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  1. Do you think the Emira will have a 10 year life cycle?
  2. If that was the Emira, they couldn't build enough
  3. I am not sure the source they heard that it was going to be electric. Could've been a customer? The dealership thought it would be ICE based on what Lotus has directly promoted.
  4. Was at the Lotus dealer yesterday and they said there's are rumors on it being electric that did not make sense to them since they previous heard it was multiple engine formats as we've all been discussing.
  5. The VW Golf use to come in a multi color panel design in the late 80's. A few people in my town had them.
  6. Dealers have seen crappy looking photos of Emira
  7. Both are almost guaranteed considering how other marques are doing the same, especially for the center console.
  8. Do you think this picture is really in the Emira with that steering wheel?
  9. I no longer miss a manual and would prefer the Emira in an auto.
  10. Was a local car show yesterday and Exige S owner was there. We have both read all the same articles, forum threads and presentations. His take away is that the Toyota engine in any spec is unlikely. My take away is the V6 is going to be a Toyota and hunch the 4 cylinder is a Volvo. I think he may've thought 4 cylinder would be Volvo Same sources, different interpretations. We were also quite apart on expected US sale prices for the Emira.
  11. How about the Emira and Evija doing a run or two? Risky? I think that would be ideal. Someone famous behind the wheel.
  12. I too believe or at least it makes the most financial sense is put in a real support effort to privateers. Make the Emira a compelling choice with the factory behind it. If Lotus continues with best of breed components, it'll be a racing hit.
  13. Boutique mall stores and displays will really broaden the appeal & presence of Lotus. Think of all the brands and stores you would've never had heard of if you weren't at a mall. In regions where there may be competing Lotus franchises, the customer can be allocated to the closest dealer based on their zip code. I hope Lotus can organize Cars and Coffee's through the States and bring on some brand ambassadors who'll really put in an effort to promote Lotus. If a few retired American racing legends like Jeff Gordon, etc... promoted Lotus it would do a so much for brand.
  14. Maybe that's why they are going with mall stores like Tesla? Foot in the door is a lot less than greenfield building. Plus, it attracts new buyers who may not have considered a Lotus before. Sign up at the mall and go somewhere else or they come to you for a test drive?
  15. The new franchise standards are going to make all the existing franchises do a lot of renovation. Depending on what other marques are sold along side, a dedicated building may be the only way for them to keep the franchise.
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