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  1. once you have had the toe in checked and in within limit, park the car a set distance from a wall or garage door ( the farther the better) and put a laser level on the rims/tyre pointing towards the chosen point then measure the distance of the laser point on the wall/door. If you use the same distance and width between points each time, it should always be right. The only time it may be necessary to re-check the laser point distance is when a different make of tyre is fitted. :)

  2. I too have been away from the forum for a while, I have to agree with Chris, same things said by the same people with just links to different videos of the same car, which has no bearing on the actual thread in question other than promoting himself, his youtube videos and constantly saying how bad Lotus are.

    Ronin, we get it, you have brought an 'boring' Audi R8, SO? Is this supposed to impress? Is your list of cars supposed to impress?

    you removed the badges, you pay to put them back on, its how it works in the real world

    99.99% of cars sold with a racing heritage are of standard spec, not with all the race mods.

    However the saying win on sunday, sell on monday was found to be true by the early race car/manufacturers so they must have found it to be true.

    cars must be made to cover the road legal requirements of the country in which they are sold, this limits the development and output spec of a car sold. Lotus are unable to sell cars to the performance spec level they can achieve due to rules of manufacture.

    However, after it has been sold, any mods done are not the responsibility of the manufacturer and so cannot be sued by an individual or government.

    Kimi won! Awesome :)

    The Lotus name on the car may not be 'Lotus cars' but the Lotus roundels on the car and race suit are, the fact Lotus cars do not pay for this advertisement cannot be a waste of money if it doesn't cost anything.

    I have often wondered why I have never seen a commercial on tv :/

    I havn't seen any adverts anywhere other than the club lotus mag come to think of it.

    They really could do with advertising the brand instead of opening a 1 off shop in London with overpriced goods. I would buy Lotus extras being an lover of the marque, but not at those prices! Especially during the current credit crunch

  3. Would loved to have joined everyone, yep I'm still around :) the car is not 100% at the mo and MOT is on Friday. Unfortunatly I couldn't even come for a ride as co-pilot - was in hospital having an MRI yesterday. I really hope they can find the brain :)

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