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  1. Hans : I am using a external boost controller on this engine for this reason. This way we can adjust the boost seperately from the ECU from the inside. The control unit will be mounted in the free space below the radio. Johnathan : I have never heard a Larini exhaust live. The reason why I switched to this one is because of the mechanial advantage. On my old exhaust the right side always viibrated off it's mountiing, due to the long leverage arm. This one is lighter more compact and has a rock solid mounting. And besides, it sounds ace. Thanks Bodbon, thanks Talon
  2. Hi Mark Cool and Groovy result B) Congrats. Please report on any improvements over the old state when running. Stefan
  3. Thanks for all your positive responses, guys I am more than ever convinced that, as Alex said, a 4 pot CAN cut the mustard. One can feel almost special having "just a 4 cyl" on today's 12 cyl catwalk ! G
  4. Spot on mate As the boys need to do tome tidying up yet on the engine bay etc, the hatch is not on yet. They took the chance to video it on it's first real test run. I just love that perspective as it give you a real rush watching the road dissapear
  5. Alright gang, The wait is over. Here are the first 2 videos of the car running ! It runs smooth as silk, no funny noises, but we needed to be carefull as everything is new. I guess the hardest thing for me is that I now need to drive it 1500 km to break it in, taking it easy and shift no higher than 3500 rpm. What we noticed though on the first test runs was that even with no fine tuning yet the wheels have a tendency to spin Looks like a differential lock is the next mod to do First test run : exhaust sound sample:
  6. This is what it looks like. The company claims that it will produce aprox. + 15 HP It's got 80 mm pipes all stainless steel. Price: 1007.-
  7. Just got this in R & Bs latest news letter Thought I share it with you as it sounds quite impressive
  8. Patience, Patience Don't want to terrorise you with the sound of a first start up of a brand new engine Once the babe runs smoothly, I will have something for the spoiled ears of this esteemed audience
  9. Spoke with Garry last night and he thinks Mike's turbo would be good for 600-700 HP. But the lager turbo would need more time to spool up and therefore the drivability could suffer in lower RPMs Well, we need to see first how the car performs with what we have and take it from there.
  10. Don't tempt me Mike I am very receptive to these things I will have a word with Steffen and Garry and see what they think Thanks for showing Stefan
  11. Hans We know about this but how much the exhaust pipe needs to be adjusted can only be determined after some measurements once the car ran with the one we have on it now. I have no problem down from the Turbo. This is a 3" V Band exhaust The bottleneck can only be the silencer and the end pipe. We will see
  12. Buddsy As if you had smelled it. First start up is planned for tomorrow. As I have promised I will post a sound sample and/or put a video in utube. So hold your horses, matey Stefan
  13. Agree Also agree, but they need to clean it up and make it less busy just as Rich stated. Otherwise a very new and agressive look.
  14. Hans Sorry for moving you to NL. I have never really looked at your flag. Shame. I am sure you enjoyed your ride out with the S4 while I was at home, grounded Unfortunately I will not be able to come to LCD's season opening as my mother in law celebrates her 60th birthday on May 1st. But I am sure we will meet during the season on the one or other occasion. Bibs, Skydiving is a great sport and if you have the chance to make a Tandem Jump, grab it. Check this out and tell Dave I sent you. Great to hear you also like engines that can breath free
  15. Hey Hans Bad weather in NL ? You should be out driving your Esprit Yep, skydiving is the last legal drug Especially when you can boogie in paradise As to the Pipercross : I just copied the above from their website to explain the way it works. I have no data with both systems compared but my personal impression is that the car runs much more effortless in all RPM ranges. Just like a breath of fresh air, one could say.
  16. Bibs, it's a Pipercross Viper induction system (info below) How the Viper works The technology used in the Pipercross Viper was first seen on the famous Lotus 340R, but soon became available for an ever increasing range of popular road cars. Using 'velocity air force', each Viper air intake directs cold air directly into the engine. The cold air feed takes air from an area of cold, dense air straight into the Viper's inlet, swirling it through a unique Pipercross reverse-flow air filter contained within a carbon fibre heat shield, then into a ram pipe to increase the air pressure before
  17. Because a new engine needs a new sound, we have installed the new R&B central exhausts yesterday. Can't wait to hear it. It will be covered by a V8 Type aluminium rear plate yet. Hope to post a sound sample end of next week. Cheers Stefan
  18. Hello Hans Sorry for the late reply, but I had to retrieve this info from R & B Here is what Steffen Brandt told me 1. Important for the cooling power is the surface area of your cooler in front and not neccessarily the pump as we have long distances in our cooling cycle 2. The mechanical pump works by engine rmps which is more efficient and produces no power loss. For example it delivers 12l/min at 3000 rpm and 15l/min at 7500 rpm The electrical pumps work, but do not have any significant advantages ( according to his measurements when comparing both for performance ) He think
  19. Back from Acapulco where I spend a marvelous time skydiving As promised here is my post holiday upate Today the engine was placed into the bay. Next step will be to modify the right bay wall to integrate the Viper induction system. More to come, so stay tuned. Stefan
  20. Hi everyone Sorry for being behind schedule, but I am swamped with work. The engine is almost complete and ready to go into the bay. Maybe I should leave it out as it looks too juicy. ( always felt like this looking at Mike Sekinger's masterpieces ) This is going to be the last post until beginning of March as I will go on a longer trip. Acapulco here we come Cheers stefan
  21. Paul, First I thought it was going to be a political manifest about the new US head honcho when I read the topic, but to my surprise you only stand in line with all of the world's politicians, denying today, what they have said yesterday. As this is common practise in today's world I suggest you pack away your scourge and enjoy your new toy. Stefan
  22. One step further, guys Some other interesting mods had been done to the oil baffle shield. As you can see, there are holes drilled into it alongside and then funnel shaped. These holes let the oil flow back, which has been scraped off the crank. Behind the scrapers you can see the oblong holes which dispose all the oil scraped off. To make sure the oil can flow unrestrictedly, Steffen machined 2 more oblong holes into the oil pan.
  23. Mark Clearance is around 2/ 10th of a mm. Dan They are proven in Drag Race enginges, can't tell you the thicknesso of the sheet, but due to the additional folding on the sides, they are very strong. Here are todays Pictures showing for once the axial side clearence adjustments and for the other the specialy designed intake cam. As Steffen Brandt told me today, they are coming along nicely with their work so I hope we see pictures every other day. Stefan
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