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  1. You might have to put a fuelgauge to look on while driving to see if it holds the pressure,if not you need a bigger fuelpump.If you run 3,0bar non vacum fuel pressure the fuel pressure should be 4,3bar @1,3boost and 4,[email protected],5boost and so on...I gess your turbo is pretty much maxed out at 1,4 bar with your modifyed 2,6ltr engine.Anything above 1,4 bar will mostly give hotair and little hp gain.Mine is maxed at 1,5 and able to use 1,7 with racefuel and a lot of advanced timing (gives less backpressure because more burns inside the engine).

    What rpm do you get full boost (1,3bar)?


    I will have a complete summary for you later on today or tomorrow

    euh Stefan, don't they have bigger ones @ RC ? Thought they have them even +550 ! Or do they not fit ?


    RC has much bigger injectors in their flightline, but Steffen is not sure if they are appropriate as we have installed a bigger fuel pressure guage.

    Hopefully he has some info for us today.

  2. I had Markus at PUK remap the injection time and increase it by 20 %

    We also use wide band Lambda to measure the AF, we are shooting for the same setting 12 to 13.

    So far the reading is good, it is just in higher RPMs and with a boost above 1.3

    Remember I got now a 2.6 l engine with a closed deck and the same turbo you have.

    That alone already increases the HP, I guess we just need to find a way to make sure it does not go lean

    The engine runs very smooth and we have not noticed any knocking. This is also a reason why we are so puzzled about the situation.

    Don't know the make of my new fuel pump, will have to ask R & B

    I will forward this post to Steffen, lets see what he says.

    Thanks again Rydnik


  3. Rydning

    Thanks for your input and information.

    The reason why we stayed with the stock ecu was excactly what you just mentioned.

    We would have gone from blank in programming it. Mind you that at Lotus there are many engineers who have come up with the programming of it.

    Besides, it would have called for a new and different wiring harness as well.

    Being just a garage, it is very hard and time consuming to do the same.

    I will forward your comments to Steffen who will probably very much appreciate them to determine our further steps.


  4. Ok, here is a short update on my findings :D

    Went to the RC website and calculated a potential injector, based on their sheets.

    Problem is that RC is not addressing secondaries in their calculations.

    I ended up with a main injector of 1068 cc !! That does not look realistic, does it.

    One can operate 2 ways. A : larger injectors and B : higher fuel pressure.

    In both cases it is the amount of fuel that counts, to not lean out the engine at higher RPMs with higher boost.

    The Sport 300 programe, for instance has a stock fuel pressure of 4.4 bar over the standard S4(s) of 3.2 bar.

    I run my 2.6l on 1.2 to 1.3 bar of boost as the default setting with a option of 1.6 bar over boost.

    My newly installed fuel pressure guage is yet set at 4.8 bar with the injection time increased by 20%

    I am still on my old 370 / 270 cc injectors.

    My conclusion is that if one uses bigger injectors, the fuel pressure must be lowered and vice versa.

    After all I guess I am doing ok with where we have gone, unfortunately we can't do much testing at the moment as the CO problem in the cooling system is not solved yet.



  5. Ok folks

    Here comes a compehensive update of what has happened since my last post.

    My car is still with R&B to get everything running at full potenial. Many test km are behind us. Mind you that there is no experience out there

    which we can fall back on dealing with a 2.6l 910 engine combined with a standard ECU and a modified Sport 300 chip from PUK.

    Generally the car runs like a bat out of hell. Engine is a smooth as silk, acceleration sensational.

    Yet, the following areas needed and still need intensive addressing :

    1. External boost controller

    I am using a HKS model which came with a very rudimental manual which took us very long to understand it's programming.

    After solving this we are now able to run the car at up to 1.6 bar, with 1.2 to 1.3 delivering a sensational driving experience.

