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    2bular Road

    Sold my car and have a 2bular track exhaust with twin carbon tips for sale.
  2. Ask them to cheek the supercharger actuator valve to make sure it is operating correctly.
  3. Hi Gareth I bought a Morfit lumber support and can recommend it. For me it works really well as it molds to the shape of your lower back. I use it all the time now in my Sport 350.
  4. What I will be doing is looking into both options and choosing the one which suits me. Nice to have another choice of kit as per the Komo tec versions.
  5. Glad I didn't go and order the standard kit if this is coming out soon. Need to wait now for the price of this new watercooled kit
  6. I will be doing the Hethel LOT day on the 16th too
  7. Hi Mark Done just over 7k miles in mine and had 2 oil changes, done by the dealer. I have not needed to top up with any engine oil.
  8. Very nice , you have been tangoed
  9. Car looks great Imran and I think the wing is Side skirts would make it look even better
  10. Thanks for all your feedback chaps Might be better value for money fitting the Nitron 46mm one way , unless the Ohlins are far superior. I would get too confused setting 3 way shockers Gav I will give Russ a call and have a chat with him .
  11. Has anyone fitted these to their V6 ? They are expensive compared to Nitrons or JRZ. My car is mostly used for road with 2-3 trackdays a year, just wondered if it was best to save up for Ohlins.
  12. I had a V6S LF1 for nearly 2 years and covered 7500 miles in it. Did a couple of trackdays with it too. Traded it in for a Sport 350. After having experience with both cars and if asked which car I prefer, it would be the Sport 350. Even though the LF1 was a special car to look at, I had no mechanical issues with it either.
  13. Looks amazing, I bet you can't wait to collect it
  14. I think the V6s and the 380 have a different bore size to the exhaust, so not interchangeable.
  15. Sounds great Paul, very exciting time ahead for you
  16. Yes it's his new water injection to keep intake temps down
  17. You have hit the willy on the head there Dave Spot on with your above post Dave.
  18. No need to apologies Antoine, everybody has their own views, opinions and ideas. They will also buy what suits them best. I guess we can all get carried away at times
  19. Don't forget that people like myself, who haven't got the talent to drive either a Pork or a Lotus to the max anyway. Might not be bothered about 1 tenth of a second between makes of vehicles, plus some people buy a sports car on how they look and how nice it makes them feel driving such cars. I think the V6 Exige looks stunning and would buy a 380 if I could
  20. Track system is perfect for my needs, sounds fantastic,no valve to worry about,discreet pops and crackles while lifting off the throttle, touring is no problem whatever (did the North Coast 500 last year), the twin carbon tips look great , no packing for the supercharger to blow out and yes it is quieter than the 2bular road system when it's valve is open. I have my first trackday at Anglesey on 3rd of June using the track exhaust so I will let you know how I get on. I don't do any quiet trackdays like Bedford etc.
  21. It could be down to the packing within the backbox being blown out by the supercharger and how well it had been packed in the first place. That might be why some exhausts are getting different readings. I believe the supercharger can give the packing a hard life. My S2 Exige blew the packing out after a trackday and the exhaust was only 6 months old. It was an aftermarket one and got it replaced FOC.
  22. That was one of the reasons why I bought the 2bular track exhaust as I don't like the idea of having a valved exhaust, more things to go wrong
  23. I think the 380 has a smaller pipe diameter than the 350, when the valve opens it is directed through a much larger diameter pipe. So I presume the valve needs to open sooner to protect the engine. I might be wrong though
  24. I asked the dealer to check it at the first service and they said it was ok. My Sport 350 is much quieter though so I don't notice it as much. I believe the transmission noise is a trait of the V6 Exige though.
  25. My LF1 sounded like that, I was sure the noise came from the supercharger from idle speed. Does the noise disappear once on the move ?
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