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  1. still dont know howard, need to find out when Lisa's barby is for sure as well.
  2. is it me or is there a distinct lack of posting on here at the moment? normally when i switch off for an hour, there is losts to read or comment on, but while ive been working on the car (should be back on the road next weekend - so expect bad weather!! ), its been off most of the day(s) - very little if anything is added any ideas why? is any body out-there? Dodgy
  3. i actually like the colour Alex, not sure about the lights though would love to have your SE but it would mean i would have to sell mine as i only have a single garage and cash flow is a bit of a problem
  4. 4 months !!! must have been a big dob of glue question is, did you find a spanner ?
  5. been looking at that car, the bidding is being 'pushed' up by numnuts, if you compair the feedback of him and the seller, they both buy the same things,clothes mainly. he hid the same on a scooter the seller put on. Dodgy edit: Q: hi, how long is the mot,how many owners and what is the year. Thanks. 23-Jun-06 A: mot is til oct 2006 it has had 6 owners including a dealer and it is a 1990 on a H Q: A couple of questions. Does it have a V5? Is the exhaust S/Steel? What is the millage on the last two MOT's? 22-Jun-06 A: yes have v5 exhaust is stainless steel fitted by christopher neil specialist cars tvr lotus and noble milage on last mots are 75381 and 76177 if the cambelt was changed at 58k, its only done 2k in 2 years when was the other 17k miles done? the first thing that should be done is not drive home, but straight to a lotus dealer/specialist to have the belt done.
  6. how are your gear changes, have you any problems in engaging gears? a collaped bearing would cause havoc inside the box as it is quite cramped in there, so it would show in the general driving. but i cant see why it would cause you to lose power. when you engage the clutch, does the engine tick over better? how much boost can be reached on the gauge? dodgy
  7. HI, are you getting any boost? at 70 it should be showing some, as the turbo starts to come in at<2k. you dont have any points, they are all electronic ignition systems so you can eliminate them fuel pumps fail quite often due to the filter being after the pump, when i brought mine i changed both the filter and the pump for my own peace of mind. just a thought , though i could be wrong.. has the baffles in the exhaust collapsed causing too much back pressure? people do change the engine oil but dont bother changing the gearbox oil, you could change this and see if it makes a differance to the rattle (cant do any harm). what were the oil pressure readings when hot on tickover? Dodgy
  8. had a look for them when we were discussing that police chase video. about the same price range then, then the 10k car was a left hooker. edit : just had a look , yep same one
  9. Lee, its Z27A ( at least thats whats on the box) Dodgy
  10. my dry sump turbo, when running (currently off the road again due to a attempted easy change of the rear brake pads - handbrake lug on 1 of the calipers snapped off ) was rebuilt at 40k by the PPO, its now done 64k and has 70psi on cold start, 45 to 60psi on warm driving and 25psi on tickover. i recently changed from mobil1 15/50 to valvoline racing 20/50 with made no difference on the pressures. I did however, find that the anti-drain valve on the new style lotus filter, was not working and it was taking at least 10 seconds to register pressure, for a quick temporary fix i brought a coopers equivelent filter which cured it - oil pressure within 3 seconds, much better. dodgy
  11. could it not be aly welded? someone/ somewhere should be able to do it, and it should be a cheaper option.
  12. dont give them ideas !!! are the cameras flashes set to the approx height of a numberplate? do we not sit at about the same height as the average plate
  13. Hi pete, i was looking through the demon tweeks catolog and found this: glue Dodgy
  14. dodgy


    at least i got to see the alleged photo so i know what your on about this time was going to say something but pressed refresh and it was gone thought my tired eyes were playin tricks again
  15. i had the same thing with my tomtom - spot on as for the rev limiter , it depends i think on year but mine was built into the rotor arm, i later found out this was the cause of a missfire when i replaced it with a standard one, and it ran fine. i will be fitting a after market one shortly. Dodgy
  16. dodgy


    well, it wasnt what i expected , but at least the rain stayed away nice to all meet up again some pics Dodgy
  17. well, what can i say that hasnt been said allready. where have you been????? name the time and we will be there
  18. dodgy


    yep, the pub website dont work used the postcode and logged into tomtom thought i had better take it, as i have not got the power of the s4's or v8's Dodgy
  19. Me too i did join the yahoo forum but i was on dialup at the time. the way it is set out was no good for that - had to search through all the irrevilant stuff to find something of interest, by that time the time was clocking on and had none left to post. I love the way this forum is set out - easy Dodgy
  20. brilliant must have took forever. thanks
  21. just checked in the parts manual, the jacking points in the picture were not fitted till after 85 also noted the javk is located in a different position Dodgy
  22. can someone take a picture of these metal jacking points please? i dont think i have any Dodgy
  23. Dam, that makes me 32nd, I WAS slow
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