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  1. my rear valance looks a little deeper, the car was originaly destined to be an essex but they stopped at no 57 instead of 100, mine is no 74? only a thought .. anybody know? Dodgy
  2. wellcome to the wonderfull world of the Esprit !! Happy motoring Dodgy
  3. lol didnt even see the 'no parking', till i was looking at the pics later on Graham and i have lost count on how many coats of auto glym its had. still havn't put the 'extra gloss' on yet !! res of that pic is 1380 x 838x 16m, it cropped and resized down to 180kb. the oe pic is 1600x1200x16m and is is 1.18meg (bit too big to post) Dodgy
  4. a lot of owners seem to have repainted their low comp engines in red (me inclueded ). it has a much better reception from the 'normal' people who dont know the differance. ie: you get "oh wow" instead of "nice , what size it it?" And it brightens up the engine bay. unfortunatly for me i think i used some cr#p paint - it looks alittle pink
  5. nice one Slade another 'g'car back on the road would die for a garage that size! ( mine would be the small 1 door one on the end ) Dodgy
  6. like it! must get some software on the laptop so i can play too. Dodgy
  7. TomTom300, wouldn't drive without it if i didn't know the route well. got me out of a mess many a time (and saved my licence too! - got the cams on) Dodgy
  8. well done Troy, glad you've got her back on the road. very nice paint job. Dodgy
  9. yep, saw them on the way to donny. so got the tomtom to avoid them It diverted me to an amazing b road which made the day! 6 miles of fast sweeping bends and nothing in the way to slow me down Dodgy
  10. route looks ok apart from the dreaded m42 (speed cameras ) Ian phoned today , its not looking as if he can attend he is going to lt me know nearer the day. Dave
  11. you can get dunlop sports in 225 and 195 'v'rated. also some "buget" tyres called GT (if they are anything like the INDIA GT's, they were brill) but is it worth risking your 'pride n joy? i have goodyear 225 f1's on the rear, and still the nct's on the front. any 235 tyres available will not have a good enough speed rating. If you find some.. let us know!!! Dave
  12. dodgy

    LEW Oxford Meeting

    1. Bibs - Lunch - Paid 2. Jono - Lunch - Paid 3. Backmarker - lunch - paid 4&5. Glyn +1 - lunch - paid 6. Ashley - Lunch - paid 7. Howard - lunch - paid 8&9. lisa and jody - lunch - paid 10&11. Rob and Maya - lunch - paid 12&13. Vicki and Paul - lunch - paid 14 Neal Lunch Paid 15&16 Cliff + 1 - 2 lunches - paid 17&18 John and Sally Lunch - paid 19 Jez (lrg_machine) - Lunch - paid 20. ElTel - lunch - paid 21&22. Maurice+1 - lunch - paid 23 Pete, Silver SE - lunch, paid LEW 24 Dodgy154 - lunch - paid
  13. Hi Keir, mine has a seperate key for the engine compartment. not really what you wanted to hear Dave
  14. hi everybody!! hilton park services just after j11 m6 would be ideal for me. dont know about Ian yet, I will have to phone/txt him to see what he is doing ( after his recent new arrival ) got to get used to not panicing over time on line now Dave
  15. Hi All, sorry been off line for a bit, finally got broadband so no excuses now! count me in for this one Dave
  16. And a big thanks from me too, Lisa. definatly made the day! Dave
  17. Hello everybody! Overall a great day out although a little damp to start with. The highlight of the day, without a shadow of a doubt, was the mini Hoon to the home of Lisalotus Thanks for the bacon butty and the cup of tea Lisa. Found a lovely stretch of road on the way home, think it was the B5493 past seckington, no cars in front, dry road and fast, long sweeping bends! Heaven! Hope to see you all soon at the Oxford meet Dave ( dodgy )
  18. Carl, glad to see everything working out. lets hope this winter ends soon, so some NMEG meets can be done in the warm! see you at Donny Dave
  19. Graham, don't know what to say without swearing. came on to say we should be turning up at the pre-meet, as the weather looks reasonable. however, Ian H has had a new addition to the family, so may not be able to attend, he is going to let me know tomorrow. Hope you get better asap Dave Carl , if you want to go straight to donny it will be ok, as it would give us all more time to prepare in the morning and you more time in bed will be back on tomorrow night after 10 for a short while ( still on dial-up ). Dave
  20. dodgy

    m reg blue s4s?

    spotted another one in telford , seemed to be having a go at a bike !
  21. Graham, I had a chat to Ian heighway (red s1) at work today. affaid it will all be down to the weather on sunday, if its dry we will be meeting you at the darlaston inn, if its not too good, we will have to take the more direct route. and if its snowing , well , will probably go in the boreing car! WILL THIS WINTER EVER END !!!!!!!! We should be able to confirm whats happening on saturday. Fingers crossed. Dave
  22. I should be used to taking the long way to donnington now, my co-pilot who 'new the way' well ..... we ended up at j28 of the m1 and had to come back down ! 100 mile trip insted of 50 . That should not happen again , got sat nav And carry a map. I will have to let you know whats happening nearer the date. Dave
  23. Hello all, wish i could have made it , but by the time i managed to get the dam windscreen wiper going, it was too late! so decided to go to stoneliegh instead , then got stuck on the M6 on the way home Dave
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