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  1. Sorry lads for the long silence. I guess I belong to the plan B group of people. :smoke:

    We have now all missing parts in house and as you can see from the piccies the engine is taking shape.

    I like the idea of the oil scrapers and slots inside the block which will constantly keep all of the oil down.

    Here is the full explanation from the expert ( Garry )

    The scrapers in the block are called crank scrapers





  2. Rydning

    Thanks for your comments.

    You are right, this engine has been tested in drag racing to produce 1000 bhp and with the closed deck design one doesn't have to worry about head gasket failure.

    Garry Kemp told me it is almost irrelevant what kind of head gasket one uses.

    For the moment I will stick with the gear box and the ECU I have until we have first results on performance.

    I have planned though to stick in R&Bs 6 speed dog box next.

    About the ECU I am not certain what to do as a new one would mean a new wiring harness and tuning.

    As I am not race orientated but rather scare some of the Gallardos and Turbo Porkers around my area ( Luxembourg is full of them ) I guess I can stay with Marcus' red race chip :D

    @ G

  3. To me it seems irrelevant which Party rules the country. All is money driven and money dependent

    In no other country, polititians are so obviously sponsored by all kind of instustrial and grand capital tycoons during their campaign as in the US.

    And afterwords all presidents have to obey to the old saying " I have the money I make the rules"

    The US are so far away from the ideals of their founding fathers as the earth from the sun.

    It is not the legislative which runs the country, it is a group of people behind them. Polititians become like puppets on a string.

    And excatly these people in their never ending greed have started this crisis the world is in at the moment, having nothing better to do as to call for the state to bail them out now.

    How hypocritical !!

    A note from "old Europe" as former secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld called us


  4. From this week's Dutch "Autoweek"................

    "This is the future" Porsche declares for their new Speedster........."back to the basics"....; "low curb weight, midengine ( 4 cylinder turbo; from 150 HP on), superb handling, low CO2 emission"........

    "2012 in the showroom"..........

    A great compliment for Lotus imo........

    (Did Lotus Engineering help / engineered for Porsche ???)


    If this is true what I see, I fear for the continuing success of Porsche. This design sucks.

    It carries no Porsche DNA at all and should they have peeped on Lotus when designing this thing, someone at Zuffenhausen has gone mad.

  5. Ok, can we start a guessing game as to what kind of car i have brought this time ??

    Last time it was a lovely Delorean, so go on, have a guess :)


    I had thought you would make it a bit interresting for us and hide the name through enigma (one of these genious German inventions) :D

    But I guess you leave it for us guessing out of the blue.

    So I am guessing Audi V8 ( also has a all aluminium chassis )

    Лотос - для тех которые знают разницу

    Lotus - for those who know



  6. Was in Melbourne last year. Had to give my Aussie mate stick because of the slow motion traffic there

    If the German government ever puts up a general speed limit on our Autobahns, you will see a revolution in this country

    Our car manufacturing lobby is too strong as Porsche & Co need free motoring for their products. Mind you, nobody would buy German cars if where are not "Autobahn" tested

  7. If you look carefully, you can just about make out the Great Whites out in the bay, and the big shole of box jelly fish. :sofa:

    Nice Esprit pic by the way. :D:P

    Have you seen the Speed limit sign in the background ?? 100Km it says, I believe :(

    Free motoring for free citizens. No general speed limits on German motorways and no road tax in France ( paid through petrol price ) :)

  8. Have heard mixed reports on BOV's. apart from the obvious Fast and Furious sounds, there does not seem to be much of a difference in performance when fitted to an Esprit. do not know how true it is, was told by Lotus Mechanic in Melbourne.


    I got the same answer from Steffen Brandt (R&B). That's why I don't have one on my S4 and really, it makes only noise, but not difference in performance

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