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  1. Hi Chris I'd love to but I'm BBQ master for the Westfield chaps at Brancaster Beach tomorrow. You are welcome to pop down if you like, we'll be easily identifiable. We'll be there from about noon. Google Brancaster golf club and you'll be spot on the location. We should be on the beach on right hand side of the entrance. Bring a burger and I'll smoke it for you!! Chaz
  2. Well, AIB would match A Plan at £347 but the big surprise was Aviva which came in at £224!!! Chris Knott has not come back to me yet and Darren from AIB said that I should take Aviva's arm off at that price. The Aviva price includes their web and summer discount (the summer one ends today) It's a shame I have not heard from Chris Knott but Martin said that he thought the A Plan price was reasonably competitive so I don't think they'll be able to better it by much. It looks like I'll go with Aviva. I have had some really wild quotes from the price comparison sites (£1500) and none of the
  3. Wow, that's a very good price Eglise. Are you particularly low on the risk rating or did you genuinely good deal? I'm on the annual "ring a round" at the moment, I have till the 9th to sort out the new policy. I'll have to see what the prices come out at though I don't think it's ultimately about price, depth of cover cover for me is also an important consideration. Chaz.
  4. Thanks for the positive comments chaps. I was looking for an Elise either Yellow (my last Westy was yellow) or Titanium, the red was a bit of a bonus, it sets off the body colour quiet nicely I'm sorting this years insurance at the moment so I have spoken to Darren at AIB today in the hope that he can better the quote I have had from A-Plan. We'll see how it goes, I have a list of others to try as well. The rear boots are new (fitted by Scott Walker) so a new set of fronts will be of a similar date code I expect. The T1-R tyres will be plenty good enough for road use (888 or AO48 a
  5. Hi. Well after a roundabout journey over the last 10 years or so I'm finally into an S1 Elise. I have been through a few Westfields (built/re-built/modified/upgraded), a Supercharged VX220 (driven hard and upgraded) and an MX5 (a good drive but no pizazz) and finally settled on what I should have got after I sold my last Westfield I brought the S1 from Scott Walker in July (a good chap to deal with, honest, very knowledgeable and patient) after I sold the MX5, it's totally standard, in good condition and drives really nicely. I have not used it as much as I'd have liked so far (
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