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  1. Price offers welcome. Delivery to UK might be possible! Lotus Elise 111R (2006) – RHD: – Power: 281 PS – Weight with all fluids and 60l fuel but without driver: 844,5kg (weighted in May 2020 – Engine revised in 2018/2019 after approximatly 105.000km, revised engine now approx. 3.000km Sleeved Engine, Forged rod and pistons, lower compression 10.5:1 (originally 11.5:1) > done by KomoTec – Cylinder head revised in 2018/2019 after approximatly 105.000km New OEM valve springs, new Ferrea Valves > done by KomoTec – Turbodrive Kit (Rotrex supercharger > supplie
  2. Does the SDCP will have a negative effect on the gas flow and therefore the car will have less power? Since the SDCPs have to be baffled or similar if there are no packing Materials Intervalls.
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