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  1. Update in case anyone interested. Once I removed a couple of the shocks it was dead obvious that the adjuster on one wasn't clicking round in the same was as others. So off to Nitron! One tip - wasn't sure of the best way to take all the shocks off at once with all the jacking point limitations. So just cut 4 pieces of tough wood to about the same length, slipped the bolts back in top and bottom and popped the wood in as a spacer. Worked a treat doing one side at a time!
  2. Anyone needed to have their Nitrons serviced?? I put a set of Nitron NTR Fast Roads on my 2002 Elise about 3 years ago. Its only done 10k miles and 3 track days - although one year the wheel arches did get full of mud a few times (I live down a muddy lane!). Ive noticed recently that something just doesn't feel right when I go over a bump. Just a wriggle and worse in the wet at speed. Last track day it was perfect on track but the adjuster on one back shock was really stiff when firming up and slacking off afterwards. My best guess is that it is stuck on my track setting, so I have one too stiff when back on road settings. Anyone else had this? Just checking as taking them all off and shipping to Nitron is a faf, as well as 500 quid!
  3. I would pay more for one without! 99% of people use them as a toy and take the roof off the moment the sun comes out! So no up side for me! You would have to spend some serious cash on carbon to lose the 20kgs and they are not known for their reliability so thats 2 points against!!
  4. I wouldn't be entirely put off by 'sensibly' modified cars if I were you. There are always a few 'speculators' out there who just want a factory spec item for their museum - but personally I dont think you should be allowed to buy a Lotus if you dont intend to drive it! And that sort of person is only going to come round with a microscope and expect to beat your price down if there is dust on the tyres! By sensible modifications I mean things like an induction kit / fruitier exhaust, or say a change to Nitron dampers. The latter massively improve the car and are fitted to many latest top models by Lotus now so are definitely 'in keeping'. Also I would avoid 'micro mileage' cars too. I bought my 2001 with just 15k on the clock - having been hardly used for the last 9y. Big mistake - every single bit of rubber on it needed replacing, and the cylinder liners had dropped mainly due to it being started after long periods stood still. It needed a complete engine rebuild. Low mileage is good but make sure it has actually had some regular use too!
  5. This is also a 350 when Seb's is a 380 unless I am mistaken
  6. Think it may be making a visit back to Hanger111 for some of their magic!
  7. Johnpwalsh - you are spot on! My nightmare now though is finding out that it fell off because the bolt through it has sheered off in the block!! Feck knows how Im gonna get that out without taking the engine out!!!
  8. Dont think I have a tow point at the back. Just checked the tow eye and the hole is much too big and not threaded either so dont think that is it. Thanks for the try though! For any other guessers - its not threaded but has marks visible inside so must have a bolt go through it. It is countersunk on just one end as per the photo but flat the other end....
  9. Just dropped the engine panel on my K-series S2 Elise and found this sitting on top of it. Everything is working so not sure where it has fallen off from??
  10. So what's the latest thinking on an upgrade? ive got an S2 K-series and the battery keeps going flat. I probably need to set up a trickle charger as it can be a few weeks between uses but am thinking a new battery is probably needed too. And since weight saving is always good - it kind of justifies spending a bit bit more too. so do I go for a race battery like this: Or what about a Lithium one! Can't see many advertised by the mail order firms I usually use. So any suggestions??
  11. Thanks Bibs. Reason I was asking was that Ive seen a set of wheels/tyres fir sale quite cheap with R888Rs fitted but they are 195s on the 5.5J fronts. Having done some research - whilst they clearly do fit, they are outside the ideal range for that wheel width so I fear the grip[ gains will be lost with the tyre moving about on the narrow rim. I will have a look at whats available in a 185 then.
  12. Afternoon all. So Ive got a mildly tuned 2001 K-series S2 (circa 150bhp) and thinking of changing wheels / tyres. When I had the tuning done a couple years ago I was intending to use all year round so stayed with stock wheels and put Advan AD07s on - partly due to budget but I was also advised at the time that they were a good year round tyre. Well Im now keeping it under a cover in the winter, and on the last track day felt that front understeer was the biggest limiting factor (after driver skill!). So am thinking of getting wider wheels so that I can consider wider and stickier tyres (Toyo888s or AO48s???). But unsure if all S2 and Exige wheels will fit my car. Does someone know if the ones off Toyota engined cars fit mine, and if there are any fitment issues going from 175s to 195s??
  13. Well fair enough then - but pretty sure they didn't mention that! Actually on the point of my car - am starting to hanker after more power so may well be coming back to you shortly for some new cams, and an emerald (and possibly some bigger valves if thats possible...??).
  14. Good watch but the interesting points was that they said following the head work that the engine 'could' now produce 150bhp rather than it 'would'. Seeing as they didn't make any changes to the induction or exhaust then my money would be on 'wouldn't!
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