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  1. Yes Dave, A Really nice man - Howard Cox
  2. I just watched my car drive off down the road with a happy new owner
  3. Sold i wish Howard from Barry a long and happy ownership and a safe trip home
  4. The nearest I could figure is 'Titainium pearlescent' Dan. Sometimes when you look at it, it has a tint of gold, other times a tint of green. i have not advertised anywhere else as I would prefer to sell her to someone looking for one rather that buying on a whim
  5. That's what I thought and it comes with some spare parts too! Here are some more pics... Finally!
  6. Wish I could drive he more Bibs, did my back in 18 months ago - bulge in l4,l5 & l5s1 and trapped a nerve to the front right leg, still doing physio (sp?) so she is comfortable to drive but I pay for it the day after ? I will try and get some more photos up soon. She really is a lovely car and I hope some buys her soon so they can enjoy the summer and she can get an airing. It's a shame for her to sit there in the insulated garage unseen, especially as she is mechanically roadworthy as she is and the paintwork is only noticeable when up close.
  7. Man in the high castle was great, but must get round to seeing the 2nd series. I really got into Black Sails, watched all four seasons in a week. the only reason I had Amazon tv was because my email and Amazon accounts were hacked by someone buying phones and he accivated the month free trial. Found out about him when someone in the USA called me to confirm an order! He had been deleating all emails regarding his transactions. anyway, love the free next day deliveries
  8. Ok, for the first time in years, my car Nearly failed the MOT ! Top ball joints, play in the wheel bearing and a fuel leak. To top it off I had to plug an air mixture screw hole as the screw was missing ! So the hc was around a 1000. The mot tester at kwik fit was a decent chap, he should have failed it but he didn't ? Anyway, as soon as I got home after replacing a fuel line in the parking area, the car was straight up on the ramps and wheels off. The top joints were ordered from SJ and while I was at it I ordered some ARB bushes. Anyway they are all fitted and the wheel bearing sorted.Oh, I I fitted a new cam belt while I was at it ? now to the carbs, I ordered a new mixture screw and fitted it, then set out to balance them.... Yer right, 2 of the other mixture screws had siezed solid, ended up having the drill them and get them out with a stud extractor. So, as I had to order another 2 screws I figured I may as well replace them all, and while I was at it, as I had to tap the the threads out I may as well get a service kit. So carbs are off, this gave me access to the area underneath so that's now had a clean. I realised that the cam covers were weeping so SJ got another order and 'while I was on line ordering, I ordered all the rear suspension rubbers too. I have took the carb on the left to work today and gave it a clean, the other one is in the jeep now so I can get it done tomorrow , oh, gave the regulator a polish too ?
  9. I liked the disc in the lotus window so I got one of these ?
  10. Chassis Build date Original colour Current colour Interior Original wheels Roof stereo? Owner Points of interest 0895 07/1980 Essex Blue Black Red Compomotive Yes (removed) Stuart Monument The Active Suspension car! 1001 04/1981 Red Red Black Compomotive Yes Lotusman33 Being restored 1035 08/1981 (reg) Monaco White Monaco White Tobacco Compomotive No G Jones More modern turbo fitted 1042 06/1981 Essex Blue Essex Blue Champagne Compomotive No Stuart Monument 1108 09/1981 Monaco White Monaco White Red BBS Yes The Pits Compomotives fitted 1129 12/1981 Black Black Black BBS No Dan E 12/1981 Copper Fire Copper Fire Tan Compomotive No Hopo 5 stud Compomotives 0342 Red Copper Fire Black Compomotive No Phil W 5 stud Compomotives 0974 05/1981 (reg) Silver Titanium pearlesent Tan Compomotive 4 stud No Dodgy OE engine and gearbox
  11. dodgy


    Out without a doubt! just make sure to vote out !!!!!!
  12. Possibly, Brian Angus emailed the shaft and washer to me when my shaft broke as they are no longer in stock
  13. 247. Dodgy S3 turbo ............. Hopefully ! oooh just realised she is 35 years old today ?
  14. Cleaning the rims are a pain, I didn't think of removing a bolt at a time though! I have heard its hard to get them to seal properly too so personally would not split them. Saying that - aren't the wheels supposed to be split to change the tires anyway?
  15. No idea bud, usually I get a misfire if it's old fuel but she's running sweet, probably had the probe up the turbo exhaust and it only does a tic over test? Not doing enough mileage in her to justify keeping her now ,2000 in 3 years!
  16. Sorry to read Erik, selling/buying property is one of the most stressful things one can go though! Really feel for you
  17. Loty passed the MOT after being 2 months overdue Something not quite right though :- Co = 0.25% and Hc = 512 , co gone down and hc up since the last mot 510 miles ago
  18. Like your way of thinking Booked in for 1.30 today .............
  19. Just fired up the laptop for the first time in 6 months!...... It straight away reminded me that the MOT on loty was up on the 17th October !!!!! DOH!!
  20. dodgy

    Abu Dhabi

    Congrats to Williams too, they've had a much better year since Andy Crome (andycs3) joined the team :-)
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