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  1. hi all, has anyone got a 4 tube carb balancer (lotus)? i am in need of the instructions for the use of.... can anyone help please? thanks Dodgy
  2. so sorry you are leaving us please dont be a stranger, you will always be welcome to chat even without the car. but if we don't hear from you, good luck in life . Dodgy
  3. dodgy

    Hethel meet ?

    hey Jon, you can count me in for this one!!! Dodgy
  4. so far so good triple bolted and locked front garage door and locked back, and park the normal car infront aswell. quiet cul-de-sac not too bad really Dodgy
  5. not really up on this subject, or any other for that matter i would probably try fitting hotter plugs to start with, i know my car hates hot weather too - talk about pop pop pop backfire and it seems to be running better since i fitted ngk v groove plugs. trouble is the air going into the intake is alot warmer, it a shame we can't divert the air con air into the intake to coolit down more , ... then again a charge cooler would do that think i may be rambling , had a few to drink , hic
  6. dodgy

    metal signs

    LOL apart from the name being the wrong way round ...... it's not a turbo the number plate says JB007 but its a s3 with 5 stud BBS wheels, Bond aka roger moore, drove a turbo (as we all know) with 4 stud compomotives. Hmmm was writing this a nd got distracted, chaplin on telly .. boobs everywhere thown me a bit where was i , erm.. oh yer, think it would be a nice looking sign if it was only right Dodgy
  7. dodgy

    metal signs

    this sign is on ebay at the mo, anyone spot the mistake?? or am i just sad
  8. dodgy


    another Esprit gone hope the driver was ok
  9. wonderfull news Lisa,glad it wasn't too expensive a fix see you at cosford then? seems a lot of people, are having problems with there master cyl's at the mo ! strange loverly day for a hoon aswell Dodgy
  10. good on ya! after lovingly restoring a hc s3, if it is sold, it should go to someone who loves the marque, and not to someone who just thinks 'i'll be the envey of my mates and it's quick' Dodgy
  11. Happy birthday Simon sorry, got nothin like the other pictures on this pc Dodgy
  12. i agree with nick, my valve was blocked off by the previous owner( in order to get extra boost i think ? ) i have removed that blanking plate now as i would rather save the engine! Dodgy
  13. Kato, any chance of being able to download the video? i have a 2meg connection and its having trouble playing it!? anyone else having problems? Dodgy
  14. yet another great oxford run and at least the weather held off. it was great to be able to put some more faces to names too.. roll on the next meet! jez got back ok sorry Jez, couldn't resist again,i must learn to type faster, Paul was the last post on before i started Dodgy
  15. hello there just to say i will be at hilton park pre-8am, dosn't look like Ian was able to come to this time, so will be on my lonesome. waxed (twice) and fueled up ready to go just got to hope my windscrean wiper works (works when dry, sometimes works when raining!) Dodgy
  16. Hello Paul, wellcome to the forum would only be able to suggest LEW realy, oh! ebay. thing is, thay are now quite a rare car, so they dont come up very oftern. Dodgy
  17. must agree with fishy, even driving on a damp road can get hairy,mainly when the turbo comes in 'just at the wrong time' looks like we may have practice on sunday forcast is rain , hope they're wrong! Dodgy christ! i must learn to type faster ... 3 posts were added while i was typing
  18. i just spent ages trying to put the postcode in tomtom, but it kept comeing up as miles down the road. So i tryed autoroute ... the same ah! found a previous post , Rob , is that your old postcode?? think the code should be pe21 0nx? Dodgy
  19. dodgy

    Forum url

    glad i am not the only one it happened to! i was pulling my hair out in panic !!!!! splashout saved the day Dodgy
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