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  1. Thanks. I just don't know which parts exactly need to be replaced for the conversion.
  2. Can you tell me which part numbers are needed for the complete conversion from the v6 diffusor to the 430 one?
  3. Has anyone bought the 380 style rear diffusor from elise shop? The small pics of the article really look like the 380 diffusor but if I try to zoom in, the bigger pics look like a completely other part..
  4. The forged wheels are way more expensive and about 8 kg lighter.. Keep them in any case.
  5. Got not really much information, just that track use was the reason for the refuse.
  6. Had to change mine this year and needed to change internals of the gearbox too. There are updated parts inside the gearbox which have been installed and on top of that: if you change the clutch you should definitely get the Clutch of the 410. Works now perfectly. Had the same issue mentioned here. No more strange sounds now but I had to pay it as lotus refused the guarantee application due to track use.
  7. Do you mean the sound insulation? I removed it.. Was really heavy. I had no carpets fitted.
  8. Sorry.. i meant the driver seat. Had no issues with the passenger seat at all.. have you installed the original Lotus harness bar? I´ve got the KomoTec bar.
  9. I moved the seat a bit forward so it won´t touch the harness bar. In fact there is only one position where I can drive and it won´t touch the bar.
  10. Some suggestions on this one? Thought about red stripes...
  11. Have you removed the rubber lip? Love the original cannards.
  12. Someone got detail pictures of the 380 front splitter with the rubber lip? Thought about adding the lip and I dont know if the front part of the splitter is different on the 380..
  13. Yes but I dont know if it is with or without tax and incl. Shipping to germany.. I think it was about 650 pounds or 760€ or so. I think with tax and fitting it will be a thousand euro.. Its really much for 4 pieces of plastic but in my opinion it makes also 90% of the looks of an 380 so I will eventually go the lotus way for this pieces.
  14. Does anyone know if the cannards from elise shop are really simmilar to the original 380 cannards? Link Cant see if they look different because I have never seen them in real life and have no pictures for direct comparison. Did a comparison pic but with the carbon ones... they look quite different from the side view:
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