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  1. Great power slide, according to Nigel Mansell's "whatever happens, never lift the throttle ... "
  2. Sorry, but I didn't meant Mr.D, it was someone else, but please take my sincere excuse to bring this back into this thread - my fault. Coming back to dynos, I guess it's not a matter of dyno itelf. My best friend is running software updates on ecu's and so I am quiet often involved in this matter and of course we run all my cars o see what's going on. My LF1 was measured with nearly 350 HP, as fare as I remember it was 348, so very close to the real figure. In comparision, this dyno shows some few HP less than other dynos nearby. The biggest issue I saw, was the loss of power during a trackday. This can be measured of course by p-box 100-200 sprint, which I unfortunately didn't checked later. The comparision of power, I would see as follows. On dyno I expect to have both engines on the same level. On track, I see the power loss more on the V6 side, because charger without cooler will heat up even more, than an naturally aspirated engine. For me it isn't a big trouble, but this kept me finally away from ordering the new 380. Once Lotus will solve this, cards will be reshuffled.
  3. Peace, no you weren't that bad guy I only wanted to point out, that "Porker" drivers are maybe not fare away from "Bobby Car" drivers
  4. Hey guys, go out and enjoy the rain Reading this is like discussing with my friend about blonde or black haired girls. No one will ever get a focussed piston head to the other side of the wall, so it's quiet waste of life time to try to argue this things which are out of argumentation. And don't call Porsche drivers arrogant or similar, there are enthusiasts on both side of of the wall. Save some arguments for the next year. GT4 with 4,0L engine and PDK is coming I can live with both brands, even nothing lasts forever. A pleasant weekend to all of you.
  5. Jamie, thanks a lot. Interesting to read, that Ohlins are 1s off in Hethel (of course only for those who are able to run this ). Haven't expect that big difference.
  6. Funny. Today I checked the offers in and saw this car. Was wondering, why it's still for sale. Well done !! Congrats.
  7. I really believe that the HP were measured, but in those video of the EX tuning stages I saw always a big fan directed to the air intake. The question is, how this comes along with the real situation when the car is running.
  8. How real man do not my kind of music, but hit's the topic. edit: @ Jokke, forgot to say congrats.
  9. This would be a bad idea, because than Munich police dept. is awaiting you. And Munich is well known for their way of acting with "criminal drivers" or illegal equipment. Even they just consider it is illegal, it's just a mess.
  10. Brave comment, to call a 380 cafe racer. But of course, from your future point of view ........ I can tell my wife, relax, it's just a cafe racer
  11. Congrats, car looks fantastic and it seems that all available goodies are still in. So no "work" after purchasing phase
  12. With or without the real advanced aerodynamics
  13. The so called TDI pipes cut down 2-5 dB/A. For GT3 it works fine. Could be an idea for those, who are just a bit above the threshold.
  14. The alternative could be waste bag blue.
  15. While going with a colour like orange, you need to have the roof coloured.
  16. ..... and, during the time you don't track the car, you have now an official roadster. I guess, I have a plan ......
  17. And the guys with less money, buy a 996 Turbo, extract the FWD install some suspensions, horse power and drive in the same league. Spending 80k € and you can do a lot. Beside this, if you damage the car, it doesn't scares you.
  18. The GT4 is quiet boring to drive. All friends of mine, which are driving one, are saying, that the car needs minimum 100 more hp to bring the car to the point where it has the right balance between power and control. My guess is, that due to the 245 tyres in front, this car gives you much more reliability in fast corner, which makes you kind of relaxt and this makes you fast.
  19. If you like, send me a PM with list and final price. I have an offer which I cannot post here. Maybe we could deal 2 for one My list price is 105.905 Seems we are brothers in arms
  20. No you won't. When you're hooked by the sound and appearance of a GT3, you're done. You need to buy one and return to Lotus later on There's a small guy, sitting on your shoulder telling you all the dirty things like sound, revs, power. You can't resist. It's like getting into a swirl. You must follow the swirl to escape. Believe, I know about what I am talking
  21. I won't !! Stepping from my LF1 into the 981 Spyder which shows 250 kg more, brought me a real bad feeling. And due to my former experience with GT3 I can tell you, it brings you absolutely no fun on regular streets. With my LF1 I enjoyed every ride, even I drove with 100 km/h through the landscape. In my Lotus I felt to drive 100 and it was 100. In a GT3, you drive 160 and it feels like 90, which brings you to the scary situation, to try to push yourself and other which finally brings you (brought me) so much stress, that I stepped back to use this car on usual roads. After selling the car, I was happy to have this lesson learned. Beside this. I never heared about damaged engines in a Lotus so far
  22. Okay, €81.900 for a 50th, 89.900 for a 380. After the things you entioned there is the gear box cooling, horse power, canards, rear wings, .... missing. Adding power later on, makes it more senseless - unfortunately. Does the 50th habe 2-way Nitrons?
  23. My head and my heart are telling sh.t.. Wanted to sell my 981 Spyder for a Cup. Now there is a 380. An idiot crashed into my 4500 km Spyder and now it's an "accident car" which brings me some additional loss. But all in all I say to myself, if this is my major problem, I am a lucky guy.
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