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  1. I’m quite glad I started this thread before making a decision to buy either the GRP or Transforged lights 😂
  2. Thank you! Nope - suspension is standard. I’ve made a few small changes - black and silver badges all round, Alcantara trimmed steering wheel, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto head unit - but mechanically standard.
  3. Thank you. Living on the street outside the house like that means it’s not often that clean...!
  4. I’m part of the club. 2015 S, carbon grey/venom red. Just took my union flags off as they were faded and no longer looking the part!
  5. I’ve just ordered from that link - thank you!
  6. My job for the weekend is to see if I can squeeze our newly purchased rear-facing baby seat into the back of the Evora!
  7. I managed to do this at a petrol pump. Don’t ask!!
  8. Love this! My Evora lives on the street and is almost daily driven - so it’s permanently in that state at this time of year.
  9. I’m following this thread with interest. Very keen on the transforged lights - but waiting to see who comes up with an excellent reflector solution!
  10. I think you’re right. I like the pictures above with the diamond cut and silver, but given I have the black bodywork the black wheels do help pull it all together.
  11. My gloss black wheels need a refurb (have done since I collected the car) and thinking having them done silver or grey/anthracite, rather than the standard black. Would anyone be kind enough to photoshop this photo with silver or grey/anthracite to help me make up my mind?
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