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  1. Hello all, wish i could have made it , but by the time i managed to get the dam windscreen wiper going, it was too late! so decided to go to stoneliegh instead , then got stuck on the M6 on the way home Dave
  2. yes Dan, it was the bloke in the s1, Ian , he has had it done ... mint! Ian and I helped you get yours going at stoneliegh too. still recovering Dave
  3. I have been toying with the idea for a bit now. a takeoff plate and the remote mountings that look suitable, are in deamon tweeks catalog. total cost looks about
  4. ok ok, so i had better stop being so tight then
  5. they are going to charge a sub for using the speedcam database from feb has any one found any other databases available? not a tight arse really .. bank manager says i'm a " bit carefull"
  6. Wow ! some top people here. I'm just a lowley fitter working for the M.O.D., stripping and rebuilding tanks. ( at least at the momment .... the government are shutting us down and moving the work elsewhere ) Can anyone offer me a job?
  7. dodgy

    LEW Oxford Meeting

    count me in! this will be the 3rd oxford meet in a row i will be attending. Hopefully in my Esprit THIS time got a miss-fire to sort out first will have to sort out a NMEG pre meet Howard? Dave
  8. Hi john, i always thought that pipe was on the engine side of the glass, or was it only on the later models? unfortunatly, i wont be able to check it out till friday now. work keeps getting in the way dodgy
  9. Hello all, need a spot of help Can anyone in the uk, tell me the part number of the Rotor Arm, for the lumination ignition system? Also, can anyone (the world this time) throw some light on metal vent/drain pipes, located each side of the rear window, behind the trim panel? Cockpit side not engine side. The drivers pipe has a very loose thin rubber pipe on it, about 6" long . the passengers has nopipe on it. really want to get the car running right, ready for the north midlands run to oulton park on the 26th feb. was the only G car on the last one! Got to keep the side up. 'Dodgy' Dave
  10. try for a second hand one. or sj sportscars for a new one. hope this helps Dave
  11. I have also noticed the speedo on my mondeo (when its running) reads high. the TomTom when its in the esprit is spot on to the speedo !!!!!! are the sat nav readings right? Dave by the way , Hi Jez. you were missed at Stoneliegh.
  12. Its in my diary too Howard. thats if i havn't worn the car out by then! Having to use it every day to do the 40 mile round trip to work, so far been lucky ith the weather Mondeo head off and being pressure tested Dave
  13. A Good day out and run. Shame it was so close to xmas. as a lot more would have had the oppertunity to meet, heres to hoping the next meeting in feb has a nice turn out, This time it will be at alot more notice. Loverly to meet you all and look forward to the next just drove from my mates house at 10.30pm, thowing it down with rain ...... drove 6 miles before the wiper started to work !!!!! oh fun Dave
  14. ok, so far the weather is forcast as not bad for sun. SO COME ON , Where is everybody????????????? there has got to be more than 7 cars out there my mondeo is poorly at the mo, so I have been useing my esp every day. inclueding todays heavy frost! so far the brave ones are: Howard s4 Renu 350 Paul C ? se turbo Lisa s4 Dave While 350 Grayham s4 Dodgy dave. s3 turbo any more? Dave
  15. ok howard, i have put it in my diary. count me in... (weather permiting , car leaks water in like a siv) Dave (dodgy)
  16. dodgy

    s4s? v8? red

    sounds like a very good thing to me, sorry havn't been on, pc died ! had to rebuild it. does anyone know the owners of the other cars that have been spotted? Dave
  17. Hi Kato, tenner on its way by paypal. Dave
  18. dodgy

    s4s? v8? red

    they are about, ive seen them, just not very often. a red s1 ... ian hieghways a blue s3t , met the driver on asda carpark in donnington a blue stevens the red s4? as already stated and a workmate saw a black v8 ( he took a photo to show me) all in telford! shame we all cant get together. oh! and my silver s3t
  19. sorry to hear the news Rob. unfortunatly i will be in the same boat soon! the government wants to close our base down by march 07. I have decided i would rather sell the house than the car, but then thats me..daft keep your chin up, something will come along Dont be too hasty!
  20. dodgy

    s4s? v8? red

    seen a few esprits now in the telford area, this one at 7.55am on fri 2 dec. it was dark and raining, didnt manage to get the reg though
  21. Well done Dr Fish , AT LAST !!!!!!!!!!! sadly, going to have to wait till donnington to see it Please dont break it again! Dave
  22. i think it is searchable text when in pdf format teigan, my hard copy is getting a lot of use and is starting to look a bit tatty too. a hard copy of just the parts list is
  23. just in case anybody wants to know, there is a workshop manual/parts list on cd available on cd on e-bay if anyboby has it already, is it any good ???? Dave
  24. All I can say is .... ? dont know what to say , speechless won't be watching that cr#p program again. 5th gear should be called reverse gear. whens TOP GEAR on again? I always like that one!
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