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  1. it is true that some speed limits are there to save lives. but it is becoming more and more common, for councils to lower the speed limits on roads that have had no incidents, or accidents that was caused by some young drivers inexperience or supidity. they then put speed cameras up on a road that has a rediculasly low limit in order to catch drivers. some cameras are justified, most are legalized highway robbery anyway, can we get back to the LPG conversion topic, its got a little diverted
  2. Hi, the undertray only covers half of the engine ( protecting the belts and pumps mainly) but not the gearbox, it slots into a strip attached to the underside of the car and the just screwed up using approx 8 - 12 screws. is this the one you mean ? you can get one of these from sj sportscars (new) or possibly (secondhand) hope this helps Dodgy
  3. hi Paul, dont know if the s1 is different but when the ignition is on, you should hear the pump running continuously.
  4. dodgy


    Graham, its going to take 1hr 10min from hilton services according to autoroute, so should we meet at 8.15 @ hilton? Dodgy
  5. you loosing it Fishy!!? you even posted on the thread about it
  6. the essex wont download .... not found (on homepage)
  7. WOW!!! deffo the type of calendar photo ! Very nice car and a cool photo B)
  8. 17 1. dodgy154 (dave brown) 2. 81 turbo 3. +0 4. B&B 5. wolverhampton , west mids , uk
  9. allways weiry about posting in the tech section (in case i look too daft) oh well mine boosts at nearer .6 bar at full thottle. i think your car seems to be choking itself ? only things i can think to check (other than wayne's waste gate), would be a airfilter blockage, wrong fuel pressure or the choke stuck open slightly.? then again, may be talkin out of my rear ( someone boost my confidence - please ) Dodgy
  10. I have a seat spare too (still single , thank god!) , for any esprit owner without a running car. No Problem Dodgy
  11. overnighter sounds good aswell Kimbers any date , i will FIND the time
  12. cannot miss this offer !!!! Me and my car Definately
  13. i agree, was a loverly day out and the weather turned out great the pictures i took are basicly the same as the others so i need not post them it was nice to see you all again, and , to finally meet Nick and Carl wish the drive home was a little less eventfull though thought i would drive nice and steady home, but the sunday drivers took a disliking to me got cut up twice on 2 differant islands by 2 differant cars! and there was 8 lads on bikes on a blind bend - 4 on my side, 2 on the opposite side and 2 playing going in and out the white lines!! what idiots !! they must have heard the backfire of the car because they didn't half scatter all this and i wasn't speeding it was still a good day out Dodgy
  14. oooooh! cool did a google ..... Hi , i am an Astronaut, a Meteorologist / astronomer, a photographer and a Firearms safety specialist. I have a DJ spot on a major radio station on a sunday morning, i own a engineering company,a hat manufacturer, a director of a chemical company and have at one point owned a car and a tractor manufacturer in my spare time i am a folk singer and magician. oh, forgot, own a race horse as well and play rugby. my car, well it has to be the lotus , apparentlly, i own a s1 and a s2 aswell ! a little tired now, going to bed.
  15. weather looking better for tomorrow - drier
  16. i suppose i should add mine, although everybody should have seen her by now! Dodgy
  17. Hello kris welcome had a 82 gt5s in black , loved it to bits. looking for a a4 at the mo for an everyday car. Dodgy
  18. paul, remember you will have pre 85 Girling calipers, not the post'85 Bendix type fitted , they are bigger and from what i have seen - more expensive to refurb. dodgy
  19. dodgy


    me +1 please Dermot.
  20. Hi pete, have not been on yahoo for such a long time now,could not get on with the format anyway just had a look and couldn't find my id and password anywhere so i cant look anyway so Pete,could you email the file , thanks no instructions whatsoever came with the unit. as you point out pete, setting it up would be most important and i havnt a clue! glyn, had a look on eff , its all changed havnt been on there for a while cause i was on dial-up. too much too look through at the mo will have another look later Dodgy
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