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  1. Anyone know where I can get a key 'spade' the bit of the key that plugs into the fob for a 2013 Elise?
  2. Sorted, found out how to unlock with key (even though never have locked it with the key). Key in lock, button in, turn to right. End of problem. To summarise, flat battery, jump lead not connected properly due to restricted access on car 'jump posts', Second attempt disabled immobiliser, opened passenger door, took roof off because couldn't get in via passenger door due to restricted access, got into car after opening driver door from inside, figured out how to unlock driver door with key.:)
  3. I finally managed to get into the car, I jumped it with a fully charged battery via the two jump points under the front panel. Couldn't undo the driver door from outside, undid passenger door and removed roof. Only remaining problem is driver door only opens from inside. Tried key in lock, wont turn anticlockwise from vertical. Door only opens from inside, help appreciated.
  4. not an option with this car.
  5. Hello, I have a 2013 Elise S (2ZR-FE engine). Glanced inside the other day and noticed that the immobiliser was not flashing, "strange" I thought. Battery flat? Only did 1,500 fault free fantastic miles in it two weeks ago. Took the front panel off today and jumped a fully charged battery to it. Nothing! Can't open the door, can't get into the engine compartment either. Alslo noticed that the RPM counter is stuck at 2,500 rpm. Looks like a major ECU/computer failure to me. Any ideas here? What the fcuk am I going to do? Help much appreciated.
  6. Have we strayed a little off topic here? My question was directed specifically to 2zr-fe owners. Feedback much appreciated.
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    Just a small point, real whisky doesn't have an E.
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    Had to buy myself a half bottle of Glenmorangie. Yes, half bottle.
  10. GREAT! an answer from Lotus. Better recommend a manual edit then...
  11. Mine is a UK car/manual. "Use 95, can use 93". Repeat, no mention of "better on 97 or above". You'd think they would have found out by now, wouldn't you, with all their research & development and all.
  12. @theelanman, thanks for the reply. My manual does not say 'can run on 95' it actually recommends 95 or can use 93. No mention of 'better on 97 or above'. By the way, 93 is the norm in some places, e.g. Malaysia and Thailand.
  13. So, it would appear that no-one here can answer my question then? I'll go away now then.
  14. Yes Bibs, I know that, but I think you have missed my point. I was asking about the reference to fuel in the manual. Why do Lotus say 95? That was my question. You would like to think that Lotus are aware of your findings..
  15. @Bibs, thanks for the effort but with respect, doesn't really answer my question, unless I'm missing something..
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