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  1. Hi all, as you are aware it's been hotter then a snakes belly button lately. And as such while sitting in traffic the sticky number plate strips melted. Leaving the number plate on the floor. This has happened twice now. So I advise you to check
  2. Ak got it sorted under warranty. Gets it's first service in about 4 weeks. With another load of faults DS Headlight indicator not working Stalls on pull away Window rubbers rubbing Another 2 weeks of sitting myself thinking what will they find or break when at the dealers
  3. Hi all Heres a list of warranty issues that I have had with my 400 (2015) early (has the LOTUS letters on the dash) follow me home lights not working gear stick gater came off instrument cluster dimmer not working new starter motor seat bolts rusting rear screen demister connection broken off (new screen) all the engine sensors replaced DS headlamp indicator stopped working Alpine head unit replaced mic stopped working rear camera AC controls changed at present the windows rub when going up and down & the car keeps stalling at odd times.
  4. Hi all Just had cost back to replace the Headlight £8-900 and that's just the unit not including fitting it. Does anyone know if the headlights changed from series 1 to the 400 and the part numbers
  5. I agree sounds like a dry solder joint. I did have an Evora 2010 in my view a better car sorted car
  6. hi have the same problem with my 400 drivers side. i will update when I get car back from dealers
  7. Hi all does any one know where i can get the paint/powder coat for the grills Silver-stone contacted lotus who sent me the codes.,there ford codes but both to Ford and halfords have them or have them on the system See attached HB-Fuller-Powder-Coat.pdf
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