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  1. Hi Mike Yes, looking at it this way you are correct. I had quite some talks with Steffen Brandt, on whether the indication on a map sensor refers to including or excluding the ambient pressure of 1 bar. After I sold this engine to Garry Kemp he told me it is going to a US guy who eagerly waits for it after he had heard that Garry had one. It was probably Mike Haines to use it as a donor for his other ones.
  2. Hi all Here are some shots from my old engine for you to see what a Esprit race engine looked like. The engine was probably a earlier version of the factory X180R race car versions (Lotus project Nr P525), able to put out 420 HP and was one of 3 engines where 2 were raced in GT series Esprits. It had a bucket size turbo on it, spooling up at around 4000 to 4500 rmp. ( not very pleasant to drive on a every day basis, but a must for the track as you are constantly in high revs ) The clutch was a 3 plate dry clutch which was very hard to drive.( 2cm from disengage to engage) Besides, due to
  3. Wow I guess it's the same car. But from 20k to 100k ??? Speculators at work here ???
  5. Kylie I did various long trips through France, but the best and longest one was last year in autumn. Came to a total of 3000 km, starting in Lorraine where I live then south via Burgundy, Auverne, Gorge du Tarn, Mont Ventou and into the Provence where I toured for a week, just doing day trips. Back home I took the scenic Alpine route via Gap, Grenoble, cut over to Lyon and back home again. Never had any problems with her, just fed her normal diet, 98 oct petrol and 10W60 which I always take along as it is not easy to get everywhere. Here are some impressions.
  6. Just got these pictures in a customer info email from Ramspott & Brandt Steffen Brandt told me that this is their new central exhaust and available now. Definitely a must have for me
  7. Know what you mean, Artie Mine's been out for "open heart surgery" since end of last year. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hope to be finnished with everything in 4 weeks time. I experienced that it is not the time the garage works on your babe, it is the time you wait for parts to arrive. Good luck and let's see some piccies Stefan
  8. PUK for me as well. They are optimised for the Esprit, fully adjustable and proven. Have mine since 2 years now and well happy with the performance. Work great. :happy:
  9. Bibs, Aks Wolf here on the forum. He might be willing to drive up from Lake Constance with his white S1
  10. Sky This is a forum and not the Sun or any other yellow press publication !! Not that you are bashing on a well respected company, you seem to have lost all sense of decency !! And on top of it all, you make this forum believe that you have been in contact with R&B personally which is not true : So let me set a few things straight : 1. It was your garage (automotive group ) which did the correspondance with R & B. ( initial order placed Apr. 21st ) 2. This garage has never ordered a rear bumper/valance or even a cat with R & B but rather 3 parts ( studplate long, studplate
  11. Still happens to me on and off if I go above the trigger speed of ca 200 Kmh. And it does have a aerodynamic cause !! With the headlights up one creates quite a vacuum over the bonnet, due to the disturbed airflow. I have recommended to my garage to alter the catches, but it is quite of a sisyphean task to change them. To be honest : This fact is the only disturbing one on my S4, and it upsets me everytime it happens as there is nothing more embarrassing to have to slow down on the Autobahn in the middle of a Porsche chase to close your bonnet
  12. 4 Cyl for sure. Engine is more realiable, less expensive to maintain (V8s means double everything), and more tuning potential. Love my S4 :yes
  13. Done, lets get some momentum up, guys
  14. Welcome Tal, As you will need a LH version, here is a link to the German V8-98 market. The prices are quite steep at the moment due to the strong Euro, but at least it increases the market portfolio Good luck with you hunt;doSearch.y=9
  15. S4 SCC082910SHF62025 1995 Empire Green Wallerfangen, Germany
  16. Lucky you !! In Germany the cops instantly fine you when you brake down with no petrol on the Autobahn.
  17. PS can't do this this can only be done with Cinema 4D, Poser or any other kind of animation software Don't know what this red tag is, though ?? I am really undesided whether it is real or not ????? And I also agree that the concept it far more intriguing
  18. All Does anyone know where there is a S4 engine cover for sale ? ( new or used ) Please PM me as I am not constantly on the forum Cheers Stefan
  19. Jonathan This was the drawing ! And the concept is spot on the drawing, so there is a very good chance that if it will get built, it will look like the concept. I do agree though, that most productions are much more boring than what their concepts once promised.
  20. Hello Last weekend, BMW presented the new M1 at the Corso d'eleganza at Lake Como. What a stunning piece of design. They are still discussing whether to build it or not. Hopefully they do. If the new Esprit design points in this direction, I will be delighted
  21. This one still makes my eyes bleed, evertime I see it on the road. Scary thought, it comes from a country that is famous for it's car designers.
  22. John Garry just built my 2.6l engine out of the 910 block. He is confident (I will report) it will produce 350bhp without the turbo and close to 500 with. Garry also told me that the 910 engine was meant to be developed into a 8 cyl. In fact it resembles the left side of it. This is why the cylinders are sitting at a angle. Anyway,by implementing specs like a closed deck and state of the art parts and materials, Lotus would be easily able to manufacture a 4 pot with all the parameters that make it a true Lotus car. Including driveable dependability. But as someone on this thread already p
  23. Guys Just watched the BBC video. This is shocking and im my opinion illegal, because the Government itself is the cause for potential deaths In Germany they hide their speed cameras on the side of the motorway, mostly in speed reduced areas such as construction sites, or on merging lanes going from one Autobahn to the other. In town you don't see them in front of schools or Kindergartens, oh NO: You see them on carriage ways leading out of the cities just around knocking off time !! What is beyond all bearing is the fact that these hypocrites of politicians are trying to tell us that this
  24. Hi all I just got my pistons back from a coating process using Keronite. For all of you who want to know details of the benefits this brings, go to Mine were done through Ramspott & Brandt who found a Keronite licensed coating shop here in Germany, able and willing to do small jobs at a reasonable price. Maybe this is not for everyone but at least I wanted to share the info with you. Cheers Stefan
  25. Graham As promised, I keep you (all) posted on developements. Dropped off my babe saturday at Ramspott & Brandt to have the Pipercross Viper installed. Will take a few days, as it calls for some re-arrangement of other components due to it's size. (water reservoir, petrol filter etc) Some of you have already commented on this. I have contacted Dermot who was very helpfull in sorting out the air intake nozzle behind the passenger window. Anyway, here is a first photo of the Viper airbox. As soon as it's in, I let you know. It will be very interesting to see Olafs solution, as he has
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