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  1. 1 hour ago, Evotion said:

    Which one should I ideally go in to get the true flavour of a modern Lotus?

    Evora GT or whichever is the newest Evora variant they have to demo.  Do you want a manual or auto?

  2. If interest is near 0%, why even pay cash for a car if you could so say?  Certainly it's a weight of the shoulders knowing you don't owe anyone anything, but one could argue that the money in your account could make more than 1-3% in some kind of investment.

    If I finance a new car, I like to have it paid off around the time the warranty ends.  Not a fan of an auto repair out of pocket and a big monthly payment.

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  3. 3 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    What sort of deals sell cars in the US Moses?

    Zero down leases are common as are leases with like $1500 down.  Auto financing at under 2% up to 72 months with just like 1-2K down.

    11 minutes ago, jep said:

    Since the turn of the century, Lotus have not been able to make cars cheaply enough. I am hoping this will change with the Geely investment.

    Automation where needed will drive the price down and quality up.  Their presentation really made it out to sound like this will be the best manufactured production Lotus ever. 

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  4. 8 hours ago, Evotion said:

    If I had a free engine choice, I might go for the 5cyl out of the RS3 - sounds amazing and good for high 400s HP with extra fettling.

    I'd go for a Toyota v6!

  5. 10 minutes ago, Bibs said:

    I get your point, McLaren's don't sound that bad but Lotus have been making cars that sound really, really good since the 400 in my opinion and they are now pretty well known for the noise the cars make. 

    You absolute can't justify your statement with zero idea of what the Emira will sound like I'm afraid. 

    So, you think the Emira will sound better than the Evora?  All McLaren's sound equal or better.  Emira has to sound at a minimum equal to Evora or my statement will be true.  Then again sound is personal.  Some think the AMG GT sounds awesome, I think it sounds awful.  Too baritone for me.

    I am hoping the rooting for the Emira to excel in every facet of what defines a sports car; including sound.  The sound is what made me want an Evora.  I saw one crossing an intersection in Singapore and knew that would be my next car!

  6. 6 hours ago, Evotion said:

     As much I 'should' support McLaren I just cannot buy one due to sound - and they were a bit bland to drive as well, relatively speaking, in aural terms.

    If you think a McLaren is a bit bland and lacks aural sense to it, I think you may be disappointed in the Emira.  What are you impressions on the Evora?

    5 hours ago, Dobbin145 said:

    I'd like to think they would have a schedule drawn up in advance 😉

    With the 400, my Lotus dealer sent out a mass email when it was expected and to schedule test drive slots.

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  7. You'll have a better shot at driving car if that is a reality at all before buyers in the States.  I would expect at Goodwood, there will be some drives by the right press or famous drivers to promote the car and keep the conversation alive. 

    I don't expect a demo car in the States before production starts.  Probably the same routine as they did with the 400; just drive it dealer to dealer.  In a way, that was the coolest thing to show how robust and useful the Evora is. 

  8. Emira needs to beat the competitors when reviewers compare it to the competition during tests.  Does it beat the Cayman around their test track?  Does it sound cooler in the videos?  Does Lotus make available the most wicked looking color combo for the press?  A reviewers genuinely giddy over the new model?

    Lotus could use a brand ambassador with some clout in the States.  Lotus needs a better warranty than Porsche.  Lotus has good long term residual value and that needs to used against competitors as a long term investment.  An advertising campaign that infers you not as cool if you buy a Porsche or Vette.

    I see Lotus has started their certified used car program in the UK, but there's noting in the States.  Louts needs a hard push on current owners for a "offer they cannot refuse" to trade in and up.  Lotus needs to cater to the "cradle to grave" consumer.  I've been to the local dealer plenty of times where there just one car for sale...  WTF?  That's a franchise with one car?  

    How does Lotus convey cool?  How do they re-assure potential new owners that they are buying reliable car that is a good long term investment.  Since this is their last ICE car, many I bet are thinking this will be a long term hold.  How does Lotus convey their brand is more like Ferrari, Aston, McLaren, than Porsche, GM, Mercedes, or Nissan?

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  9. 1 minute ago, Evotion said:

    I did mention this to the dealer when I put down my deposits and his answer was that at best it would delay when I get the car as their priority would be on getting as many new cars out as possible which will shove those buying bog standard cars up to the front.

    That is fine with me - ish. It would be tough but waiting 3 or 4 more months for the spec I truly want is worth it for me.

    I would rather wait to get the color or scheme I want as well.

    I hope there are enough interior color choices and hopefully a tartan or some other fabric options! Not everyone wants leather and alcantara can be a little dull looking.

  10. If Lotus doesn't want to be a laughingstock at the most heralded auto fan event of the summer that is tribute to them...  They need to run every car they bring and it better look the part.  This is a make a break moment for the marque.  Everyone is cheering on Lotus for success.

  11. I have a buddy who likes Lotus, routinely considers an Evora, knows HP, numbers, and straight line acceleration hardly tell the whole picture of a car.... 

    Local Jaguar dealer got a Project 8 in stock, and said he did not understand what the hoopla was about based on its 0-60 and 1/4 mile...  Just saying, even for those who know not to read into stats, it still jades our initial perception on a car.

  12. 51 minutes ago, ramjet said:

    If I recall correctly, others have mentioned that dealers have been to the factory as well. While they might have seen just renderings and spoken about things, it is possible that Lotus have built prototypes.


    Also, what was under the cover beside the Evija in that photo that made it on here months ago? And wasn't there three cars in one photo?

    Dealers have seen crappy looking photos of Emira

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