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  1. Thanks, had a look but couldn’t easily find did start ploughing through 42 pages of stuff, but gave up! From the mods he’s done I wasn’t sure carpets would be on the list.
  2. Hi, is it easy to have sound proofing and full carpets retro fitted to a 2013 model? Ideally prefer to pay someone to fit the too. Would be nice just to reduce some of the road Noise.
  3. Out of the country on business unfortunately. Hopefully next time. Set up another account forgetting I already had one, so I was also down as leggy Don't know how to delete an account.
  4. I had actually written an advert to sell the car as it was annoying me so much. It must have sensed it!!
  5. First timer and thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many other owners cars. Hopefully next time we might see more merchandise, still was a great day. Parked next to a lovely Espirit in matching orange.
  6. Major progress after applying the soft Velcro to the inside of the hooks.
  7. Hi any ideas on how to delete an account. Forgot I'd already set one up. Also can you amend your user name?
  8. Yep I'm going to Brands Hatch. Not really given any thought to times and journey. Though will be going up the A31 rather than the M3. I'm new to TLF. Had a couple of Elises in the past now on V6.
  9. I see now. There is velcro on the outside of the hook, none on the inside which has more contact. When it stops raining I'll take it off and start again! So next June then.....
  10. Yes I've tried not over tightening and thought I'd cracked it tonight. Took it for a spin and was marginally better. Not sure I follow what you mean about the Velcro.
  11. Cheers, but if I press on the roof it's got some flex that makes the creaking sound despite being tightened fully.
  12. Any pointers to stop almost constant creaks and squeaks. Mainly from corner behind drivers head and rear centre. Can't tighten anymore but if you press down from the outside there is movement creating the noise. I took off and cleaned all seals and wiped with silicone spray. Made no difference. Can I pack it out between the brackets and roof, or are those black mounting brackets adjustable?
  13. I've recently had Green Stuff pads fitted to my SC S2 and they feel fine, and after a spirited drive around the Purbecks yesterday I had no fears or concerns.
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