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  1. lookin good,

    how thick is the deck plate?

    also are the pistons over size?


    The deck is 5 mm,

    - 97 mm bore

    - 87.5 mm stroke


    I didn't figure he'd reveal the manufacturer! NOt unusual in these types of apps! Looks awesome. The coating on the pistons is a heavy duty ceramic coating that also acts as a nonstick coating to help prevent carbon buildup. I love the closed deck design, that's what lot's of Honda guys do to close up the deck on their engines. Keeps the liners from jumping around! I'd love to do that too. I'd assume it is a little more necessary with a bore that large and that much more displacement vs. stock. Hope to be right there with you very soon. My liners should be on their way back to me by the end of next week.



    You are right about the bore, that's why the head is locked to the block using 10 dowells !

    In addition, all parts are hot honed (at engine working temperature ) to give the tightest tolerances possible

  2. Wow beautiful parts, are the piston crowns ceramic coated they look like it? Got those on the wish list!! Promise us to do a show and tell of how you assemble, fitting and wrenching etc. :P

    Spot on Kylie, the crowns are Keronite coated

    have a look at their website :

    Here's my stuff!






    You were right, your rods look the same as mine. I will ask Garry where he's got them from

    What's your crown treatment ?

    Artie, I asked Garry about the rods and he says he is does not want to disclose the manufacturer. Sorry, mate

    New update

    Coming along nicely, I'd say

    Just love the closed deck design, makes so much sense






  3. 1. The Macallan, 18yrs, sherry cask

    2. The Macallan, 18yrs, sherry cask

    3. The Macallan, 18yrs, sherry cask

    4. The Macallan, 18yrs, sherry cask

    5. The Macallan, 18yrs, sherry cask

    And should the above stock be emptied for a reason, I always have a bottle of the Balvenie 21yrs port wood in my stash :P

  4. Finally, we are back on deck.

    Rods came in today and as you can see they look the works. They are 1 kg lighter than the factory ones !!

    In another thread, I think it was Artie's engine rebuild, there was some talk about iron liners.

    Well, here you can see some. :)

    I shall keep you posted hopefully every second day with new piccies as R & B assemble the rest of the engine.

    Bear with us :whistle:






  5. Sorry for being silent for so long, but there has been nothing to report.

    As soon as the new rods come in from Garry Kemp we will be able to complete the engine.

    From that point onwards I will be able to feed you lots of info.




    Awesome build. What sort of budget do you have for this and where do you get all the parts? Might want to do something like this myself one day :wub:

    Do you plan to reuse the old Renault gearbox too?


    HI Bj

  6. Owen

    First of all, congrats to yor conceptual designs. I appreciate people with imagination and passion for design.

    I do generally think your design points in the right direction but I also have this "Ferrari" feeling when I look at the front.

    It is too well-behaved, if you know what I mean.

    The Esprit lines are more edgy and agressive, it ducks down over the road.

    I guess a bit more "stealth" like lines would cater to that

    I am totally aware of the fact, since the Esprit is a classic it is very hard to integrate new design DNA and still keep the overall Esprit look that people are looking for.

    I guess in this case one should stick to the saying : the king is dead, long live the king.

    I look forward to your new renderings


  7. Oh I see, I'm in a similar situation. Getting a divorce! Now of course she thinks I owe her the equivelant of my cars in cash! Where do they come up with this crap?


    I know this is slightly off topic, but I know how you feel. Best of Luck with your engine rebuild


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