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  1. How about some more close up details, guys
  2. yeah, I got windows, just don't see them much when I drive these days !!! Same goes for the roof Thanks for the compliment on my car. Just got it last year after a 2 year search. Try to slowly built it up. The engine is new, got it from Garry Kempp in the UK and had it tuned by R&B in Germany exceeding Sport 300 performance New racing suspension, dual ss exhaust, the S4s rims and a re-paint job (empire green) Cheers Stefan
  3. Hiya Rog Thank you for your reply. Yes, great part of Europe ( D / F / L ) especially with Luxemburg being only 20 minutes away for cheap petrol. (
  4. Hi, does anyone know where to get this small part, since Lotus has discontinued to supply it. Any hint or help is appreciated in this 37C heat Cheers Fandango
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