    2. Fuel mapping

    As the engine is now ca 18 % larger, we logically looked for larger injectors to match. Those were not to find so I turned to Markus at PUK who

    re-programmed my chip and extended the injection times as the engine naturally was running very lean in higher rpms.

    It looked good at the beginning, but once we increased the boost it still went lean.

    We then looked at the fuel pressure guage, which can be raised to some extend to solve this problem.

    Again we came to a dead end as the stock part is not capable of producing the fuel pressure we need to avoid above mentioned problem.

    I now have a fully adjustable new fuel pressure guage ( see piccies ) and we have done some testing over last weekend.

    3. Cool water pressure

    During the tests of last weekend we found the fuel pressure guage now delivering what we need, but the coolant pressure rose to 1.5bar. (1 bar is normal)

    Before, Markus had already lowered the fans' starting temp to 88




  6. WOW never seen a ME262 flying except in model form - thats amazing !

    Does make me wonder where all the money comes from with this stuff - I mean there is the demand for it, WWII activities are quite popular in the UK, but still - getting an aircraft of this age up and running is a feat. I suppose most of it is volounteer work, long may it continue.


    See it all here. If you like the Me 262 as much as I do this website will take up your whole evening.

    Have fun :animier:

    The one that flew in Berlin, now belongs to the Messerschmitt foundation which is funded by EADS. That explaines a lot :



  7. Think you mean Belgium :) ?

    Looks SUPERB Stefan ! These are great modifications you did ! Must be the most powerful 4-pot Esprit I guess ...

    A real pitty that you can't make it next Friday :)

    Damned !!!!!!

    Why do I keep putting you into Holland. Mea culpa, Hans :)

    Yes it's a pitty I cannot attend the season's opening party of LCD. But I am sure we will meet this year on the one or other occasion. promise.

    Thank you all for your kind comments. If she drives as good as she looks now it's going to be a real rush.


  8. Ok, upon the request of particular gentlemen ( especially from the Nehtherlands :) ) I present you the final result :)

    I am sure the pictures are self explaining to this very knowledgeble forum, just want to point out some details.

    As my Pipercross Viper needed extra attention in terms of proper fit and function, the right side wall of the engine bay was completely

    re-designed and the induction system is no integrated with no extra bend or de-routing for optimum airflow to the turbo.

    As far as the engine goes, we managed to adjust the fuel mapping and the boost with the help of PUK. Thank you Markus

    My GT 3076 R BB turbo seems to have just the right size for the 2.6l engine and we are getting boost at 3000 rpm.

    Together with the higher torque of this engine I expect some real driving fascination once the car has been driven in

    after the next 1500 km or so.

    I will definitely post you vids, sound files and pefrormance record files as soon as we can max out the engine.

    BTW : just noticed I had started the project in January 2007 !! How time flies and money flows (mostly through one's fingers )








  9. Thanks Tony.

    Here is where the sound comes from :)

    We have finished the rear now and I am stunned about the looks of it.

    Just a quick update of what happened since my last post.

    During the test drives we noticed that the engine ran lean in higher RPMs.

    I am using 370 primary injectors and 270 secondary ones.

    Trying to find injectors with a 20% higher capacity, we were not lucky.

    We turned to Markus of PUK and he managed to harmonise the injection time of the Red Race chip I am using from my old set up to fit the 20% larger engine.

    Now everything is how we want it. Great work Markus, and quick. too :thumbup:

    Once the engine bay is all cleaned up and looking good, I'll be posting you new pitcures


  10. Hans : I am using a external boost controller on this engine for this reason. This way we can adjust the boost

    seperately from the ECU from the inside. The control unit will be mounted in the free space below the radio.

    Johnathan : I have never heard a Larini exhaust live. The reason why I switched to this one is because of the

    mechanial advantage. On my old exhaust the right side always viibrated off it's mountiing, due to the long leverage arm.

    This one is lighter more compact and has a rock solid mounting.

    And besides, it sounds ace.

    Thanks Bodbon, thanks Talon

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