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  1. We all live in a world these days that has too much of everything. Too many people, too many tastes, too many smells, too many sounds, too many cars.

    This applies also to their design. At least this is what I feel when looking at all 5 new Lotus Models. I feel sensually overloaded. Too much of everything within the group.

    My eyes can't focus properly on a single car, as I see so many of the same design features in all of them.

    We all got used to a mainstream shape for cars in general, which most people find appealing.

    It resembles the so called "Zeitgeist" of our era.

    Just remember what happens when you rigidly stick to your philosophy : Citroen DS, VW K70, NSU Ro 80 etc.

    Designs, both in shape and or technology far ahead of the bunch but not really appealing to the majority at their time.

    There seems to be very little room today for every car maker in trying to blend new ideas in with the Zeitgeist, yet keeing the DNA design features to sell the product.

    Back in the 60s and 70s it was different. One could clearly define different marques. Just by the lights for instance.

    Try this today on the road. No chance, due to the design blend caused by the above mentioned car maker/models overkill.

    IMO Lotus made a mistake not with their new design language but rather by showing too many models at the same time

    The new Esprit is probably the best interpretation of the original and would have been enough to manifest the new era.

    By implementing the wedge shape in the past, Lotus is definitely closer to Lamborhgini than to Ferrari in design for the Esprit.

    The new Esprit has lots of freshly interpreted design features of the classic car, which really surprised me. Good job Lotus.

    The other important car is the Eterna, as it is a future trend, not to be missed. Plus : there is still room for more ducks on the pond.

    Elan and Elite are probably the most unnesseccary models of the bunch as their ancestors did not really succeed in their time.

    I like the new Esprit as said above and would consider buying one, Just don't know if it can look the same, once it hopefully comes off the production line in 4 years time.


  2. I was very surprised to see the Elite being anounced and not the successor of the Esprit. (as I had hoped)

    Since there is no second chance for the first impression I must say that for me the design of the car does not increase my heartbeat

    It instantly reminded me of a the old Fiat Coupe

    But I am sure Lotus has based this decision on solid marked research facts and I wish the car all the success it can have.

    Just not a car for me



  3. Great work!! Going back to the breather again, so are you now feeding the oiley air back through the engine? I know this is as the original way to do it but to my mind its really not a good idea. Depending on how hot the engine is the amount of oil going into the combustion will be different. I also believe oil lowers your octane rating and increases the chance of pinking as well as premature detonation something even more common on a turbo engine. On my car I am planning to use a oil catch tank. I would think it s even more important for your highly tuned application?

    All the best



    Thanks for your positive comments on my car. Yes we do now feed the oil back in the original way. I am aware that this is not the optimum and agree with you that a seperate oil catch tank is probably the cleanest solution.

    If I would still have a 2.2 l engine, I think it would make a difference but with the 2.6 l closed deck design, which uses up to 3l of oil over 1000 km this is not really falling into account.

    Once you have your solution in place give me a shout.


    :unworthy: AMAZING !

    Hans, I am sorry

    I have overlooked your comment.

    Thanks cheers.gif (Leffe brun, haha)

    Let's see if we finally can meet before season's end as I am not too far from your neck of the woods

    How about a nice cool saturday in October?smoke.gif

  4. Mike, you are absolutely right. Wheel HP is what we should be after because this is what you feel when you drive.

    And I also agree that the drive train loss figure is questionable, At least it feels 400ish, for sure

    I have a seasonal plate which ends at the end of october, so there is a slight chance for a visit.

    If not, next spring for sure. You ought to drive her and get hooked, too rambo.gif


    Excellent, you've got to get that framed!


    Frame's being made as we speak :-)



  5. MIke

    Thanks for your comments. It's truly amazing how much energy the car has now. I hardly need to step on the pedal, It just gallops away with such a ease and effortlessness.

    I am sure you agree that it is very hard to get true readings on a turbo engine as there are so many variables like ambient air temperatures, engine bay temps as you test etc.

    The device Steffen uses is not capable of reading the rpms and therefore also not the torque on 4 cyl Esprits.

    I am sure when we test again at. let's say 15°C outside temp, we are clearly over 500 hp.

    Don't really know if dyno figures are any preciser ??

