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  1. will have to make further investigations, have got drive as far as i know in all the gears. but a clicking noise from the box turns to a banging noise by about 20mph. if the right disc is rotated forwards - it will sometimes turn the left one back (as it should) try the same with the left one and i can feel it trying to engage but it jumps out straight away and the right does not move(apart from a twitch)
  2. Hi fellow Esprit nuts, has anybody got a spare gearbox or can tell me where to find one. mine broke (diff i think, not looking good anyway ) on the way to get a dreaded MOT. Thanks 'Dodgy' Dave
  3. dodgy

    Oxford Meet

    Wont be going now, was taking car for the dreaded MOT and ended up being brought home by "a very nice man" gearbox going Bang Bang Bang Bang when driving along , got too loud to continue. OH POO
  4. B) Have too say silver { though mines got a tint of gold in it} like the silk red too.
  5. dodgy

    Oxford Meet

    Me too , finaly got a car to drive there in !! had to settle with a crappy mondeo last time ! lovely 81 turbo now
  6. thanks kato , been to 2 LEW meeting so far , both with no car. met you at stanton st john in september, best day out ive had in years! finalily brought a 81 turbo in silver , Love Her ! only problemm i cant stop driving. Dave
  7. can anyone tell me how the oil level is checked please ie, what temp to what level. not got a manual yet, hope to get one at donnington fair
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