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  2. Well someone has wishful thinking, there is a black one appeared on pistonheads and they want £50k! Low miles it is, but fifty grand? I can't post the link for some reason.
  3. Hi Brian, I had an e46 coupe manual. 2003 in Carbon black.
  4. jeez Paul, I thought that was the end lol. So deflated. At least its not the end!
  5. In that case, yes it was yours - hope you don't mind. Head room not an issue, could do with the seat going back an inch further. Main problem is the position of the steering wheel.
  6. I'm not sure Paul. Did yours have the top of the instrument cluster off?
  7. I think today has to be one of my most disappointing ever. I took a trip to SJ Sportscars to have a chat in person and I got my first sit in an Esprit. One word, Fail. Headroom, leg room even tum room (I'm not the smallest guy) but I couldn't get finger between the steering wheel and my thighs. Steering the car would be problematic at best, dangerous at worse. And there is no column adjuster. So that's it. You might be thinking 'why wouldn't you check that first?' - I never thought it would be too much of a problem. I've driven Caterham, owned an MR2, drive a Defender. All of whic
  8. Projectblue


    I thought I'd put this topic on, even though its always contentious. Owners always want to see their vehicles valued as highly as possible whilst prospective buyers like myself want to see them at the other end. I can only speak for the V8's, because that's what I've been researching, but there seems to be a case of wishful thinking by a lot of dealers. There are a number of cars out there that have been up for sale for ages. One in particular for probably nearly a year since I started looking! It may simply be a case of me not being used to the Esprit market, and that the 'normal' aspect
  9. Quick look at the map shows you not far from 4 Corners, the only bit of the USA that has four states joining. Also, Mesa Verde is worth a visit.
  10. I know I'm a noob and all, but that must be speculating surely? I'm sure it only went up for sale on Pistonheads last week...
  11. Yep, that's the one thank you :-)
  12. Anyone know Allon White Sports Cars? Listed a blue 2002 on Pistonheads? (can't make the link work). Ta
  13. Do you have a 2002 or later V8 in either blue or yellow? (Other colours considered). Thinking of selling? Maybe not even thinking because you think the market isn't good enough? Then please contact me, Honest Projectblue, to discuss.
  14. Thanks Chaps. I try to make an intro stand out from the usual 'hello' - think I scared most people off!
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