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  1. That my friend is very interesting - the biggest issue for me right now with the Exige 430 Cup is that it's a track car that you can't use on track - doh!!! If you can get the noise down to something reasonable, then happy days!
  2. I agree, Jonny. I asked B&C about their 380 Cup, which is gorgeous but at £95k, I'd rather spend a bit more and get the 430 Cup. Both great cars though! The 430 Cup with harnesses would be an absolute beast! I would love one... now to go and find some cash... For noise?
  3. Can you actually use this car on track? Is the charge cooled engine quieter than the non-charge cooled engine?
  4. Hmmm... I love to drive and I love both Lotii and Porsches. I think the new iteration of Exige V6's are utterly epic to drive. Peerless ride/handling balance but a nice car is more than just the chassis IMHO. The engine should be epic too! The NA flat 6 in Porsches is awesome, superlative throttle response and superb noise. Ideally, I'd have both. But if there was an NA 6cyl engine in the Exige, it would get the nod from me.
  5. This thing looks awesome. It's expensive but I think great value for money given there's nothing out there that can match it for performance at that pricing point. Not sure if I could actually afford it though.
  6. Hilarious - the lightweight options for this car are pretty heavyweight in terms of price I have to say!
  7. Really? Interesting - how much is it?
  8. Not sure about that - the extra costs all add up. Would like to be £60k or less...
  9. I know - I'll need to make the final decision, but it's such a tough choice. Nardo would be interesting, Gulf blue kind of cool (looks good with the Union Jack end plates) and Motorsport Black with gold and red (very nice indeed).
  10. I've always liked the idea of a black and gold Lotus. But I really like gulf blue too! in terms of actual spec, I know what I want.. carbon aero package carbon roof carbon sills harness bar and harnesses towing eyes front and rear air con qr steering wheel 2 piece brakes (not sure about getting a radio - maybe, maybe not?). Like the idea of being able to have a hands free call. So just need to think about the colour now - maybe Nardo Grey would be a good shout? Honestly, the colour choice is the hardest bit!
  11. So what I'm struggling with is what colour to choose - motorsport black, with good wheels and red details? Gulf Blue? Or white?
  12. I'm seriously considering going down this route now. Mrs has signed it off (with a few provisos) and I think it will be perfect for low consumable cost track days. Will throw as much carbon at it as I can afford and want the two piece brakes too!
  13. It's in the mag - just got mine this morning. EVO loves the car.
  14. I drove a 350 and a 380 fairly recently and the 380 was definitely faster. Both cars were quick but the 380 definitely felt quicker and noticeably so.
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