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  1. Hi Scott, I'll send you a private message with some info! All the best, Ben
  2. 40%!!!!! Wow! Things like this give me sleepless nights!
  3. Hi Mark, Did you get my private message? All the best, Ben
  4. Good Afternoon! Hope this finds those reading it well? Whilst activity on this post has been a little slow we have been busy elsewhere and have now moved into production of the first batch of manifolds! Once we enter the beginning of next year certain things will change regarding Brexit (prob best not to get into the politics of it on here!) and we are anxious that it may cause supply and delivery issues. Whilst this sounds like a sales pitch I would encourage anyone interested in a purchase to do this sooner rather than later! Any questions or if anyone needs any i
  5. Hi Tom, I'll send you a message! Cheers, Ben
  6. It’s time for another group buy for anyone that’s interested! As some of you may have seen, after 7 years we have had to increase some of our pricing in line with the increases in costs the business has had to absorb. To counter this, we would like to offer a final group buy at the old prices! We will run this until Christmas for those who would like to take advantage. Payments would be required up front and then the orders would be produced in January. Any orders placed for manifolds (headers) will come with a 10% discount on any choice of system. Group buy prices highlighted
  7. Alunox updated price lists and options. Please see some information below regarding our updated price list for exhaust manifolds and systems. We have tired to keep the costs the same but after 7 years a price increase is unfortunately unavoidable. As you can all imagine operating costs, material, labour etc have all been steadily increasing but we have kept the price the same for over 7 years. All the new pricing is effective from the start of October 2020. The manifolds have evolved over the years and various improvements have been made along the way. These have included chan
  8. Thanks for the link! Can't see any mention on there of the Federal cars unfortunately.
  9. Hi, Hoping some of you could help me to identify the US spec Federal cars? We got a lot of inquiries from the US and until we can get a car here we can only offer a kit of components for a Federal spec car rather than a fully built up exhaust system. Can anyone offer any advice as to the dates these were produced, is it something that can be identified via the VIN number? Some customers are aware of their Federal spec, some not. I'd hate for us to incorrectly send out a wrong exhaust system, especially as the logistics of returning something from the US can be challe
  10. Hi Matt, I've sent you a private message! All the best
  11. Hi Matt, Current lead times are approx 2-3 weeks depending on options. If you need any more info or have any questions please just let me know! All the best, Ben
  12. Hi Mark, I'm afraid the group buy has closed now, we can however offer one at the full price if that's suitable? Price for a G manifold and Turbosmart external wastegate is £1950 plus shipping. The current lead time is approx 4 weeks but as i'm sure you can understand the situation is changing all the time. It does feel like things are slowly getting back to normal but who knows what can happen?! We can also offer a full stainless system to complement the manifold should that be required. If you need anymore info please ask away! All the best, Ben
  13. Good Morning, Just a little update: It has been brought to my attention that some of the hardware we have been sending out, specifically the turbo to manifold bolts are not the correct length. This has now been rectified and we will also now be including new nuts to secure the downpipe to the turbo. Cheers, Ben
  14. Good Morning, I just thought it was worth also mentioning that when you fit these you will have to jiggle them about a bit. Because of the slip joints the primaries do move about as you are trying to fit, it may seem the flanges are not aligning properly... This is not the case. You may need to flex/twist the odd primary a bit to allow it to go over the studs but this is fine. Locate them one at a time with a couple of nuts to hold in place when all on, pull up level and in sequence. Do not disassemble the slip joints to do this. Once the first heat cyc
  15. Right! FINALLY in a position to get the remaining orders boxed up for shipping. I cannot apologise enough for the delays, but as previously stated it's been out of our hands. Those still waiting please keep an eye on your emails for shipping invoices. Cheers, Ben
  16. Good Morning Everyone, We have updated people where possible by email but in the nature of transparency I thought an update was in order. We are struggling to send all the completed orders. We have a lot of supply chain issues currently affecting both us and the rest of the world. This is entirely out of our control, orders that were placed weeks and weeks ago still have not been received (boxes, packaging materials etc). I realise this must be frustrating for people that have already paid but we have all worked very hard to get the orders finished despite the current global crisis w
  17. Hi Jesse, You're just in time! Please send me a private message with your email address please and we can go from there! All the best, Ben
  18. Hi Lars, Please can you message me with your email address or send me a quick email to [email protected]? Many thanks, Ben
  19. Few photos to whet people's appetites! I hope to start boxing up the first few orders tomorrow. There's only a few days left so anyone that wants to take advantage of the discounts please let me know ASAP. Ben
  20. Few more pretty pictures showing the next stage! As you can see some of the Stevens manifolds are nearly done now. Also some great shots of the welding and in the last picture you can see the double wall slip joints and the CNC head flanges. There is so much hidden work that goes into these parts, seems a shame it's all hidden away!
  21. Personally I've always been a fan of a small air gap and metal heat shields. We are hoping to release some newfangled and very swish heat shield solutions soon. The current situation has slowed that slightly but watch this space!!! Thanks for all the comments, I'll post some more info and photos soon!
  22. Hi, Thank you all for your orders so far, we are going to close the group buy at the end of the month, as such I would encourage anyone else intered to please get in touch ASAP. Realistically I can't see us doing another group buy until next year so don't miss out on some great savings! Thanks again for all the orders and support! All the best, Ben
  23. He's absolutely right, especially when it comes to turbo manifolds, a lot of the parts we make are used in competition so they have to be built to take abuse! A few more pictures from today's work! This shows the collectors, jigs and CNC flanges we have machined. Next stage is to back purge with Argon and TIG weld the components, doing this ensures the quality of the weld is the best it can be.
  24. I'm starting a thread highlighting some of the work that goes into the manifolds for those of you that might be interested!
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