    How have you always gotten your numbers on engine performance ?

    Steffen's device is attached to the rear wheel and calculates the HP from there. At least this is a reading taken from a realistic scenario as you simply test drive the car to get your figures


  6. Stefan, it wasn't meant -as for 'posing' power competitions !

    those guys just understand more if you talking 'fuel talks' as your wife or neighbours... . So it is allways good to compare experience and various plans/concepts.

    ...what do you want to do instead ?


    -driving (on street calculation, with OBD/ALD-port & GPS accceleration reference in gear ..and so on)

    Günter, i appreciate your offerings and maybe they can be of help in some respect down the line, should I continue to further tune the car.


    I see your crankcase breather just terminates in a K&N air filter. Do have any probs will oil peeing out all over the inside of your engine bay/drive below? I would worry about oil getting to your rear brakes?


    Buddsy, You are perfectly right with what you said. We encountered the same and then decided to connect the crankcase breather through the side wall to my viper induction system again to avoid this.

    So to speak my little filter you see is a dummy. We just did not remove it as it was already installed and now it only looks good. smoke.gif

    Hello. You have a nice car ;)

    I see you have made a custom plate on your chargecooler.

    Do you have the old one? I have lost mine :(

    Steffen, thanks for your comment on my car. Unfortunately I don't have my old one anymore either as the same happened to me....... I lost it

    Ok, here is a first glance of where I stand.

    Not quite achieved yet, but very close: 474 PS permanently confirmed with a peak reading in one run of 496 PS !!!

    The engine is capable of a lot more, but due to the fact that we have a longstroke engine now, we must be carefull with the piston speed not exceeding a certain value.

    The rev limiter is set at 7k (recommendation from Garry Kemp) and I still have my standard 5 speed tranny.

    Furthermore we only have adjusted the PUK red race chip in terms of fuel management to a 18% larger displacement.

    I am still running the engine on my old 375 / 275 injectors but with a electric fuel pressure pump which works brilliantly.

    The EVC external boost controller is set at 1.5 bar (2.5 including ambient pressure)

    I am so happy though with the performance of the complete set up and the reliability of this 2.6 l engine at this time, that I am kind of reluctant to do more to it except maybe a

    longer ratio 5th gear to reach 300 Km/h + top speed and a diff lock

    Comments welcome stuart.gif


  7. Günter

    Thanks for your opportunities, but my days of "OK Corral" are definitely over wine.gif

    I have a meeting with R&B next week where we will finally conduct test runs to determine the performance of my engine.

    I shall have detailed infos by end of next week.

    Of course I will post them here immediately.

    Speak soon


  8. To all

    Very very sorry for not being on the forum for so long.

    Major reason why I have been absent just turned 2

    Now to my other hobby

    - In the meantime I had purchased a set of Sport 350 rims, had them refurbished and now she wears new shoes

    - Car runs like the devil, but still no measurements on the HP, due to heaps of work here at my company.

    - I am thankfull for every kilometer I can drive her.

    I shall send you some new pics coming monday latest.



  9. For me it's the actual colours that are interesting. In addition to those listed I've seen:


    Pearlescent White

    Pacific Blue


    Palacio Purple (prob my favourite!)

    Silk Red

    Any more for any more?

    I got a rather unique colour as mine was done in a normally V8 reserved shade : Emire green



  10. Factory Frolic was announced to me by email last Friday.

    This is too short of a notice for me

    Christmas party of LCD is also not possible as I got the car on season plates ending this month. (there's a slight chance I can get dealer's plates from R&B)

    Sorry for these news but next year I will be in full swing again with LCD.

    Saw Hugo briefly at R & B with his JPS, expressing that he also wishes to see more of me again :devil:

  11. Hi everyone

    Sorry for my absence. I have been trying to juggle our 1 year old

    daughter, my company and the houshold while my wife got back into

    Lufthansa's hamster wheel after her parental time :-)) Phew :)

    Despite this load, I managed to get some km under her belly and

    was able to thoroughly test everything.

    The most sensational feeling is the easyness and lightness with which I can accelerate and overtake.

