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  1. Hi Steve, I spent ages looking at colours and finally settled on the current Citroen DS colour, I believe it's called 'Sport Yellow'. Mostly seen on DS3s. Glad you like it! Darren
  2. Hi Mark, I'm sorry to say that the car still looks pretty much exactly the same as in my last post. It's stuck behind a number of other projects, the major one being a house renovation (which the Mrs seems to think is more important) and a few bikes. I've been stockpiling parts though. I have everything to replace the fuel system; alloy tanks, new pump, new hoses and the carbs have been rebuilt. A new stainless exhaust including 4-1 collectors. And loads of other bits and pieces. I've also got my hands on the intake manifold from a later, injected car including the throttle bodies and fuel rail etc as I have a longer term plan to run injection. I'm determined to get this thing on the road this year so hopefully I'll be posting some updates soon. Cheers Darren
  3. Hi All, I got the refurbished wheels back today, anthracite centres with diamond cut rims and new Falken rubber. Before: After: Sweet! Cheers Darren
  4. Hi All, Managed to get some decent time on the car on Friday. The rear hatch has been fettled and now fits pretty well, latching and unlatching correctly. I decided to stick the number pate plinth on rather than bolt it on. With some help from a mate I fitted the bonnet and light pods. The bonnet still needs adjusting and the latches fitting, for some reason it is low on the nearside at the front and there doesn't seem to be any way of adjusting it. If I shim the hinge then the middle of the bonnet will be too high, surely? Any ideas? Fitted the front spoiler, probably the most straightforward job so far! Started work on fitting the front bumper, looks like it will fit fine thanks to the modifications made to the nose (see earlier in this thread). I had to cut holes for the indicator/side-light units similar to the standard S1/S2 ones. Cheers Darren
  5. Hi All, Got a few hours on the car today. I started trying to fit the rear bumper but it turns out that fitting an S2 bumper to an S3 isn't as straightforward as I'd hoped, so I gave up on that for now. Details to follow... Instead I focused on the offside. Stuck on the Esprit badge, the side stripes and the Giugiaro badge, fitted the mirror and the intake ear, and swapped the all-black door handle for a black and chrome one. I think the ears are from an S3 Turbo and may be slightly bigger than the S2 versions, not sure. I need to give the rear quarter window bezel a coat of satin black Cheers Darren
  6. Hi Nic, I know what you mean, it took a couple of calls to get hold of him. The wheels are apparently made to order but he keeps the blanks in stock. I'm sticking with the BBS for now anyhow. Cheers Darren
  7. Hi Henry, Close but no cigar, the wheels on that car are Hayashi Racing wheels from Japan. Very nice, but very expensive and not available in the correct offsets so spacers would be required. They were another option I was looking at. They also have flat centres, the Campagnolos have a proper dished look on the back. Cheers Darren
  8. Hi All, Thanks for the interest in my car. Regarding the ride-height, I have a coilover kit from Lotusbits which will get fitted as soon as I find the time. I plan to drop the car at least down to S2 spec and possibly a bit more. Regarding wheels, I don't want to go with Speedlines mainly due to the cost of converting the hubs to 4 stud; I would rather spend that on new wheels. It would also limit my choices in brake discs and particularly 14" tyres, although I appreciate that the availability of 15" tyres isn't much better! Long term I want a wheel that looks a bit more 70's. I've narrowed it down to a few options but these Campagnolo replicas are my current favourite: However, I've already spent far too much and I can't justify extra expense right now, so my spare set of BBS are with a refinisher having charcoal grey centres and diamond cut rims. Cheers Darren
  9. 5 stud hubs are easily replaced with 4 stud, but I'm not going down that path with my car. I'm going to stick with the BBS wheels for now, but I have a different idea for what I would like to do longer term.
  10. Hi All, Slow progress so far, I only managed to spend a couple of hours on the car at the weekend (we're doing a complete house refurbishment hence the scrap wood next to the car and the lack of time!) Got the other tail-light on and the rear hatch gas-struts fitted. I spent a good hour trying to adjust the latches but couldn't get the hatch to sit right The nearside is fine but it sits high on the offside and a I have to really push it down to make it latch, it's almost like the tailgate is twisted or warped in some way... Put the LOTUS letters on the boot too which was strangely satisfying.
  11. Thanks Dave. Yeah, that Escort is stunning. It belongs to the guy who runs the paint shop. It's a standard 2 door shell upgraded to Mexico spec with a Cosworth engine, type 5 gearbox etc. It's as clean underneath as it is on top. Beautiful.
  12. Hi All, Yesterday the windows went in and the car came home. Didn't have a lot of time yesterday but I found an hour to fit a tail-light and the world championship badge... Cheers Darren
  13. Hi Andy, Things have moved on quite a lot now, I've started a new thread: At least you played a part in saving this one! Thanks Darren
  14. Hi All, A quick update. The car is now painted, I hope you like the colour! I've gone for the full S2 look with black sills, spoiler and ears. I'm waiting for some windscreen trim from SJ so the front and rear screens can go in. Then I can get it home and start putting it back together! The wheels will eventually change but I've already spent far more than I intended, so I may have to live with them for now. I'm thinking I'll get the rims diamond cut and the centres painted grey for now. Cheers Darren
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