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  1. Bloody hell, what a machine !!!!! Any idea of the speed of this monster ??
  2. Fantastic piccies. Thanks for sharing. I love boats, especially sailing yachts This is what left me gobsmacked while sailing in Turkey this year Instantly thought this can only be a smuggler's boat 750 HP outbord. The works !
  3. Merhaba Al, Nasilsin? Hos geldin Lotus Esprit Forum de !! D
  4. Update 26.08.2008 Hi all As you can see from the new pictures, progress is taking place step by step Steffen Brandt is dismantling the old engine, keeping what I will need for the new one, such as header, Turbo, etc. At the moment he is preparing the head by fitting the valves and the valve springs. Once all is shifted, my old block will go back to Garry as this is part of the deal. Cheers Stefan
  5. Hi Paul Thanks for putting your vote in for Germany I wish more Brits would come on holiday and not just pass through or around us Hope you'll come back again Cheers Stefan
  6. Danny, Mark I shared som emails with Garry on the external vs internal wastgate. This was his answer : ( which, by the way makes very good sense to me :yes ) Hi Stefan, The displacement doesn
  7. Bibs, It is one of Garry's creations and in fact he just emailed me to correct a few things in the specs of the engine which I just modified Thanks for your confident note, I will make sure the forum gets a detailed report as the project proceeds.
  8. Well, after almost 9 months waiting for parts and time at Ramspott & Brandt I am entering the last stage of my Sport 500 project, which I want to share with you. End of last year Garry Kemp had delivered the modified 910 block with 2.6l displacement and the following specs : - 97 mm bore - 87.5 mm stroke - closed deck design - steel liners, hot honed - steel crank shaft - 650 grms conrods - +2.5 cmm inlet valves - + 3.5 mm exhaust valves, watercooled to lower the temp by ca 160
  9. I also tried this one with a German accent just outside Atlanta, GA one day. The Copper said he would envy me for our speed limit free Autobahns, but still would have to fine me. And he did
  10. Great stuff, thanks for the info downloading now B)
  11. Graham Glad your first impact with the World of Macs was positive But why did you link your i book purchase to the i phone ? Stefan
  12. Mark When Garry made my new 2.6l he recommended steel liners, as they are more durable, especially with turbo engines It wont't hurt to give him a ring Tel.: 01964-532222
  13. Or what Jacques Cousteau has to do with a 5 pound note Dawg Another meaningless piece of that hideous massacre of the English language they call ebonics. Of African Origination. Black peoples Version of dude.
  14. Not only in your opinion, mate. The S4 wing stands out of the crowd. It's sex on wheels
  15. Not at all, Graham Make sure to let us know the outcome of your Mac shop visit coming Monday
  16. Needless to say that Germans complain But we are queue busters anyway :lol
  17. Graham I am not using it myself, but all reviews in MacWorld so far were good. Definitely a software to consider. Unix is for networking Mac is for working Windows is for solitaire
  18. Nice deam Giorgio Just what Lambo had intended with the Miura. Just hope your dream does not end like that ( Lamborghini showed the revised Miura and then dropped it )
  19. Maybe you're right. Thought I had seen some carbon fibre body there. But in the following piccies it looks purple.
  20. Hiya Graham I have been on Macs ever since I was introduced to computers ( over 15 years ago ). It is the best thing you could have done. The big difference between Macs and PCs ? "Plug and play instead of plug and pray" Especially the new generation Macs running on Leopard (OS 10.5 ) will enable you to run the MacOS and Windows on one machine. (if desired ) If you are not commercially forced to use Microsoft Office, have a look at Apple Works, which is fully compatible with Office but at a fraction of the price. Needless to say that you can open all Office documents like Word and Excel
  21. Hi Buddy Have a look under : Aluminium alloy high performance Radiator for all Esprit from 1988 up to 2004. Turbo, SE, S4, GT3, S4s and V8. Our complete Aluminium Alloy radiator comes in a perfect finish with 50% more capacity than the standard lotus radiator. You get a more constant water temperature at a lower level. We recommend this high performance radiator for the V8 Esprit becausei n hot climate or in summer the V8 Engines runs at very high level of temperature.This aluminium alloy radiator is a 6 kilogram leightweight contruction, the standrd radia
  22. Looks like the new "Edition" model that drives on bioethanol. EVO just had a big report on it in it's last issue. FYI : there is also a nice write up on the Esprit in it
  23. England did not make it to Euro 2008 this year in Football But Lotus definitely won the cup amongst the European car manufacturers A absolute No 1 on the hit list for me
  24. Here is my dream collection The Maserati Ghibli The Lamborghini Miura study of 2006 (sad it never became reality )
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