    It is such a effortless acceleration, I can't stop smiling :)

    Porkers, Lambos : no sighting yet in my stomping grounds, but eager to take them on :sofa:

    Top speed : 300 km/h with lots of power left but abruptly stopped by the rev limiter ( 7800 )

    and my standard gearbox :devil:

    Guess this is the next construction site

    Speaking of : No problems with the gearbox (yet) Power comes on smoothly yet very dynamic throughout the complete range.

    Wish the 2nd gear wouldn't be so "short". 3rd is the works !

    Still run the engine on 1.5 bar, but will slowly increase boost by 0,1 bar to see where it will take me.

    Fuel mapping : Still on the old 470 /370 injectors and very happy with it as the fuel pressure pump does the job in cooperation with the external boost controller

    ( more boost / more fuel and v/v )

    Cooling system pressure : It is still not constant at around 1 bar, rather fluctuating between .5 and 2 bar. Yet not a real problem but we think we need a bigger tank

    Cooling water shifts a lot between the main tank and the overflow tank in the boot.

    Radiators : Very nice move to go with larger ones as the temp is now always around 88 to 90

  12. Thanks for the offer Bibs, I may take you up on that. :(

    Here's one on a slightly modified Esprit. How does 650hp grab ya? :D


    Wish I could find more info on this car but the owner is pretty tight lipped from what I understand...


    Keep in mind that in the "colonies" people are into drag racing and 1/4 mile which will not put on constant stress on a manifold as if I drive my Esprit over the Autobahn at high speeds over a long period of time with constant acceleration and braking.

    I also see no alternative to the cast iron version, at least not for Europe / Germany.

    I guess it is all down to application and legal environment you drive your car in.



  13. Thanks guys for your input.

    For my understanding upon all the test drives and measuring runs we made with the wide band lambda rercorder, at the end of the day it is the amount of fuel the engine receives at all stages of the rpm and boost range.

    If you don't change your fuel pressure regulator and stick with the stock one, yes, you will need larger injectors

    if you go above the max boost, Lotus has set for your model ( in combination with a larger turbo and a different chip)

    I am still on my 370 / 270 set, but have a modified Red Race chip with a increase of 20 % of injection time and a fuel pressure regulator which

    increases the fuel pressure in accordance with the increase of boost (up to 2 bar)

    Lotus itself has gone this way with the Sport 300, where they used a differrent fuel pressure regulator capable of producing 1 bar more than the standard one and decreased the injection time for the engine not to get too fat. This way the injectors could stay the same as on all the other models.

    I believe we have a very slick set up as with the new adjustable regulator we can much more fine tune the fuel demand in accordance with the other important parameters of my 2.6l engine. Mind you that there is no knowledge out there yet for such a engine in a Esprit using the stock ECU.

    For instance, should we find out that at 1.5 bar of boost the fuel amount is not sufficient enough we can increase the fuel pressure in 0.1 bar steps to meet the demand accordingly.

    During my test drive on Wednesday we were monitoring the wide band lambda meter.

    The boost was set at 1.45 (remember I got a external boost controller which overrides the chip)

    In all gears at full acceleration the lambda reading was around 11.5 which I think is a nice figure

    This fact reasured me that we are on a good way.

    Besides that, the engine runs smooth as silk, no knocking or miss-firings etc.



  14. Hallo Stefan,

    With the performance tool. I assume you have to enter vehicle weight, air resistance and rolling resistance for it to calculate the power (at the wheels) correctly. Just out of interest, what values did you use for your tests?

    I was thinking about adding this facility to my V8 scan tool, but when I saw that the calculation formula had this data I gave up, as apart from the vehicle weight I have no idea what the real air resistance & rolling resistance is on the varies V8 esprits.




    I have spoken with Steffen Brandt and he told me that the Reiner 3000

    works by collecting the speed at the rear wheel in realtime as you drive.

    It then uses the speed to compute all other performance values

    Before you have to punch in some details of your ride.

    i.e. Type of car ( sports car, sedan, etc ) weight including driver etc.

    They have worked out average cw values for each category.

    For instance the sports car default cw value is 0,34 ( the Esprit's got 0,36, so that is pretty close)

    One should perform the tests on a even road and measure under different climatic conditions, especially with turbo cars.

    As G

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