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  1. Apparently there is now some service history (strange how there wasn't before)...! Looks cracking in that colour but with that background of Silverstone usage it would always be a difficult car to sell on, would be worth a punt at high 20's though. Still a solar yellow RGB after all.
  2. Was at Hethel last year and on track doing laps was what I now think was a 350Sport mule. Definitely sounded angrier than my Cup to the point where I asked what the exhaust was and could I have one. The test driver just said it was the 'standard' exhaust and it is true to say it looked the same, with the pig snout etc but I am 100% sure it sounded better. It wasn't the full (too noisy) Evora 400 system, of that I am sure but it sounded harder edged than the regular V6S / Cup / CR set up.
  3. 20,000 euros fitted, or 30,000 euros with 460 kit as well. One installation of gearbox so far, but 10 of the 460 kits installed and 60+ of the 430 kits so these power increase kits at least seem to be robust upgrades I'm hopefully going 460 in the summer and I am sorely tempted to do the box at the same time..
  4. Holy Mother of God. How much though ..... ££££££?!!
  5. If this fits the Exige it is an absolute bonus as it sounds MINT.
  6. Be interesting to see what the vid would look like without the final drive ratio kit - probably that accounts for some of the urgency in the higher gears? Would also be interested in price to have same spec as this car, i.e. 460 kit AND final drive upgrade..!
  7. Holy Mother. Do we have any costings yet and what is included within the kit?
  8. yep would be interested to know this too as mine was done in September at Hethel and although they put "the latest" software on it, nowt changed so this one sounds more radical.
  9. Regards your wheel centre caps - did you know you can get black ones from Lotus (off the LF1) which come with the spring clip to keep them in on track days (as opposed to the old ones with just plastic tabs which fall out). Only problem, £20 per wheel. + vat! I want four for my Cup + a black nose badge and we are looking at £150 squids :-/
  10. Makes sense what you say Jonny. I had the Motorsport cables on my Cup 260 (with uprated engine mounts) and the shift on that was lovely, slick but precise. I had hoped something similar would be out by now on the V6. I will get Lotus to have another look at my shift, perhaps at the same time get a drive out in the 350 to feel what the new linkeage is like. LOVE the look of it though as much as anything and think it would really add to the cabin of a Cup car.
  11. I also have an enquiry in with Lotus as to whether the entire gear shift (including the exposed mechanism) can be transplanted into my car, but they haven't come back yet. It will be somewhat annoying if it can't, my shift is not the sweetest - particularly going into 5th and has already been looked at by Lotus Motorsport who say it is within normal tolerances. The air-con lights/indicator clicks/poor headlights I can live with as none of them get used much (although I too wonder how these things got 'signed off' as acceptable) but the gearshift is a key part of the interaction with the car and it could certainly be improved.
  12. Thanks for the vid. Do we know if they have done something to the exhaust? I'm sure that sounds a bit more 'growly' than my Cup?
  13. Sounds nice that Wilfried, is that after the 430 upgrade so with the Komotec manifold / sports cat as well?
  14. The Ohlins on my 260 Cup were very compliant on the road whereas I find the Nitrons on my V6 Cup a bit harsh even when dialled to soft. The Ohlins on my 211 are again lovely on the road as well as outstanding on the track. The ability to smooth out the ride whilst giving lovely control in the twisty bits is something Ohlins do very very well. I reckon the Ohlins TTX on the V6 Cup would be the nuts but a lot of dosh unfortunately!
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