Esprit for sale around the £10-15k mark. I really like the 4th generation look (and 5th generation for that
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