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    Stefan Ertler
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    1995 Esprit S4 2.6L until 2011, now 2017 RS6 Avant
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    2.6 l Garry Kemp creation based on 910 block, Garret BB 3076 Turbo, 3"V Band exhaust, custom PUK Red Race chip, R&B suspension kit, AP Racing brakes, Piper Cross Viper Induction system, electronic fuel pump, HKS EVC external boost controller, Sport 350 rims, R&B central exhaust
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    Wallerfangen, Germany

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  1. John For all details, please contact Garry Kemp, UK who built my engine [email protected] Ramspott & Brand, Germany who did the integration into my car [email protected] Best stefan
  2. Hiya John Wow, that's a surprise. Someone actually asking about the Babe :-) I finished it and she got sold to a real enthusiast in Belgium who will finish where I have left off. Once we had our second daughter, I hardly drove her and also due the my workload in the company my days behind the wheel were counted. If you PM me, I can send you the email of the buyer so you can follow up It is really hard to combine work and pleasure if you are self employed with a family so eventually there was only one car left that could do it all. Dropping the kids off at school and then switch to DYNAMIC
  3. I don't have a nickname but when asked about it, I call her my " English Patient" due to the many mods I had done so far :-)
  4. I want the spirit back, the marque had in the 70s when the Esprit came out Exotic, rare and potent. Combine that with a superb build quality aka Audi and you got a winner again. No more Go Karts !!
  5. After all the mods I have done, and the ones which I need to do yet, I only refer to her as The English Patient
  6. They should add empire green yet and let's not forget the tasty norfolk mustard yellow for the Esprit
  7. Speed limits produce bad cars Speed limits produce bad drivers Speed limits will not increase safety Speeding fines are a firm part of every community's annual budget to help compensate for incompetent monetary management ...and worst of all : These waylayers are not seen in front of schools or Kindergardens where it is necessary NO, they ambush us during shift changeovers alongside dual carriage ways when we rush homewards after a long workday.
  8. Well, maybe Lotus wants to leave some room for future developements Never shoot all you bullets on a new product.
  9. If HWA is one of the obstetricians of this new engine, it's going to be a success. It was the most important thing left for Lotus to become a serious car manufacturer with a secured future. Can't wait to test drive the new Esprit
  10. Old wine - young women - fast cars : The 3 essentials in life If you have a G car in mind to tune, it's even easier. If you are lucky you can obtain a H plaque which is reserved for historic cars, older than 25 years I believe
  11. Absolutely right Günter Concentrate on the "inner values" when you tune your Esprit, as the outside is spectacular enough And besides, I guess all of us here are far away from pubescent hot hatch teenagers
  12. Nic Since the Esprit is a rather exotic model amongst all the registered super car models here in Germany, the TÜV can't really verify if your car is modified or not. Lotus has not even required about a so called "Fahrzeugchlüssel" ( model key code ) when applying for a ABE ( Type approval ) here in Germany The TÜV has generally nothing to compare your car with due to the rarity of the model. One could try to have all engine mods blessed by the TÜV but this could take ages here in Germany, if at all. Besides there are TÜV sections which are more donnish than others. I just had the problem of getting my Sport 350 magnesium wheels certified for the S4. They are larger than the original rims. In conjunction with my chosen tyre sizes the TÜV Hessen in Wiesbaden did not want to to it. But the TÜV Saarland had no problem as long as I provided a certificate that my speedo is calibrated to compensate for the now larger wheel diameter. It all boils down to the TÜV inspector thas sees your car. As long as all the specs listed in your "Fahrzeugschein" (vehicle registration document) are verifiable, you get your TÜV and I have never seen a TÜV office that has dynoed a car just to see whether it has the HP listed or not. Especially no Esprit. This car is, by numbers alone, a closed book to them. Hope this helped Stefan
  13. At last, I have finally found a company that is caspable and willing to dyno my car properly. They develop, manufacture and sell their dynos to tuning firms exclusively. Normally they do not accept end user requests for dynoing. But the owner likes the Esprit so much that he invited my to a session, using their latest development. Here is a link to GRIP, a german online car magazine which uses this dyno on various plus 700 hp super cars. My Esprit will be used in another promo video of the company. Feeling very lucky, indeed I shall post my results here immediately after I have the readout. Stay tuned Cheers Stefan company link cheers Stefan
  14. Good PR but the bloke drives the Evora like a stinking Caprice Classic. Not the full monty in my opinion
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