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  1. If I had the money I would buy a 400 instantly.


    Same here!  It doesn't make sense for me to replace my Evora until 2017 unless the a dealer gives me a great trade-in and there's some kind of discount on the new car.

  2. (especially an Evora parked next to a Fezza 360 or 4300 as people will see just how ordinary the Fezza's look next to the Evora - there is said picture on this forum somewhere!).


    Park an Evora next to a 458 or McLaren and the Evora's lower price is quite noticeable which is perfectly fine.  That extra 100K+ for the Ferrari is not for nothing...  

  3. I am anticipating positive reviews on the 400 once in the press' hands.  This isn't "a new" car of unknown virtue.  This is a revised car of an already high pedigree.  Lotus took to heart all the critiques with a car and checked every box IMO.  What isn't there to love?

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  4. Lotus should promote the keep sake quality of their designs.  By making it light and with the just enough options, they are building something for the long haul.  By choosing a Toyota engine, they want the car on the road a long time...  Designing a driving an experience that will be enjoyed for many year and knowing you car out be "last year's model" or simply as 3 year status symbol...


    None of the competitors promote their car as a long term investment and Lotus can distinguish itself as such. 

  5. It's hard to convey to potential customers what driving a Lotus feels like until you get them behind the wheel for a real drive.  This is a critical step Lotus needs to focus on.  How do you get new customers behind the wheel?


    Performance data is great, but if the consumer does not get the Lotus experience, read stats don't convey the experience. 

  6. My XK had a nice feature to limit the maximum speed.  Used it a couple of times.  Cruise should be stand on the Evora 400.  Actually, they should make just about everything standard so dealers aren't left sitting on a stripped out model that is idle on the lot for years...

  7. Would be neat if Lotus offered some fabric or fabric & leather combo options.  Looks great on the 911 Classic cars.  Some bespoke British fabrics or fabrics designed by British designers like Paul Smith...  Lowing hanging fruit cache.

  8. I don't go crazy looking for a parking space because it makes the heartbreaker when it happens even more painful as I took so many steps to avoid it.  I park where it is easy for me to get in-out of car and back out...

  9. The gave me around 2K more than I thought they would've.  We recently traded in our '05 Range Rover for a Volvo S60 AWD (new) and that dealer also gave us 2K above what was considered trade-in value by most dealers. 


    This seems to be a common theme, give more on the trade-in than lowering the price of the car. 

  10. Welcome to the forum Moses - got any photos.




    Here's on from her current storage:



    This one is around the last time I drove the car which was early January.  Before the record breaking snowfall...



    Last summer parked next to my buddy's new Cayman S.


  11. Interior looks very Ferrari/Alfa looking.  Not a bad thing, but not as unique as the previous design.  Seems like everyone who sees the car in the flesh has more positive take-away than the pictures.


    I don't think silver was the right color to debut the car in.  Evora just soaks in the color, so why not use that to your promotional advantage.  The Green mock up color is sure snazzy for that purpose, as is the orange. 

  12. So current Evora owners with rear seats. How much space is there in the rear for passengers?.

    Just asking for a friend...


    More than an XK or 911 and it's flat seating.  Our dog like it more than the XK.

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