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  1. Graham It will be a bit of both. My garage, Ramspott & Brandt are in the process to modify a standard Viper system to fit the Esprit. If all goes well it will be installed next week and I shall provide you with all details. What do you think of your Turbo ? I was blown away by the performance spectrum, when I first drove it. The power band seems to have no end and I always have the feeling as if the engine would just love to rev beyond the 7400 mark. Only downside at the moment is, that it takes until 3800 rpm before full boost sets in. Maybe my exhaust casing is too large but I will
  2. Hiya all, Just a quick info to what happened to me on the weekend. A few months ago I had a new turbo installed ( Garret GT 3076R ) and so far the car ran just perfect. On sunday I took her or a quick spin to Luxembourg ( cheap petrol ) and did not recognise my car anymore. As I entered the acceleration lane to speed up, the boost literally collapsed and fell back to .5. It never went above 1 bar, but funny enough, as soon as I eased off the accelerator, the pressure gauge shot up to 1.5. A close examination of this phenomena showed a collapsed air hose, just about 15 cm before connecti
  3. Graham, I am far from putting down Wayne's garage. My intention was purely to supply information in case Wayne wants to get a second opion, since he wrote in his post. I quote: "Im being told the casing cracked due to over boost when my boost pressure hose split......I studied engineering at University and have never heard of metal fatigue such as this all sounds fishy to me " Again, just because I have suggested another specialist, should not automatically lead to the conclusion that the one he uses doesn't know his trade. Cheers Stefan
  4. Hiya Wanye Sorry to hear that my suspicion became reality. But your symptoms sounded spot on to what happened to me. Don't know if it is feasible for you to contact Steffen Brandt of Ramspott & Brandt. He is a real turbo afficionado with a vast knowledge and a full turbo lab. At least you could have him verify or not of what your garage has given you as a findings. Pecker up, mate. Stefan
  5. Erik It happened on the Motorway, I had to shift down due to a car changeing lanes and as I accellerated again, I heard this POP and saw lots of white smoke in the rear view mirror. The car would not accellerate, total loss of power, as you explained. (Actually this statement got me answering in this thread as it sounded spot on to what happened to me.) I instantly checked all control lights but there was no change ( higher temp, oil pressure etc.) I was lucky as the next rest area was only 1 km down the road. I parked, shut down the engine and closely examined everything. Could not find
  6. Erik I had the same symptons some months ago. First I thought it was the head gasket but it turned out to be the turbo exhaust side. The wheel was totally destroyed. We think it got hit by small particle coming from the header. All very mysterious though. Fortunately the housing was not damaged. Check your turbo wheels, if you have not done this yet, just to make sure. Stefan
  7. Thanks Bibs, great research. I had my catches adjusted at least twice,but the problem remained. I will take a look at the catches with the new part No and then decide wether I persue with my own ones or go for the updates ones I'll let you know cheers Stefan
  8. Hi Rens, glad to hear some continental response in terms of speed :-))) Wayne, I try to make it to Nuerburgring in Sept. since it is only 1h drive away. My main restriction is time, as I am travelling alot for my company. When exactly will you be there ? Hi all As Wayne pointed out correctly it is the poor design of the catch not leading around the bar, but rather staying in a horizontal position, from where it is pushed back to release, as soon as the bonnet starts to lift where the low leverage of the right side rodding can't hold it anymore. I have done a course sketch so you know
  9. Sorry for you mate, but this is not the US with a copper behind every tree to make you behave :-)))) This is Germany with still (fingers crossed) no general speed limit on motorways !! And yes, we are going 150+ miles/h for as long as not bloody lorry pulls out to overtake and you are in the brakes until they glow :-(((((( cheers Stefan Hiya Wanye I will have a go at some redesigned catches and try to have some made for myself. Should they come out alright and work, I'll let you all know. cheers Stefan
  10. Hi John / hi all No, I never had looked at this, but it seems to be an idea worth looking into. I also had the bonnet adjusted, helped to treat the symptoms ab bit but never really removes the cause. Since all Esprits seem to suffer from this, it would be worth a try to get one of the specialist garages or parts businesses invest in redesigned catches(hooks) I would be even willing to ask a close friend who owns a CNC machine shop to do the redesign and we offer it through LEW ?! What do you all think ? Waiting for your comments Stefan
  11. Hiya Wayne Same happened to me. First, when the bonnet starts to lift, the cabin light comes on, as the bonnet does not push down on the switch anymore. It pops open on the right side at 220 Km/h In my case it only happenes with the lights up. Since I work in the aviation field and knowing about aerodynamics, I was able to identify the cause and you are spot on. When you have the lights up, the laminar flow over the car creates a higher lift (suction effect) and the right side hook cannot hold the bonnet anymore. This is caused by insufficient leverage of the long rod which works the ri
  12. Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to sit next to Steffen Brandt, driving the V8 of one of our German Lotus Club members who got it installed. You are right about the double clutching, especially shifting down, but the predicted noise is suprisingly not there. I was intrigued by the short shift travels and the adjustment of the gear ratios. Perfect for people who like to shift It is definitely on my list as a next mod. Cheers Stefan
  13. He can contact me under [email protected] I will let you know what papers he needs but this falls under normal EC car paperwork. Did the same, once I decided to buy my S4 in Belgium. Acutally no witch work. To get this thread off the Forum, you can also email me under this addres for further contacts on the matter Stefan
  14. Paul, Ask Tim to get in toch with me and I try to get it sorted for you. Cheers Stefan
  15. Fingers crossed, mate !! I would have to fall back on a Peugeot. At least you can ride in style Have a good one Stefan
  16. I see, the creme de la creme of classic car spotters is present Well can you help me with this one, lads !?
  17. Looks very Italiano to me. Maybe an early Maserati ?
  18. Check with Steffen Brandt at R & B in Gemany. They are specialists when it comes to turbos. They have they own turbo maintenance section inhouse. [email protected]
  19. Steve I had the same problem some months ago. It turned out to be a leaking injector. If you check yourself, you see nothing as the petrol has evaporated. I then had a friend checking as I turned the key. When the injection pump started working you could see the petrol squirting out of one of the injectors. It became more as I started the engine. Petrol literally was pouring out of it. Check if your injectors are new ones as sometimes you are being slipped refurbished ones. Cheers Stefan
  20. I have managed to contact Alain Vandriesschen already. Very nice guy and very knowledgable. His new business is all about electronic car tuning and he already signaled to help me. He has relocated to Spa Francochamps. Go and visit his site.
  21. Cheers TSD Nice one, mate. I gave it a shot and contacted him. Let 's see what happenes. Don't really know if the car was tuned by chamberlain or Alvan or both. Fact is that this engine version is not known to Lotus but they gave me the hint to track down Chamberlain I'll keep you updated Thanks Stefan
  22. Thanks for the info. Question is, how to locate former chamberlain staff who knows something about my wiring harness and the ECU Any Ideas ? Stefan
  23. Hiya Does any one of you know if Chamberlain engineering still exists, and if do you have contact details ? Got a hint from Lotus cars that they might have modified my engine back in 95. Maybe a Belgian club member knows what happened to Alvan, as they don't seem to be existing anymore Any help is highy appreciated Cheers Stefan
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