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  1. Installed my new side skirts.. I LOVE the looks, fits perfectly with the front splitter.
  2. I will get some special skirts made by a friend. They look really awesome. Will write a short review when they have been fitted.
  3. I think I will change to the 430 diffusor like GFWilliams did. It looks just great. But it's not on top of my list. Next thing will be the side skirts.
  4. Just a small update and it is really not necessary for the 380 looks but I just love the sound of my new KomoTec ESD.
  5. Where did you get the carbon engine cover from? I love this one but thought it was 6.000.000 € from Lotus..
  6. Did some proper shots with the new panel. Looks great.
  7. Finally, after 5-6 weeks the new Eltech front acces panel arrived and got installed. I just want to share some infos with you as it´s not a plug and play install. I like the quality of the carbon and the "V" form of the carbon fibre, just like OEM. So if anyone considers buying it, here´s the installation manual Step 1: Remove the original panel and the front grill. The grill is only fixed with 4 screws. I also removed the clips that hold the screws so they won´t fall down somewhere. Step 2: Remove the front wheels and the whell arch liners. Look for the plastic screws so you don´t destroy them. Remove the one metal screw and take the upper part of the wheel arch liner out. Then remove the 4 screws that hold the remaining plastic cover on each side. Install the wheel arch liners and wheels again. Step 3: Now that the original panel is completely removed. Try to fit the new panel. In my case, it didn´t fit, so we had to use a dremel to remove some milimeters of the left and right notch where the original three pins of the grill would fit in. Step 4: Remove the upper left and right pins and the rod for the lock from the original panel. You´ll have to use new screws for the small 2 pins as the original ones don´t fit. Think it were four M5 screws needed. Widen the wholes in the brackets to make the new screws fit. Haven´t taken pictures of this step unfortunately. Step 5: Fit some Screws with washers to the two holes in front of the new panel. In my case, we had to replace the rubber things too as I lost two of three of the original parts. They are really loose.. Step 6: Don´t forget to place a rubber cushion/bumper or so on the panel where the switch for the alarm is placed. If you don´t there is a good chance that the alarm is triggered even when the panel is in place. Step 7: Fit the new panel and take a picture
  8. Ok I'll try to make it fit. And I will make a little guide how to install in case anyone is interested. Thank you for the infos by the way
  9. Hmm thank you.. I already thought so. Did you remember how the original panel looked like? Was it the same? Do you have pictures of how the pins are mounted to the new panel?
  10. Hi dixie v6, I received my panel but in my case I think it doesnt fit. Can you maybe take some pictures of the two front pins? How they fit into the two holes in the front clam? I think the two bulges are too wide or so..
  11. Thanks. I just don't know which parts exactly need to be replaced for the conversion.
  12. Can you tell me which part numbers are needed for the complete conversion from the v6 diffusor to the 430 one?
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