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  1. 3 hours ago, Bee said:

    I'd love to see elements like the floating dash and centre binnacle make their way in to the Emira (and future models, too) though! 

    Both are almost guaranteed considering how other marques are doing the same, especially for the center console.

  2. Was a local car show yesterday and Exige S owner was there.  We have both read all the same articles, forum threads and presentations.  His take away is that the Toyota engine in any spec is unlikely.  My take away is the V6 is going to be a Toyota and hunch the 4 cylinder is a Volvo.  I think he may've thought 4 cylinder would be Volvo

    Same sources, different interpretations.  We were also quite apart on expected US sale prices for the Emira.

  3. 11 minutes ago, NedaSay said:

    RML is a serious motorsport company, able to run a full works program. But if GT4 then it will be mostly privateers.

    I too believe or at least it makes the most financial sense is put in a real support effort to privateers.  Make the Emira a compelling choice with the factory behind it.  If Lotus continues with best of breed components, it'll be a racing hit.

  4. Boutique mall stores and displays will really broaden the appeal & presence of Lotus.  Think of all the brands and stores you would've never had heard of if you weren't at a mall.  In regions where there may be competing Lotus franchises, the customer can be allocated to the closest dealer based on their zip code.  I hope Lotus can organize Cars and Coffee's through the States and bring on some brand ambassadors who'll really put in an effort to promote Lotus. 

    If a few retired American racing legends like Jeff Gordon, etc... promoted Lotus it would do a so much for brand.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Frickin_idiot said:

    The Dealer network in the U.K. needed a major overhaul in quality and quantity.

    The dealer local to me has ditched its Lotus franchise - I presume that the level of sales didn’t justify the expense of renovations.

    Maybe that's why they are going with mall stores like Tesla?  Foot in the door is a lot less than greenfield building.  Plus, it attracts new buyers who may not have considered a Lotus before.  Sign up at the mall and go somewhere else or they come to you for a test drive?

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Woodman said:

     The Emira will be different but brilliant, soo many new dealerships have signed up that have seen more than the public have, it shows confidence. Its powertrains will be as they can be easily specified because in reality the Emira can only be on sale for 8 years in the UK and other western countries are moving that way. I am sure if the 4cylinder motor could be had now in a manual they would have used it, maybe if its a huge success it may still happen.

    The new franchise standards are going to make all the existing franchises do a lot of renovation.  Depending on what other marques are sold along side, a dedicated building may be the only way for them to keep the franchise. 

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  7. 3 hours ago, TomE said:

    Will it look like a junior Evija?  Probably.

    Based on what I've seen and heard I'm happy to have a deposit down on an Emira and can't wait to sit in one at Goodwood.  It's then going to be a long wait to early 2022 for a car, but at least I can enjoy the Evora in the meantime.

    I spoke to someone who saw a picture of a white one, not of the best image quality, but said it had Evija trickle down styling.  Makes sense with any marque to design that way.  New Honda's  styling ethos from NSX.  New Aston Martin Vantage has the Vulcan trickle down styling.

  8. 2 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    The argument is really based on fashion - a dual clutch box has become "fashionable". People want one because they have been taught that just like ABS, TC and other acronyms the "best" cars need to have DCT. It is perpetuated by journalists who know better but are pandering to the trends, or the pointers from the respective manufacturers.

    Just my view.

    As long as the downshifts are dramatic with rev matching, relative quickness, and cool sounds...  The how is not as important.  Especially if the Lotus way can be promoted as more reliable and robust.  The upshifts make the same cool burble as a Ferrari or Aston.  What else do you want from a transmission?

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  9. I bet they'll stick with Toyota since this is a transition model from ICE to Electric based cars.  Why invest in short lived and new suppliers and engines?  Stick with what works.  Volvo/Geely will be foundation for the electronics, motors, and batteries in the future.  Lotus will have a lot of engineering work supporting the Geely umbrella.

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  10. I am hot for one if it's going to be all that looking and driving.  Buy an Evora, based on 10+ year old design or Lotus' newest technology and a fresh design?  I don't care about a manual or not; either one is fine if it works well.

  11. Would really like to buy a new 400, but had so many repeat service on repairs (dealer could never fix the first or sometimes 2nd time) that I am not so sure I would want to go down that road again.  Do dealerships give you a loaner car?  Our local dealer does not and are often booked week plus in advance...

  12. I recently leased an V6 XE R Sport AWD.  Handling is much better than previous Jag's I've owned.  Not as stiff sprung and doesn't buck on uneven pavement like my XK did.  They seem to have figured out their suspension tuning pretty recently.  Ice mode worked well the other day!  8 Speed transmission is annoying; it's constantly changing gears.

  13. I'd go with a simple folding cloth roof, glass rear window, with an nice fabric or microfiber lining.  Some storage is needed behind the seats and simple fold roof would allow for it.  Roof should not be fully automatic.

    I would concentrate on delivering the best made, most reliable car Lotus can manufacture.  Only feature on the 400 that misses the mark is Adaptive Headlights; a car like this begs for them. 

    I don't feel owning the performance metric for comparable is the answer.  It needs to be among the top few, but as we all know the Lotus is a different experience.  Top down in an Evora; wow! 

    Competing warranty to Porsche and a good lease program to kick start a pre-owned business is what Lotus needs for USA market at minimum.

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