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  1. already ordered as soon as i checked the site Kato!
  2. Hello all. After 2 1/2 months of unhappiness, the gearbox is almost together now, so it looks promising to go in the pride n' joy. just got to get it through the dreaded MOT now Dave
  3. Thanks for posting them Lucas. my car was reg on 6th april 81 i met the owner of the other esprit at Tatton park, name was Steve. first thing i noticed when i saw his car, was the chassis number, it was the one before mine!!! steve also was very jammy - he has the panasonic roof radio fitted to his!
  4. Hi Lucas' I have been trying to send some photo's but my pc wont play the game .I would be able to send some to an e-mail add, alot easyer. could you send me yours? Thanks Dave
  5. sorry i couldn't make it Dave, it will be another week or so before gearbox is ready now! got to wait for a part to be machined (its a favour so i cant rush them.) Dave
  6. Teigan, checked out accusump. well worth a look at, also the remote oil filter system - as an employee of lotus finaly admitted, that the one way valve won't work because its on its side.( or did i hear wrong at the lew oxford meet 10/05?)
  7. had problems changing gear, found the master and slave cylinders were leaking, so i changed the seals and while i was at it , the red hose for a ss one. only took a day to do, gearchange was much improved. if worst comes to worst ,and a new gearbox is needed, i got a txt msg from lotus today, he has got 2 s3's just arrived for breaking. sad day, another 2 off the road
  8. if i have no aftermarket dump valve fitted, what is the sound that i hear when i change gear then?(chattering) as my dump valve on the plenum chamber was blanked off! this sound i have heard on almost every other turbo. i can only asume it has to be the wastegate working. can anybody throw some light on this subject?
  9. as someone witha dry sump system , which is a pain in the backside to check. i would definately be interested in a system like that. dave
  10. while my gearbox is out, ive benn cleaning and checking things. that dump valve on the back of the plenum chamber, had a BLANKING PLATE fitted in between the valve and the chamber! wont know why that was done for a few weeks yet, but isnot that valve a backup vent incase of overboost? i have took the plate out now and will have to wait and see the outcome. the gearbox is almost ready to go back in after the CWP broke. should definately hear a flutter sound from the wastegate, i always drive with the window down to make sure i can hear it what a loverly sound !!!!! (from what i can remember! )
  11. the workhorse - mondeo 10k/year 81 turbo - whenever its sunny and not broken at the same time Dave
  12. mine too , it just says ESPRIT TURBO on the V5. Dave
  13. Hello everybody! has anyone got a speedo drive nut removing tool i can borrow?, or, can anyone tell me where to get one from/made? times running out to get it on the road for oulton park, nothing going right! Help! fedup dodgy dave.
  14. My CWP went on me 4 weeks ago! and i havn't made any mods, its only running 210bhp ! If your running any extra i sugest you keep a FEW spare sets Dave
  15. if i finally get the gearbox fixed, I'm in too.
  16. thanks Dave! got a few calls to make before the bidding ends, so may end up bidding. will have to use my bell housing as its for a n/a. Dave
  17. so thats how i broke the crown wheel! must remember that when i get a new box . good day out sunday mr fish.
  18. yep, already had a price from them , fully recon box 2800 euros. hmmmm think will have to pass on that! must remember tO tAke ThE CAPs LocK oFF. TROY , If you would be willing to sell your gearbox to me (please) how much would you want for it? cannot take much more of the comments at work!! can you e-mail me direct [email protected] Thanks
  20. there is a red s1 in telford which will be on the road in a few weeks , it having all new leather int to match its gleeming new paint job.
  21. off the road untill i can get a gearbox , still went to the oxford meet, left mondeo at services and got a lift on the run great day!
  22. i put 95 ron in once. never again. noticable loss of power, then again, mine is not a hc.
  23. thanks Troy. was hoping to get it back on road for the Oxford meet, been looking forward to it for a year now. sadly ive got no chance so may be going down in the .. dare i say it the mondeo if you can kindly let us know the outcome,thanks , Dave.
  24. it wont be me trying for a while , broke 2 teeth off the crownwheel. maybe have a go when i get a new gearbox .
  25. don't know if anyone understood the last post, anyway , thanks Troy and i will let you know the outcome. gearbox is coming out tomorrow night. i try not to stop on the net too long as i'm still 'pay as you go' think i will be going broadband soon.
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