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  1. What does a special tool 04a 05a 06a look like and does any one have the spec?

  2. A picture of how the body was moved in the factory.

    Lotus body move.png

  3. I was cleaning up and found these, what do you think?

    Genuin Lotus Parts?.jpg

  4. I was cleaning up and found these, what do you think?

    Genuin Lotus Parts?.jpg

  5. It was a bit tedious, I used the spec you gave me, but I had to enlarge the top hole (now about 51mm) to fit over the washer on top of the sub frame. Before I started, the spring was being held by a pair of small nuts on the small bolt of the damper. LOL.
  6. It might make sense that the arms could bolt onto the wishbone mount and the tool sits on the top of the subframe to hold the tool and spring/damper at the correct angle. It would make sense if the lower mount for the damper can be removed first at its mount, I am not sure, it just doesn't feel right at the moment. The other thing is the distance the tool can be wound up or is this because of the distance the tool needs to be wound down to release the spring? the tool in the diagram has a lot shorter bolt than the tool in the picture.
  7. Have I got this right? I have an off shore power boat ( cigarette boat) was made a bit later than when Mr Chapman was involved with boats (POWLES one of my favourites). I think the gell coat is thin because it does not flex and is used because the fibre glass is not water proof, however the fibre glass does flex, a bit like a hard boiled egg. I think when my boat was made, the mould was laid on it's side and the gell coat was sprayed on, then the resin applied and then a matted carpet with strands the size of my fingures put on followed by more layers of resin and fibre glass.This technique was being developed at the time into different moulds and injections and influenced the production at Lotus. (p.s.LOL don't anyone get exited, I am not super rich, just a bloke who enjoys giving worn out stuff a new lease of life and ending up with a valuable asset. LOL)
  8. Thank you for the reply, this was the conclusion I came to, I will just have to be careful. My old springs are worn out. I have ones to replace them with but like everything I do on the car, there seems to be a knack to each job I am doing. I feel like I am working on one of my motorbikes more than a car all of the time. Thats is why Lotus is one of the best. (to me, bikes are more race engineered than cars, like our FZR).
  9. My suspension was set up low and caused problems E.G. the top wishbone has not been moving up and down the amount it should and so the metal tube of the bush on the bulk head side had welded itself to the 'stud upper wishbone pivot' (the bolt threaded at both ends that goes through the suspension mount and wishbone bushes). Of course being on the bulkhead side resulted in lack of room to remove it on that side and the bush tube being unable to slide out the other way. I have it removed now. The springs have been a pig to do as none of my compressors will fit, I might adjust one set that I have, what do other lotus people use? I have new springs to replace them. I use copper slip a lot, but I plan on checking all bolted, studded and any other parts that can seize once a year to stop this occurring again. I would not park one of these cars up and not use it. I think they need driving once a week. I would be interested in what others think of storage and use. While I was running mine a lot it just kept going.
  10. Nice reply, 70's, I remember my Dad's MK11 Jag 3.8 wire wheels, high lift cam and a special diff, When he finished with it the banger boys raced it LOL. A special car which would be expensive to buy today. I like my Eclat which I used as a daily driver for 2 years and still have. My poor wife used to go in the bathroom and cry (can't think why) after a trip out, once I could hear her say f****** Lotus, corners, corners , I wonder why? Hint, I never broke the speed limit, but could take most town corners and roundabouts at 30mph. I like the Elite as much as the Eclat, to me they are what they are (fancy an apple or an orange).
  11. I agree with a lot you say. Just a thought, do you remember when it was hard to give away an Etype in the 70's, they now cost over 100k LOL.
  12. Interesting, I might need to speak to you about this Mike.
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