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  1. Would really like to buy a new 400, but had so many repeat service on repairs (dealer could never fix the first or sometimes 2nd time) that I am not so sure I would want to go down that road again. Do dealerships give you a loaner car? Our local dealer does not and are often booked week plus in advance...
  2. Maybe you'll find employment soon and someone else will be selling the same car or ordering again won't be so painful? Best of luck!!!
  3. I recently leased an V6 XE R Sport AWD. Handling is much better than previous Jag's I've owned. Not as stiff sprung and doesn't buck on uneven pavement like my XK did. They seem to have figured out their suspension tuning pretty recently. Ice mode worked well the other day! 8 Speed transmission is annoying; it's constantly changing gears.
  4. I'd go with a simple folding cloth roof, glass rear window, with an nice fabric or microfiber lining. Some storage is needed behind the seats and simple fold roof would allow for it. Roof should not be fully automatic. I would concentrate on delivering the best made, most reliable car Lotus can manufacture. Only feature on the 400 that misses the mark is Adaptive Headlights; a car like this begs for them. I don't feel owning the performance metric for comparable is the answer. It needs to be among the top few, but as we all know the Lotus is a different experience. Top down in
  5. Is the upgraded leather option on the 400 better or the same leather that previously offered on the '12+ models?
  6. We were going to get a lesser spec XE to replace our Volvo S60 when the lease ends, but with a handful of more repairs needed on the Evora I thought it was worth going for a higher spec Jag and just move on. 5 year warranty with all service included. Yes, it is not a sports car like the Lotus, but I can't think of another sports car that I would be into beyond the Evora. I don't want to buy a German car. Aston came to mind. The local dealer (which is also the Lotus dealer of this thread) had a nice pretty new Vantage I was hot for, but to think it would be more of the same treatment a
  7. Well after all the posts about the repairs and the dealer convinced me to dump the Lotus... Too many times I had to go back to the dealer a 2nd time and just lost confidence in them. I really loved the Evora, but after reading here that they are either incompetent or taking me for ride was just too hard a pill to swallow. The dealership experience just wasn't what I was looking for. I would've really like to have a 400, but it would be more of the same in this locale. Maybe another region or dealership would make owning the Evora more pleasant. I ended up trading the Evora in on a 2
  8. Can't speak for 400, but my Evora's back seats are way more useful than the 991's. Try putting a couple cases of wine or medium size dog in the back of a 991...
  9. That's probably just the tip of the iceberg for him. I am just about to sell my Evora as well. The dealership experience is just not worth the hassle. As the members TLF have pointed out, my local dealer is either taking me for a ride or incompetent. Too bad as I really like the way it drives and would buy a 400, but as an "official community partner" for Lotus you've shown me what is really going on... Shame really. Local dealer said it was around 8K to me as well...
  10. Do you thin they're coerced to say as such? Porsche has a lot of pull/power... It is not competing against the 4C.
  11. An American specific limited edition could do well. Something either patriotic looking or heritage model of a famous American race winning livery.
  12. That is my next step. It's not like this car is super complicated or anything. There's a place my friend's buddy owns that works on Ferrari's and like, but the owner hasn't been there the last few times I went by.
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