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  1. Got your magma red right here:
  2. I'd take a 2nd set of wheels in gold too. I'll most likely drive this car all year round, so need a winter set of wheels!
  3. I wish they had a darker grey wheel like they did on the Evora. Like a Titanium color instead of silver. Holds the brake dust better.
  4. I am changing my spec to V6 Toyota manual. F it, that is the one to keep for the long haul!
  5. That's good to hear. I borrowed a DBX for a week and the infotainment was a pain to navigate.
  6. Has anyone seen or heard the I4 Emira? The debut was all around the V6 and the same at Goodwood. I am nervous that it may not sound as good. Is it true the I4 will be less expensive? If so, maybe that changes it a little.
  7. Is the Nimbus Grey the same as Audi's Nimbus Grey?
  8. I like the shroud around the engine. Looks more finished than previous models.
  9. I haven't seen a picture of the boot behind the engine. Is that same as it was on the Evora? Did they spruce it up a little?
  10. That's what I thought when I heard it was Goodyear. Has anyone here used that tire? Cannot of think of the last car I had with Goodyear tires of any form. 🤔
  11. Not the same... Saw an up close and they are not identical...
  12. Are the door handles the same as an Aston Martin? Looks to be. Does that mean the end lights up on unlocking?
  13. Do you think they'll offer an expanded portfolio of colors or special option colors like they did on the Evora? Would love to see a mock up of a JPS livery on the Emira. Lot of nice contours to work the gold off of.
  14. It's a 3 way tie for between Seneca Blue, Magma Red, or Hethel Yellow. All with tan interior, yellow calipers, and Design 1 Silver Alloys. Lotus needs to send out paint samples to dealers ASAP! They should've dropped the samples in expedited post on the day of the launch.
  15. As much as I'd like to buy the manual, the wife just cannot drive a manual with any confidence. This limited how much we were able to take the Evora on road trips. I got stung again thinking a manual is the way to go when I bought a Vantage V8. Should I make the same decision again on the Emira?
  16. Maybe there will be some improvements or efficiencies to manufacture by the time the I4's start?
  17. My dealer is taking copies of photo ID with an email on interest of Emira for right now. They'll circle back for deposits once they have more information to do so. I put my name on the list. The color selection is pretty limited for now. Hard to believe there is no white or classic BRG. Is the nimbus grey the same as the nimbus grey on an Audi? I am digging the hethel yellow and magma red.
  18. All technology options, track pack. I wonder if they'll offer special order colors for extra?
  19. I emailed my local dealer this morning to order one. I hope she replies back. Want a loaded 4 cylinder.
  20. Got me rethinking that maybe I want a manual. Looks fantastic.
  21. Fully loaded I4 would be my pick. Custom color (Tiffany or Robins Egg Blue kinda color), tan interior, yellow calipers.
  22. Debuting in a pretty color; they must be confident in how good it looks.
  23. I'd find it hard to believe Lotus would go after engineering and manufacturing a targa. If Emira is a success; speed up EV development. If Emira is a flop; speed up EV development.
  24. California has the same transmission and engine and 458. One could say the Evora is a GT in the same way. 2+2 with GT in the name... Both Aston's and the California are rewarding cars to drive to me.
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